Spud The Puppy Dog Goes Poop January 14, 2016 Jack Russell Terrier

hey buddy, Spud. is it time to get up, is it time to get up? You ready to get out of bed? You ready to get up? Can you sit for me? Sit Sit Good Boy. Ok, come on. No you’re not gonna pull your bed out . I know thats the first thing you like to do is pull your bed out of the kennel. Time to go potty? No? Do you need to go outside and go potty? I think you do. You got the sniffles? You got the sniffles? OK, oh you’re scared of your own shadow. OK, it’s time to go outside isn’t it? We gotta hook you up. Hang on, we gotta hook you up. Sit! Sit! Sit! OK, lets hook you up. Lets see if I can do this with one hand. Oh, this might not work out so well with one hand. Uh oh Uh oh OK ooooo its cold out here. We got a cloud cover a little bit there. Some storms coming through later and crunchy grass. It’s freezing in other words. Spud is a happy camper. Yup, Spud is a happy camper there. Usually on days like today, he don’t take to long doing his business. He doesn’t like the cold. He is resistant to going outside when its cold. Oppp he’s doing a second pee. I don’t know what he’s doing over there. But it sure is cold out here. Woops maybe we won’t show that part. We’ll put it up there on the sky. It’s a pretty color. Sun’s coming up. Oh he’s done, he’s done. And I a new bird feeder right there. Hopefully it won’t get all mushed up like the other one did. The seeds got all mushed up. Then they molded. And they wouldn’t come out. So I’m hoping this one is better, its glass. I’m find the quality of a lot of this stuff Oh the trains in the background. The quality whether it’s plastic or glass makes a big difference. And Spud is over here billy goating around again. He’s eating, I thought they were watermelon plants. Apparently they are surviving this cold. The pineapple plant survived this cold. I think its freezing. Interesting but Look at that. That’s how cold it is, you can see my breath. I want to thank you guys for watching. Share this video with your friends. Leave comments, subscribe if you are new. I’ll see you guys the next time. Peace, Love and Avacados.

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4 Responses

  1. Liviuonly 4PetPatrol says:

    ★★★★★Magic Beautiful ♫♫※Thumbs up★★★★★
    ❤ Have a blessed இڿڰۣ❤beautiful day ❤❤♫♫♫❤

  2. luna qua says:

    Teresa you need to crochet him a doggy coat 🙂
    He is soooooo adorable!!!!!

  3. cavalierTristan says:

    Wonderful video, my friend. Liked # 15. Thanks.

  4. June Marie Liddy says:

    love spud he is a sweetie

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