STANDARD POODLE PARADE!第11回スタンダードプードルワンダフルパーティイーストin YAMANAKAKO

11th in y manakako

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3 Responses

  1. 07Nacchan says:


  2. mutsuki1107 says:

    スマホからは視れないようです~ 音楽のライセンスの問題で制限がかかってます~

  3. Christine M says:

    I found this when I was looking for videos of the Carmel Poodle Day Parade where our Poodles dress up or are dyed in designs! Your parade was such fun to watch, what a group of gorgeous Standard Poodles! My favorite was the poodles that just had to check out the purple thing! Thanks for posting this, I hope you do it every year!

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