Standard Poodles 101: The Pros and Cons of this large breed dog

Hey guys. Welcome back. I’m Courtney, this is Nyx, and that’s Phaedra. Today we’re going to be talking about Standard
poodles. Now, people who don’t know me will ask me,
“Why Standard poodles?” So, today I’m going to tell you why. Number one. Standard poodles are hypoallergenic. That means that if you are like my husband,
he’s allergic to pet dander, he doesn’t have problems with poodles like he does other animals,
he even has problems with labradoodles or poodle mixes, they still trigger his allergies,
but Standard poodles do not. Mini poodles do not. Toy poodles do not. Basically all of the actual poodles don’t
bother his allergies. Poodles have less dander because they have
hair on their heads, much like we do. It will grow forever if you don’t cut it,
so it’s important to get it cut. Most dogs have fur that sheds. Nope. Not poodles. It grows. By contrast, our dearly departed Maximus,
our pug, he had a … I think he had a double coat because he was a little black pug, and
he shed like crazy. All of that fur would then get into the air
ducts in our house and it’d be all over our house, so it was terrible for somebody who’s
allergic, like my husband, Ray, or like Dave, who later became allergic after we adopted
Max. So, yeah. Allergies, not fun. When we had Max, basically Ray was constantly
dealing with itchy eyes, itchy skin, just because he was … And he was always congested
just because he was so allergic. Now that we’re down to having just poodles
in the house, it’s not a problem for him. The next reason I like Standard poodles is
that I like large breed dogs. I am not fond of smaller dogs for me, personally,
because smaller dogs try to kill me. Case in point, Max would always get under
my feet and trip me. Since we have concrete floors in our house,
when you fall on the concrete, you end up bruised. That’s what happened. My big dogs don’t get under my feet for whatever
reason. When trying to decide on what dog to get,
Ray was like, “Well, it has to be a hypoallergenic dog, so we need to research hypoallergenic
dog breeds and figure out which ones are best suited to our lifestyle.” We did a ton of research. Researching different dog breeds, their personalities,
how much time they take to exercise per day, how much they needed for grooming, to try
to decide on what we were going to get, and that’s how we settled on poodles. Because they fit our lifestyle really well. I know that they’re a lot of high maintenance
with all the grooming, but I don’t mind that. So, they are a fit for us and I love them. Basically, I wanted a companion dog who was
large, who was super smart, who was easy to train, and poodles fit that bill. Like I mentioned, poodles are super smart,
they’re easy to train, but you have to spend the time to train them. You can do obedience classes, which is what
I did to learn how to train them. You can try YouTube videos. You could try having a trainer come to your
house, one-on-one. There’s a lot of different options, but you
absolutely should train your dog. Poodles are also great watchdogs. I was really surprised about that. Phaedra’s very protective. She doesn’t like strange men around me. If she’s in an environment where she feels
like there’s a strange man near me and she needs to, she’ll start barking at the strange
man, like she’s going to kill him. It’s kind of funny, kind of worrisome, so
I always am sure to keep a close eye on her whenever those situations arise. She’s never bitten anybody but I don’t ever
put her in a situation where that could happen. With my friends, she’s always very sweet and
friendly and loving. She wants to give you a kiss or a hug. She likes to sit in the middle of everyone,
so that she gets attention from everyone. Poodles are very friendly with other dogs
and other pets and people, but you have to socialize them. I socialized Phaedra by taking her to obedience
classes and she also came to work with me. The company that I worked for had like, I
want to say 30 or 35 people in the office. Basically, I would just have her … I would
spend time each day with different people, so that she could hang out with different
people and see people of all different shapes and sizes and colors, so that she’d get used
to a wide variety of people. It worked really well for us because she’s
very, very friendly with people. Taking her to the dog park was also a really
great way to socialize her because the dog park is neutral territory. So, she has fun playing with other dogs, gets
to meet other dogs and people. It’s funny because usually at the dog park,
she goes around to meet all of the people first, then she goes to play with the dogs. It’s really cute. Standard poodles are very versatile dogs. They can do so many different things. They excel at being show dogs. They’re great at obedience. They are supposed to be amazing at agility,
at lure coursing, rally, barn hunt, field work, tracking, they’re really good those
things. They also make excellent service dogs and
therapy dogs. They can also be a really great reading dog. If you’re unfamiliar with what a reading dog
is, a reading dog is a dog that will go to like an elementary school and the kids will
read with the dog because they feel more comfortable reading to a dog than with their peers if
they have problems reading. In addition to all of those things, they are
also excellent companions, which is why I primarily wanted them. Phaedra has been my constant companion for
10 years and it makes me happy. I dread the day that she’s not there because
I don’t know what I’ll do. It terrifies me. She really does help with my anxiety. Nyx is challenging because she’s still a baby
and we’re still training her. I’m going to start obedience classes with
her soon. I took her to the dog park for the first time
yesterday and she had a blast. It was really cool. They’re both excellent in the car, which is
great because I like to go on road trips. I should talk to you about some of the downsides
of Standard poodles. One is that they have health issues you have
to watch out. The big one is Addison’s. Phaedra has Addison’s disease. Basically, it’s an imbalance of the adrenal
glands and electrolytes. She has to have a DOCP shot every six weeks
to keep her alive. Without that shot, she would die. I have a medical tag on her because I’m terrified
that if something were to happen and she were to get out, she would die. So, it scares the crap out of me. Addison’s is an expensive thing because her
shot is $165 every six weeks. Because she’s on Addison’s and she has to
take prednisone, which is a steroid … Prednisone’s really cheap. But she has to get a special estrogen compound
pill from a compounding pharmacy that I give her like every five days, which helps her
with some other issues, and that’s not cheap. That’s like 70 bucks or whatever. So, there’s a lot of hidden costs if you have
a dog that has Addison’s disease that you may not know about, but I can tell you all
about them. The second thing, in addition to having health
issues that you should watch out for with Standard poodles, they also require a lot
of grooming and grooming can be expensive. Now, I have clippers here at the house so
that if I have to groom my dogs, I can. But I’m a terrible groomer. I cannot make them look really cute the way
a professional groomer can. I have a professional groomer who comes to
the house once a month, basically every four weeks, to give Phaedra a bath and groom her. Nyx, right now, I’m giving her a bath every
three days because she gets filthy. She’s like having a two-year-old. I don’t know how she gets so filthy and stinky,
but she does. So, every three days, she’s getting a bath. I’m using Earthbath to bathe her, which makes
her smell like mangoes. It smells really good. But with poodles … I mean, I keep Phaedra
in a short clip, but she should be brushed at least once a week, if not, every day, depending
on the clip. When you keep them in a short, pet clip, you
should probably brush at least once or twice a week. If they have a longer clip, you should brush
them once a day for sure. To give you an idea of the costs for what
it costs to have a dog groomed, it’s anywhere from 80 to $120 for a single grooming, and
that doesn’t count tip. So, I’m very lucky that the mobile groomer
that comes to my house to groom Phaedra, she only charges me $80 for a groom, plus I tip
her. Another thing to consider with poodles is
that they do take a lot of mental stimulation, so you have to plan to basically take them
on walks, take them to the dog park, do obedience training with them, give them puzzle toys,
whatever. You need to do something to keep them stimulated,
or they will get bored. When a dog is bored, a dog gets destructive. I have no problem keeping Phaedra entertained. Especially now that she’s older, she’s even
more mellow. But Nyx, you know, I have to put a lot of
extra time into just because she’s a baby and I feel like … I don’t know. I feel like I stop every hour, every other
hour, right now just to basically play with her. It doesn’t count when I take her out because
that’s a whole separate thing. I tried to never, ever play with a dog when
I’m taking them out, because I want them to do their business and come back. So, I have to wait until she’s done and then
I can play with her afterwards. Since it’s so freaking hot in Florida, what
I tend to do is short walks while the sun is up, because the sun is brutal here. Yesterday, it was 91 degrees out, and it felt
like 100 because of humidity. Not fun. Oh, thank you, baby. I know. I take them on longer walks, like 45 minutes
to an hour, after the sun goes down, when it’s not going to be as hot for them. Because, you have to remember, sidewalks are
hot for little dog feet, and the sun is hot, especially on their little fur. It’s just you got to be cognizant of your
weather. I play fetch with them indoors because they
both like to play fetch. Sometimes I’ll play fetch with them on my
lanai. All of the pets that I’ve owned, with the
exception of Phaedra and Nyx, have been adopted. When we were trying to find Phaedra, we went
to the Florida Poodle Club to find a breeder. The breeder we found seemed like she knew
what she was doing. We love Phaedra. She has a perfect temperament. Her only issue is her having Addison’s disease. Her breeder stopped breeding after Phaedra
because of the Addison’s disease. Because there’s some sort of genetic component
to it. Before I got Nyx, I looked for about two years
to try to find a young poodle to adopt because I wanted a younger dog. Basically, two or below was what I was looking
for, but I couldn’t find one. It’s very rare for Standard poodles to end
up, in my area, in rescues. I even reached out to NaYeon. I’m probably going to say that wrong. But like the really big, famous Instagrammer
who runs a rescue. I reached out to her to see if she’d heard
of any Standard poodles that needed to be adopted. She hadn’t heard of any. I follow the Florida Poodle Rescue on Facebook. Basically, couldn’t find any. After giving up, we started researching breeders
to find Nyx. I found a breeder in Northern Georgia, which
is where I got her from. One of the big reasons I wanted to adopted
a slightly older puppy was that I didn’t have to go through potty training because, anybody
will tell you, potty training is a pain in the ass. We are still potty training Nyx. It is a pain in the ass. Anyway, whether you decide to adopt a Standard
poodle or buy a Standard poodle from an ethical breeder, make sure you do your research. Make sure that this is the dog for you, that
you’re going to be happy with it. I feel like they are a lot of work and commitment,
but I’m okay with it. That’s what I wanted. I don’t have kids. I have dogs and they make me happy. They help my anxiety. I think my life is fuller because of it and
I have no regrets. You will end up spending a lot of time grooming
your dog and doing obedience training if you get a Standard poodle. Like I said, I’m totally okay with that. I know other people aren’t. While poodles are absolutely right for me,
they may not be right for you. Many dogs end up in shelters because their
owners don’t do enough research to see whether or not the dogs fit their lifestyle, so please
be sure whatever sort of pet you decide to get, that you do your research to make sure
it’s a fit for you. Anyway, that is why I love Standard poodles
and why I own them. Please be sure to let me know your thoughts
in the comments below. If you liked this video and found it informative,
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