Sterylizacja suczki – buldog francuski, EKG, ECG ( Female french bulldog sterilization

Today we conducted a standard female sterilization procedure We had a difficult patient The dog is a breed of French Bulldog Dogs of this breed have a slightly different construction Airways a slightly different construction of the chest than another regular dogs so we need to make the appropriate procedure in the
field of anesthesiologist with this type of patient Besides standard blood tests and ECG we do echocardiography before surgery These tests are designed to minimize complications during surgery During surgery, the dog is connected to the apparatus,
which examines life functions Like heart function, breathe, temperature This allows us to respond quickly in the event of unforeseen accidents and save the dog’s life After surgery we perform gentle wake-up process After wake up, next day we return the dog his owner We provide instructions about proper nutrition and after surgical procedure For several days the dog will be getting drugs for pain and antibiotics Special clothes to protect seams After the treatment for two days the dog is under our care If everything is ok after ten days we conduct
final checks and take off the seams

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