Still Puppies at Heart | Smudge & Squeak: Working Puppies Ep. 18

Previously on the adventures of Smudge and
Squeak: The gals decided to try their hand at herding. And although they were pretty
good at working with the sheep, the chickens were a little too quick for them. Now let’s
see what our gals our up to this week on the adventures of Smudge and Squeak. Moss Mountain
Farm has become a different place after Smudge and Squeak came on board, but some things
will never change. The gals still love rolling in the grass. Come to think of it, they’ve
had plenty of practice. As young pups, they spent countless hours romping and playing.
It still feels good to stretch out and sniff around. But they have become a bit more alert
these days. Smudge and Squeak have also kept up their habit of playing, keep away being
their game of choice. It seems like they always wanted what the other one had. They just like
to tease each other. Sounds a lot like some human sisters. And these too still get irritated
with each other occasionally. They grow bigger and so have their scuffles. Sometimes these
little ladies sure can misbehave. Everybody at Moss Mountain has enjoyed watching Smudge
and Squeak grow up, and they’re glad these two have grown into their roles as herd protectors.
Day in and day out, they keep watch over the pastures to protect their farm family. But
now they’re off for a little more growing up. Until it’s time for the next adventures
of Smudge and Squeak.

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2 Responses

  1. blackiesmommy says:

    Smudge and Squeak are very funny sisters but when they get mad at each other they really go at it so someone should watch them and keep them from fighting because they could seriously hurt each other, but they sure are so cute when they play:)!!!!!

  2. gmaureen says:

    Agreed. When seen, that type of squabbling should be stopped immediately. However, due to their job (they're not house pets), it would be impossible to catch that behavior all the time.

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