Stimpy’s Pet 🤡 Ren & Stimpy | NickRewind

I’m going to be sick. It’s an adorable abandoned… Circus clown! Good, let’s fry him up! No Ren, he’s just a lost
babe in the woods. Oh, no. The last time you adopted a circus clown,
I ended up doing all the work and I still haven’t gotten
rid of that rash! Please, Ren, please! He’s all alone in the world. And no one to shave him. To floss his toes. To stroke his soft fur. Just look at that cute little face. Well… Do you promise to feed him, burp him
and take him to his parole officer? Duh-huh. I don’t think… Rapture! Then he shall be my very own,
and I shall name him Sid. What’s shaking, Sparky? [giggling] Oh no, backyard! [whimpering] Take that phony circus act outside! I ain’t buying it. [whimpering] Oh, I see. The pink mosquito wears
the pants in this family. Fine, I’m taking it to the street. But don’t be surprised when tomorrow
you find my frozen bloated corpse rotting in the noon-day sun! Sparky. Hello, I’m George Liquor American. [aughing] [screaming] Psst, a human. Look sharp, Stimpy.
Maybe he’ll buy us. Gosh, look at the cute little rascals. Yes sir, a man needs
to share his love. You know, a man needs
the companionship of lower life forms. [music playing] Yes sir, I’ll make them champions. Worthy of the name Liquor. [music playing] [barking] Welcome home, boys. You’re gonna like it here. Hm, let’s see.
Where am I gonna put you boys? Ah-ha! What’s this crap? I’m outta here, man! [radio playing] Aw, you boys are gonna love
your old pal George Liquor. Aren’t you guys lucky to have such a kind,
loving master as I? There now. You happy?

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100 Responses

  1. Joanna Zegarra says:

    This is delightful

  2. NintendoTV64 says:

    I still remember the scene when Ren beat the living heck out of George Liquor with an oar.

  3. Summer Jones says:

    The spongebob episode, `don't feed the clowns` is like this one.

  4. ProteanGreninja says:


  5. Corty says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait, wasnt mans best friend banned?

  6. Tristan Moorehead says:

    When he was running he looked like a egg

  7. Ishmael the Retro Gamer says:

    I love that episode.

    Circus Clown. 🤡

  8. Ameer Izwan says:

    2:03 Man's Best Friend? I thought they banned this episode

  9. Gino Abeyta says:

    Still hilarious 25 years later.

  10. William Magley says:

    The best thing about "Stimpy's Pet" was the late Phil Hartman's voice work as Sid the clown.

    Wow, I'm surprised to see Nickelodeon acknowledge "Man's Best Friend!" I love the bit at 2:42.

  11. Jodgee says:

    Will George feed them cans without labels?

  12. Abel Mantor says:

    XD the pink mosquito .

  13. Sacred says:

    Wow Man's Best Friend Thought they wouldnt show this episode on this channel

  14. Joseph Pesce says:

    Man's Best Friend is the best episode of the series.

  15. Xander Charles says:

    A kid’s show, everyone.

  16. ROJOyNARANJA says:


  17. Christopher Risano says:

    4:46 ….Where is Arnold's mouth?

  18. P-drittle⭐️ says:

    Baby pennywise

  19. JustMr. says:

    I'm George Liquor…American!

  20. DOOM 666 says:


    Bro people with make up

  21. Nintendigames 1987 says:

    Poor liquor,beat up by his own mascota.

  22. Rick Sanchez says:

    George Liquor an old forgotten GI JOE

  23. Guðmundur Þórir Hafsteinsson says:

    do you promise to feed him burp him and take him to his parole officer classic humor 😂😂😂 0:44

  24. EDM FUNNY says:

    Parole Officer lol

  25. The Caffeine Demon says:

    I really wish y'all would change up the line. No one wants to see the same shows each night. Why do you even call it nick rewind if we don't see all the classic shows from the 90's to the late 2000's?

  26. But It Sure is Fun says:

    2:44 The only time Stimpy looked remotely like a cat.

  27. Prairie King says:

    I’m the 666th like

  28. HEAT DUDE says:

    I can definitely tell that this cartoon was meant for adults more than being intended for kids

  29. Mason Nonweiler says:

    Hmm pets adopting humans sounds right in Stimpy’s case just look at Mr. Peabody

  30. killzone12 says:

    I love this show

  31. Somasundaram Subramaniyam says:

    Avinguevandae chinnasanny and savage keimo patient-grany with Sunabu Paana Stove Illa Ride in and as savage joker………

  32. Medachod says:

    I am sad John Kricfaluski never got to finish his own series. I know he got pretty bad, but all of my favorite episodes are the ones with him involved. I wish Spike did not force him to make a TV-MA series. He could have done great with TV-PG.

    Also, I am surprised they kept the obscenity of the banned episode intact.

  33. Falcovsleon21 says:

    George Liquor’s walk cycle at 3:00 is the greatest thing ever.

  34. garconesia garcon says:

    Nick how could you upload horrible violence scene from ren and stimpy

  35. Jack Monaghan says:

    It's pretty spooky that we have both the would-have-been voice of Zapp Branigan and the eventual voice of Zapp Branigan on the same screen.

  36. Old Pennywise says:

    0:23 is that the music from spongebob

  37. Old Pennywise says:

    And theres mans best friend

  38. Newt Boy says:


  39. Walt Dre says:

    Why is “Man’s Best Friend” here? I thought they won’t show it ever, even in their own official channel. besides it’s a banned episode and it’s what gives John K. the boot from Nick.

  40. Gacha Girl says:

    When it’s time to go back to school 0:00

  41. MLP Black Shadow says:

    This was so funny when the guy say his name nick should really keep it and let growing ups watching it not for kids

  42. The 2nd Best says:


  43. Mark Zucc says:

    I’m surprised to see nick upload some ren and stimpy content

  44. CoolAkramTV says:

    They found liberals!

  45. VictGAMES says:

    my childhood

  46. garcia adrian says:

    What is name episodes little man?

  47. Max R says:

    Ren and Stimpy remind me of Frank and Estelle Costanza from Seinfeld

  48. Paul Christoforos says:

    Thank you and great job on this video, NickRewind. You and I dedicate that video to the memories of #PhilHartman and #MikePataki!

  49. Julian Abell says:


  50. Immanuel Weaver says:

    Ren and Stimpy are adorable.

  51. Edgyninja12 says:

    How the creator of ren and stimpy looks after being exposed of being a pedo.

  52. Tristen Weaver says:

    0:00 when you see vore

  53. Nick Sultana says:

    1:46 "Fine, I'm taking it to the street, but don't be surprised when tomorrow you find my FROZEN BLOATED CORPSE ROTTING IN THE NOON DAY SUN!?!?… sparky."

  54. Daniel Sultana says:

    1:52 after a hard day at the office

  55. Sandra Bradley says:

    I always thought the little clown was Jack Nicholson??? It should be he was awesome at being crazy and creepy as a killer clown..jokers is king 👑

  56. Carnivorous- Creature says:

    Everybody gangsta until the fish starts driving

  57. matteo gatani says:

    0:07 what animal is?

  58. Sarah McMann says:

    Who else agrees that Nick should reboot this show

  59. MacK Davidson says:

    You gotta love Phil Hartman for his Jack Nicholson impression

  60. Mushroom Head says:

    Oh look! A little clown!

  61. Jeremy Argely says:

    2:08 Is that the banned episode of Ren & Stimpy?!

  62. blueghost aidan says:

    Is the fake

  63. Old Pennywise says:

    100‰ mans best frend 1‰ my comet

  64. Lyoid Phelps says:

    Sid the clown 🤡

  65. Gloria Mercado says:

    people watching this: [sees ren and stimpy i r l]

  66. Ren & Stimpy Fan says:


  67. StageCraftBeast says:

    There's like over 200 face shots I could use from just this 1 short for a profile pic.

  68. Antoya Gandy says:

    My dog and me: 1:26

  69. Haley Goodwin says:

    Sid is so cool.

  70. cuccamunga says:

    I love how identifiable Phil Hartman and Kiefer Sutherland's voices are.

  71. Melena laflamme says:

    ''No, ren! he's just a lost babe in the woods!'' fav line lol

  72. Baby Jason says:

    Did rein and Stumpy use spongebob music? lol I didn't grow up in the 90's

  73. Noor Alalousi says:


  74. Gary Britt says:

    IT's origin

  75. kiara Rodriguez says:

    I think I like Ren better than Stimpy, although I got this weird vibe that he is like a disciplined housewife… Weird huh?

  76. kiara Rodriguez says:

    Or a crazy one but whatever.

  77. Noah Lemoine says:


  78. BlueMario 64 says:

    2:12 That's digital ink and paint, right?

  79. Sergio Blanco says:

    1:20 clown gags

  80. Donquixote Manji says:

    This show rules

  81. CarlosToons Network says:

    Whats Shakin Sparky…

  82. CupHeadCarter Movie says:

    mans best friend?

  83. Joshua Wright says:


  84. Jake SupaStar the Invader zim and gir says:


  85. Connor 64 says:

    Woah, I didn't know John K himself made a cameo in the show at one point!

  86. Ali kittencat says:

    I still watch 90s cartoons for fun
    Like aaah real monsters

  87. The Joseph Hunt Show says:


  88. DAVID THE JESTER says:


  89. Barney The Dinosaur says:


  90. RayMinishi says:

    The Baby Clown's voice is like the Air Conditior from the Brave Little Toaster

  91. Tristan Moorehead says:

    3:06 egg boy

  92. CarlosToons Network says:

    Just Look At That Cute Little Face!


  93. Bendy Fish says:

    what's shakin', sparky?

  94. Maddiie Fackvours says:

    Ren said " I'm going to be sick " 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  95. BlueMario 64 says:

    0:00 I'm going to be SICK.

  96. Armando Casas says:

    Me: born

    My dad: 4:14

  97. Josh Creator GALAXY says:

    3:05 You know if I was happy like that, I could be like that for buying Slice of Cheesecake in a lunch bag..🍰😄😊❤️

  98. Justin Larrabee says:

    I just commented on this video about five days ago. And the comments haven’t been turned off on this video yet. It seems like certain channels I go back to, almost every video on Nickrewind. WBkids, or any particular popular 90’s cartoon channel. Has just about every comment turned off. don’t know how long the comments will stay on here. But seriously, this can’t be the decision of the people who run the channel. It has got to be YouTube. I can no longer find any of the old comments I remember seeing and be able to have a conversation with the commenter. Now they never let anybody comment on certain nostalgia anymore? Just so people can hear the thoughts of others that people loved growing up with?What gives? I don’t know if it involves arguments, or certain language. But that should be settled with the commenters, not have YouTube turn the comments off completely, where no one is free to express their opinion anymore. I don’t know if this is temporary on most channels, does anyone know why? I hope we get the comments back again on certain channels again soon. I almost tempted on calling the company myself and figure out why.

  99. Charles Kuckel says:

    ALL these YouTube videos remind me even more that I miss Ren and Stimpy! I wish it would get rebooted.

  100. live4marilyn says:

    The beginning of was the Origin story of Pennywise the Clown.

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