Stop Your Dog from Pulling on the Leash – Calm Your Excited Dog

Is your dog super excited when you get
ready to take him out for a walk? Jumping and whining when you put on the leash
and then he’ll drag you out the door and down the driveway? Many dog owners feel that once the dog will get outside the dog will calm down but often the opposite is true. With all the activities and smells outside the dog becomes even more excited. When a dog starts the walk in this highly excited state it is almost
impossible to have him calm down and walk nicely on a loose leash Hello + welcome – Bee Walker with Modern Canine Services and today’s video is about teaching your dog to start the walk
calmly. We’re going to give you some tips on how to calm your dog so that he
won’t be pulling on the leash. This video is part of a series of
videos that we did on properly Leash behavior. If you want to see some of
the other videos you can check the description below. We have a
link for you there or you can look at the top of the video now and we’ll have
a suggestion card for you to find that Playlist 🙂 see you later Every time you take your dog for a walk,
you have two opportunities to communicate to your dog that you want
him to be calm. The first is when you put on the leash and the second when you go
out the door. Most dog owners that have an excited dog will just fight to put
the leash on and then rush out the door allowing the dog to go through the door
first. We recommend that you don’t put your dog on the leash when he is in an
excited state! Pick up the leash and simply stand still for a moment without
talking to your dog, wait until he calms himself and then put on the leash. With
the leash on the dog stand quietly for a few moments and then walk into the house, away from the front door! walk back and forth to the door until the dog is following you rather than pulling you towards the door now you are ready to go to the door and
go outside, but pause for a moment, if your dog is intensely looking at the
door. Open the door just a little bit and then close it. You are looking for your
dog to look at you and not the door you may need to do this a few times. When the dog sits or stands back and looks at you you can start to open the door a little
bit more. Gently close it when the dog moves towards the door. There is no need to talk or give commands – let the door do all the work once the dog stands back without rushing towards the door walk through the door and your dog will follow behind you Hi, did you notice Apollo coming through
the door behind me? Remember behavior modification does take time and dogs do learn best by repetition and consistency, so work
with your dog about 10 to 15 minutes every day on putting on the leash and
walking out the door calmly. If you like today’s video then please like and share
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any of our new videos. Thank you for watching today!

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