Storytime with Dr. Rella – Pig the Pug – October 5th

– Good morning boys and girls, hope everybody is having a great day. Well it’s story time again,
and you can guess where I am, I’m in a library at one of our schools. Can anybody guess which one? You don’t have to say it yet,
but just keep it in mind. But I’m not alone today,
I have a wonderful bunch of students, I’d like
you to say hello to them. – [Students] Hi! (laughing) – Alright, and today we’re going to read a wonderful story called Pig the Pug. Can we take it down from there? Okay. (children laughing) Pig the Pug. Can you see him a little bit? Stand up if you want to,
this way you’ll see it. Pig the Pug. And it’s by Aaron Blabey. See, Aaron Blabey. Aaron wrote the book! Pig was a pug, and I’m sorry to say he was greedy and selfish
in most every way. Look at him, he has his food there, he’s got his arms around
it, he doesn’t want anybody to touch his food, right? – [Students] Yeah. – [Reader] He lived in a
house with a wiener dog. – [Student] A wiener dog? (laughing) – [Reader] We used to call that a frankfurter dog when I was little, It’s really a dachshund, right? It’s really a dachshund but they call it a wiener dog or a frankfurter dog ’cause it looks like a frankfurter! And the wiener’s dog’s name was Trevor. But when was he nice to him? When was Pig nice to him? I’ll tell you. What’s it say? – [Students] Never. – [Reader] Never. You’ve got some great toys there, poor Trevor would say. But Pig would just grumble,
“they’re mine, go away!” Not nice, right? – [Students] Yeah, no, that’s not nice. – [Reader] “But it might be
more fun,” Trevor said to Pig, “if we both played together!” Well, Pig flipped his wig,
look how angry he looks. – [Students] Oh, oh my god. – [Reader] “No, they’re
mine, didn’t you hear? “Only mine! “You keep your paws off them,
they are mine, mine, mine! “I know what your game is, you
want me to share,” Pig says. “But I’ll never do that,
I won’t and I swear!” Look at Pig, he’s losing everything. And with that, he proceeded
to gather his stuff, and make a big pile,
with a huff and a puff. So pig got, oh look at
poor Trevor over here. Does he look happy? No.
– No. – [Reader] And once he had
gathered them up in a pile, he howled from the top
with a satisfied smile. “There,” shouted Pig, “now
you won’t get my loot. “It’s mine, mine, mine, mine,
so why don’t you scoot?” Look at crazy Pig! But just at that moment,
poor Trevor did see, the pile was wobbling, all of pig’s stuff was wobbling, oh dear me. “Watch out up there,” good Trevor did cry. But the shame of it was, well, pugs cannot fly. (laughing) Pig fell right out the window. – [Students] Oh no, oh my god! – [Reader] These days it’s
different, I’m happy to say. It’s so very different in most every way. Look at Trevor, what does Trevor have? – [Students] Pug’s! – [Reader] The Pig’s, right?
Let’s see what happened. Yes, Pig shares his toys
now, and Trevor’s his friend. And they both play together. Look at poor Pig (chuckles). While Pig’s on the mend. Pig’s all wrapped up in
a bandage, a big cast, ’cause he fell out the window, so now he has to share with Trevor. (laughing) All right, now what do you think
the point of that story is? – [Student] Share. – Share, right, you
didn’t have to fall out a window and put in a cast to share, Pig got to have a giant
wake-up, didn’t he? – [Student] Yeah. – But we don’t have to prove that, do we. – [Students] No. – I’ve always found that when
I have something really nice, a toy or something that I really like, it’s more fun when you play
with somebody else with it. Not just by, sometimes it’s
fun to play by yourself, but isn’t it fun, too, to
play with other people? – [Students] Yeah. – So I think that’s a
good lesson for everybody. Alright, this is Mrs. Lousar’s class, and you can see how wonderfully
behaved they are and more. – [Students] I love you (mumbles) – So want you to say goodbye to all the boys and girls at home. – [Students] Bye, we love you, bye!

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