Strange Dog Keeps Coming To Nap At Her House.Then She Finds This Note On His Collar

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31 Responses

  1. Mallory Miessler says:

    Soooo cute

  2. Ginger Countryman says:

    My adult niece has a Jack Russell named Addy. The most independent yet smart dogs ever. My niece would often find Addy escaped somehow, but always came right back. Soon the longer she was gone, my niece got a special collar with info and had her chipped. Soon she learned Addy was going a mile and a half across a huge park to a house with a pool, doggie door, and wrought iron fence. Addy would go for a swim then to the master bedroom for a nap. No matter how they tried, Addy wanted her visits. Until my niece married and moved, Addy visited. I can't stand my dogs out of my sight, so I'd go insane. But Addy seemed to be so happily independent.

  3. Alex Le says:

    Omg 😲

  4. Alex Le says:

    Cute 😆😆🥳🥳😃😁

  5. Cindy January says:


  6. Jane Doe says:

    Guess a dog doesn't 'take a bullet' for his 'owner', he is tought to do that, it is sad why a human must use an innocent animal as a shield to protect his life. The cop is a cop by choice, and then he risks of losing his life. A dog has no choice but to do as told.

  7. Ian moseley says:

    We had a neighbour's cat that would do that.

  8. Gilbert Pasuengos says:

    Disgusting a lot of examples dogs where is the true dog you describe

  9. udlrfbak says:

    chicken soup for the pet lovers soul.

  10. deputydog239 says:

    You have to love that story, if you don’t you are missing a heart

  11. frisco says:

    I wonder where my kitty goes to like clockwork everyday…

  12. Scooter w. says:

    This guy sounds like Kindergarten teacher reading to his class.

  13. rackinfrackin says:

    That tired little dog can come and nap at my house anytime.

  14. Jon Hightower says:

    I work overnights and have to go home to barking dogs screaming kids can I come and sleep on your porch?

  15. Pamela Wardell says:

    Loved this story

  16. Fly by night says:

    I had the same affair with a duck. Theres a pond near my home and they just walk freely. Well he,d come to my back patio door every day and hit the door with his beak. I'd let him in and he would just watch what I was doing. He got plenty of bread and water and an occasional bath from my sprinkler system. Animals are just so wonderful. The things they do.

  17. Mark Zed says:

    if the woman was as pretty as the ones in this video, I'd come over to her house as well…. but I probably wouldn't just sleep

  18. Deo C Yasol says:

    There is truth to this tale. Our dog Oscar would normally sleep near us while my wife and i are watching TV specially sports. When there is too much noise on TV and we loudly discussed what just happened, he would rise and continue his nap far from the noise either in the kitchen or living room.

  19. Laurie hidley says:


  20. TruthSerum says:

    Nice story, dumb video.

  21. G Lepp says:

    Where is this house ? I could use a nap too

  22. Anthony Kendall says:

    Well that was anticlimactic.

  23. Marc Moore says:

    Ah that's so cute

  24. Snakefinger1000 says:

    Every video I've seen tells me to press the like button BEFORE I've watched it, why ?

  25. Brett Baxter says:

    So… attaching a can of ether to the dogs collar for overworked mom to use is out of line?

  26. strawberrycough22 says:

    This story is complete bullshit
    Some lady with too time on her hands wrote this
    Or one of them "gays". You know, someone who is too happy

  27. P K says:

    i don't like stories by stock-photos. and his voice is so puncheable. almost on par with vlad.

  28. Bob Levittan says:

    I call bulls*$t. Why are there 40 pictures of different dogs, and women who supposedly took part in the story? Where are the actual woman and dog? I'd say the "facts" in this are made up to get people to click on the video. If you want something real, go to my channel where there's a story about how a 5-week old puppy prevented a baby from being crushed by a steamroller. Now THAT'S a story!

  29. Felipe Huerta says:

    Dog:Ight imma head out

  30. alphadawn2015 lennon says:

    so there are no actual pictures or proof that this even took place? basically, ive just listened to a story?

  31. Dawaleeb Alhawa says:

    did I miss what first note said?

  32. Heath Franklin says:

    This is story is pure fiction.

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