Stray Cat With A Crooked Ankle Wishes People Won’t Throw Stones At Him | Animal in Crisis EP123

Nabi whose front leg is broken A madam approaches to feed him But the cat runs away Dragging his left leg, walks away very uncomfortably.. Even when trying to check the wound, Nabi never lets people around him Runs away in the end.. Nabi disappears in an instant I think it’s a leg fracture It’s stiffened in such condition and the wound on that part has been getting worse It’s been long since the cat lived here But one day he started limping his leg PD : Do you know what happened to his leg? I’m not sure about that. It must have been a month since he got hurt Rescue and treatment are urgent But where has he gone? Wait, I found something here Found his traces in the entrance of a parking lot It leads to the inside of the parking lot The traces stops at a pile of pipes in the parking lot Above the traces.. Found Nabi Upon seeing people the cat hides.. Oh no.. Poor kitty.. Look here.. He needs to be treated as soon as possible.. He releases himself in here This is the cat’s hiding spot Oh no, what’s that? Oh my god.. In between the pipes A terrible wound is seen.. How could he live in such a terrible place like this.. Oh my god, what’s that? What’s found in the corner of the basement is.. a dead kitten It’s only a kitten What happened to them? Dangerous surroundings are not the only cause that put stray cats in danger Cats were watching people outside in there Watching them always But some kids threw stones at them.. People who mistreat lives on the streets Because of those people Stray cats have been suffered from abuse Perhaps he also was wounded because of them.. Rescue is urgent now By the safest method, which is a trap cage proceed the rescue Hope the cat goes into it.. The crew is waiting anxiously Will he come out? The cat’s out! In five hours of hiding, the cat appears Must be starving.. The cat can’t let the guard for a while And The cat slowly goes into the cage We got him Fortunately, without defying the cat is rescued Upon a closer look, the wound is severe than expected Anyway, succeeded in the rescue Hurriedly transferred to the hospital Check his condition His front leg is completely crooked at a 90-degree angle It must have been so hurtful.. The result came out Vet : If he’s a human, all his wrists are broken The bones are gathered together on the fine leg but the bones on the broken leg are all scattered It’s completely broken Vet : Seeing his X-rays, the bones are smashed into pieces that it looks they’re spread Such fracture is caused by a car wheel running right on the leg It must have been so painful Life on the streets is a war every day Even though his bones on the front leg were all broken the cat had to hide in a dark space where he can avoid people and their cruel stereotype Vet : He couldn’t have survived if he wasn’t rescued because if he roamed around with his bones exposed he was highly likely to develop a heavy infection on the bone marrow It’s very lucky for him to survive without getting an infection until now If it was a bit late he wouldn’t have survived The surgery begins right away Vet : If he were a human, the infection had developed up to his arms So up to his arm before shoulder has to be amputated The infection developed up to his arms His arm has to be amputated After hours of worrisome Hope the cat endures throughout the whole surgery process A hour later The surgery is over The surgery went well Now he only has three legs but he will be able to walk well after a week From now Nabi~ all he has to do is recover health A few months later The madam came to visit Nabi Nabi has improved a lot.. It’s fortunate that he’s become healthier than I expected Nabi, recently learns how to walk with three legs Nabi~ and the madam decided to be her new family As much as he had suffered, I’m going to give him lots of love And won’t let him live in despair and raise him so he can be happy by taking him as a new family It won’t take long for Nabi to retrieve happiness Wish he forgets about painful past history and cheer up to start a new life..!

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100 Responses

  1. Kritter Klub says:

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  2. Marie Clark says:

    I'm thinking if you would have gave it some cat food you might have had better luck catching the cat I rescued a cat back in September I'm not even sure where this cat came from but it came up to me crying really bad and very skinny and it was cold out the time so I brought the cat and I'm fed it and she still skinny but at least she's starting to gain weight thank you so much for helping this cat that was awesome of you👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🤘😍🤩😘🥰💛🧡💓💝💙💗💞💕🐾🐾🐈😇🙏🙏

  3. Jessica Candiotto says:

    Povero zoppica povero amore.
    Spero che l'ho curate in clinica e l'ho salvate.
    Sarà spavento povero piccolo quante ne ha passate. 😢😢😿😿😿

  4. Qatlover Foreva says:

    They throw stone at cat

    Maybe we should did the same to the kid

  5. offical aile says:

    I'm gonna make a gang for animals so bad people don't think animals are weak ever again.

  6. Tiy Zet says:

    Хорошо что есть добрые люди!
    Низкий поклон!

  7. Gabe Cont says:

    Love all your effort and dedication on each rescue you work and the real stories you show us without hiding anything from us . You 're amazing ! Thank for each rescue💚🐶🐱💚

  8. Daniela Gonzalez says:

    omg no 💔💔💔💔😭😭😭

  9. Watch City says:

    this poor baby

  10. Tracy Alexandra Yeager says:

    Thank You Madam for giving Nabi a Loving, Furrever Home 💜💖💜👼🐱👧🏠👼💖💜💖 Thank You for never giving up on him…..Thank You to the Veterinary Surgeons that helped him as well. He's such a Handsome Sweetheart Kitty 💖💜💖🐱💜💖💜

  11. Семейка Life says:

    Какие вы молодцы ,спасибо вам большое 👍

  12. Rodion Bassistyuk says:

    Бедный котик и спасибо вам за помощь ему

  13. KanuHG says:

    Nabi means prophet in islam..and the last of the almighty's messenger, Muhammad pbuh, is a cat lover too

  14. Jeanne Torr says:

    Thank God that there still r good human .

  15. Александра Суходоева says:

    Очень грустно 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  16. Vyan 1105 says:


  17. Stephen Smith says:

    That lady is a true human being for not only making sure that the poor Cat got treatment, but giving it a loving home after. I hope they both have happy lives together.

  18. Yetty Fitriana says:

    Q bersyukur kucing itu slamat trima kasih kritter klub👍👍👍

  19. Houa Fernandez says:

    Thank you for repect and help animals ❤️🙏

  20. Joe Vining says:

    Everyone thinks for helping rescue the kitty and a special thanks to the veterinarian team for all that they have done

  21. Shahnaz Sheru says:

    Thanks 🙏🏼. God bless d vet n d lovely lady.

  22. Goro Shigeno says:

    I hope COVID-19 kill those cruel human fckng beings who hurts these precious animals..

  23. Even Lia says:


  24. Nana Salamah says:

    เด็กน้อยเธอจะหายดี และมีคนดูแลคุณ😭😭☺️

  25. mr.Zvereff ! says:

    Боже милосердный,за что же им?Дай Бог ему крепкого здоровья,долгих лет и любящего хозяина!Низкий поклон людям,спасшим котофея…

  26. Cupcake Juicy says:

    What's with them dislikes tho🤔

  27. Kofi Williams says:

    As bad as humans treat other humans I'm not sure why people think that they'd treat other animals any better. I'm glad this cat was saved and cared for though.

  28. Knelle 44 says:

    Thanks… you're Angels

  29. Rezawahyuda Hasibuan says:

    Semoga kalian yg selalu menyelamatkan hewan kucing anjing bisa diberikan cahaya islam dan memeluk agama islam

  30. Mister Pretzel says:

    The thumbnail is everything

  31. Yulia Ariesta says:

    Gk usah di sensor

  32. Ioana Tampa says:


  33. Little Candy says:

    Tanto este canal me trae alegrias y risas como ganas de llorar, porque es una pena que hay animalitos que sufren mucho y no experimentan empatia y amor del ser humano, pero siempre hay un final feliz

  34. Dimas Akbar says:

    PSA: if your kids throw rocks at innocent animal, don't be surprised if someday someone throw knives at your kids.

    That being said, in searching, what about using green flashlight to not spook the animal?

  35. Mel C says:

    😭 ❤️

  36. ab manan says:


  37. Xander Corvus says:

    Poor soul

  38. Priscila Vieira says:

    Que Deus ilumini sempre vcs anjos dos animais.

  39. S&G P says:

    I found a cat with a cat like this, we took him to the doctor, but unfortunately doctor had to ampute cats paw, we couldn't get to our house because we already had 2 cats in our house, we got him to someone else. So please Check your engine and look on the wheels to your car, before getting in the car, in the meantime sorry for my bad english 😔😢

  40. Daniel says:

    A good way to throw away ressources

  41. Pedro Díaz Gómez says:

    Thank you for rescuing him, for healing his leg, for giving him love and a new home.

  42. Mom says:

    Find him a home

  43. U Know my name but now my story says:

    wow God bless you guys are such amazing people to rescue these 🐈 she wants to be rescued I can tell but she is scared can we see part 2 thank you

  44. Evil Brynn says:

    That’s more than twisted

  45. Revenge Gamer says:

    Poor mr kitty

  46. Tina Shaik says:

    Fucking counts

  47. ɢɪʀʟ ᴘʀɪɴᴄᴇss says:

    Люди такие жёсткие 😣

  48. Best Realpolitik YT Videos says:

    You're all such nice people

  49. Giovanni Kapenga says:

    rhis hit me <3 i feel the cat

  50. mr B says:

    Chasing after the cat is not the right approach! Get a cage and catch it

  51. loniann Carusso says:

    Poor baby. People are evil

  52. Валера Смолевский says:

    Берегите друг друга и не забывайте про животных братьев наших меньших, дай бог здоровья всем добрым людям

  53. جميله بحجابي says:


  54. Jennifer Mendoza says:

    Ver este tipo de vídeos y saber que aún existen personas buenas que ayudan a los animales de situaciones tan lamentables, me hace recuperar la fé en la humanidad, de todo corazón les agradezco que tengan este tipo de gestos con los animales, Dios los bendiga siempre, y gracias por cambiar la vida de tantos animales 💜 Saludos desde Colombia

  55. Yen Nguyen says:

    It's so heartbreaking to see the cat suffers that severe wound. It's very difficult for him to survive with that terrible broken leg 😭 luckily he was rescued but I'm so sad for the dead kitten. Anyone who threw stones to cats is very evil and they will be died in hell.

  56. Perry Ippolito says:

    Watching that poor cat walk breaks my heart! God bless anybody and everybody who helps animals and people as well of course 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  57. Yen Nguyen says:

    Throwing stones to cats and the other animals is very cruel. The bad people that throw stones to animals should be punished or kicked back.

  58. Just Lisa says:

    I’m glad the woman who alerted the rescuers has decided to adopt him and give him a good home. Have a good rest of your life, Nabi.

  59. Ди Си says:

    Почему не часть лапы удалить и сделать протез ?

  60. N S says:

    Bless you 🙏❤️

  61. LaPil4roid says:

    Bless You all :') 💝

  62. Yaz Wholton says:

    Goodness that looks like my cat … Such a shame how people are so unthoughtful and take things out in animals that can't defend themselves …. It's gross 🤢🤢 who agrees with me 🙃

  63. Maria Paola Pe says:


  64. Hasina Premnath says:

    Poor thing. 😭😭 Life as a stray on d streets is so difficult.. But thank you everyone for saving his life and the kind lady also wanting to adopt him. God bless you all.

  65. Bi.Polar American Mixx says:

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 so thankful for wonderful humans who help these babies!!

  66. Summer Love says:

    The sad thing is some demonic person probably caused her injury. There is a special place in the pits of hell for those who hurt animals. 😢

  67. evidence channel says:

    What is that blurred @ 1:49 ?
    And why the hell they censor whatever it is

  68. Serina says:

    Poor kitty :c

  69. Sky Watcher says:

    God bless these kind people for helping this cat.

  70. Loise Amaral says:

    Que aflição me deu ele arrastando aquele ferimento, ele não vai mais sofrer passar fome, vai ser feliz amado , obrigada Deus recompense vocês , um abraço 🇧🇷

  71. Tayná Carvalho says:

    All animals are pure and innocent. They don't deserve to suffer or being treated like that for some bad people.
    Gratefully that still have kind people over the world to take care of them.

  72. Kure zig says:

    У моего рыжего кота тоже одна лапа искревлена на 90 гр.,но она у него живая и чувствительная.
    Наступает на 3 лапы и на 4-ю полуприседая.
    Бегает быстрее здоровых котов.
    Всего у меня 3 кота и 1 кошка.
    И больная 14-летняя собака.

  73. Silvana Belintani says:

    Que pena desse gatinho mais fico feliz por encontrar pessoas boas para ajudar a recuperar a felicidade e não sentir mais dor 👏👏😻😻

  74. Syeda Rubab Jaffery says:

    Hard to watch animals in pain! 💔😿💔

  75. ziggy morris says:

    Who the F would throw stones at a cat.


  76. SIERVO DE DIOS says:

    DIOS BENDIGA. A los que cuidan de animales abandonados por crueles humanos.

  77. Bobbie Chinn says:

    Poor little guy!!

  78. Slavik Beloous says:

    Poor baby 😢

  79. Anaya A says:

    GOD created humans magnificently so that we can be a blessing to others n not be a curse. Never forget that you reap what you sow. What you do to others it will happen to you countless times. Don't you forget that.

  80. KpopwithJessii says:

    The car isn't the monster,its US humans who are the monsters.Theyr'e so evil,whoever rolled over the cats leg,i hope you suffer the same way!

  81. Eliane L Cavassoni says:

    não tem uma cx d papelão uma csminha p ele? paninhos pelo chão p lhe dar conforto …

  82. abos4lem says:

    i love this channel what more can i say :,) thank you

  83. Naughtings says:

    Whoever did this I hope they do Coronavirus

  84. Pluchooo Mastercob says:

    Que hermoso una segunda oportunidad que lindo gato que se hará

  85. JokinglyJade says:

    …I want to die

    Just to torture animal abusers

  86. JokinglyJade says:

    2:52 what is that!?

  87. Enderlynx Willoze says:

    Poor thing! Thank you for saving its life!

  88. Galih Tantra says:

    the most fitting punishment for those people who throw stones at cats are BLOOD EAGLE

  89. Anthony Bailey says:

    Thanks for helping out the kitty cats

  90. Cris says:

    Gracias por ayudar a los animalitos

  91. StickySauce101 says:

    those who are cruel to animals are cruel to humans, been proven countless times.. if you teach kids to be cruel to nature they will just grow to produce a society of thugs.

  92. Silvia Armybebe says:

    Is kritter club a part of an NGO or something?? Like who informs them if there's any stray animal in need???

  93. Sarah holland says:

    That leg is massively swollen, he must have been in terrible pain: how can people be so bloody cruel & throw stones at him. Wishing him a happy new life ❤️❤️

  94. Claudia Camargo says:

    Resgatem os outros gatos também por favor.

  95. Jo Swanell says:

    God Bless the veterinarian, his staff, all of the people helping out & God Bless the lady that helped this poor kitty get food, water and to a veterinarian to get treated and healthy again. I hope this lady kept this kitty and will keep her as an indoor cat, and that they live a long, healthy life together filled with tons of love. ❤🐾🐾🐾🐾❤🥰

  96. Татьяна Сиденко says:

    Бедный котик, загоняли его.

  97. ringdigger says:

    The way a community treat its animals with respect, is a reflection of what humanity should be!

  98. Sardor_Bro says:

    Есть русский?

  99. lidia gomez says:


  100. たろいも says:


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