Street Food in Thailand – NIGHT MARKET Thai Food in Chiang Mai, Thailand!

– Hey everyone I hope your
having an amazing day. It’s Mark Wiens, I’m
in Chiang Mai, Thailand and Chiang Mai is maybe the capital of night markets in the entire world. And so it is a Sunday night. I am at (foreign language). This is one of the biggest and the busiest night markets in Chiang Mai. It runs the entire length
of Ratchadamnoen Road. Which is right in the center, the heart of of Chiang Mai. So this evening we’re
gonna go on a food tour of the night market in Chiang Mai. We’re just gonna see what we find, we’re gonna eat some delicious food and I’m gonna share it all with you in this video right now. (upbeat music) This particular market
is open every Sunday. And it starts at 5:00 p.m.. Right now it’s exactly 5:00
p.m. so they’re just open up. Most of the vendors are here, but still sorta organizing, setting things up. There’s a mix of almost
everything at this market. From souvenirs and clothes, trinkets and lanterns and lights. But mainly I’m here to
just sample the food and we’re gonna see what we can find. And try to eat some of the… Mix of things. And I’m still waiting for my friends Tom and Joel who are gonna
come also hang out tonight. But we got here a little
bit before they did. I wanted to get here right as they opened, the market opens, so I
could get all the shots. But they should be joining me soon. (foreign chatter) Anytime I see a cart that’s
loaded with this much meat, in this particular instance, sausage, there’s no way you can walk past it without ordering a few skewers, and it is just smoking away. You can see her, the fan is blowing, the
sausage under there. The fat is just burning down, it’s just smoking away it smells so good. Most of what’s hanging on the bar is sai krok Isan, which is a… It’s an Isan style sausage. But then she also has some
of the northern sausage. Which is called sai ua. In two different shapes
and so I got one of the, one skewer of the Isan sausage as well as the northern Thai sausage
we’ll just taste them both to taste the difference. Okay this is the sai krok Isan. (foreign chatter) Oh wow! Okay, that is a big bite. It’s so good though, just
bursting with fatty juices. And for sai krok Isan you have to chase it with a chili because
that’s just pure meat. As opposed to what we’ll
see in the next bite of the sai ua, so I got a chili. Oh yeah. That completes the
experience, it’s so good. It’s so juicy. Wow that’s tasty. And then as opposed to the sai krok Isan, which is, there’s no spices
within the sausage itself but you eat spices, you chase
with spices, like the chili. This one is the sai ua which
is filled with spices already within the ground meat mixture. So there’s lemon grass in
here, there should be chilies. These are a little– Mmm. Oh yeah. Hohoho. Sai ua is so good. You can taste the lemon grass. This one is quite a fatty mix. But it is juicy. (upbeat music) Wow. There’s no better way I could think of, to start this night market food tour, in Chiang Mai. Mmm. (foreign chatter) Now that market is still pretty quiet. Well, very quiet compared
to what it’s gonna be. Right now you still have
lots of space to move around. The vendors are still setting up, but I can guarantee in a couple of hours, especially when the sun is fully down, the market will be packed. So it is good to come early. If you are weary of
just single file crowds. (upbeat music) We ended up walking all the way across to the other side of the market. Actually we started on
the end of the market, but this is actually the front. At (foreign language). So this is the front gate here. So this is where you normally
come into the market. And it’s just now almost 6 p.m. and it’s just starting to get really busy. (upbeat music) (foreign language) The hard thing about this market is it’s so huge and so sprawling and it goes down so many little side alleys and into little temple courtyards. And so, within lots of
little temple courtyards, there are little food courts. Just an everlasting supply of Thai snacks. And so we saw the giant
pan of bubbling, buoyant, pork balls, in Thai they’re
called look chin mu. And she informed us
that they are 100% pork. So it’s just pork that’s been… Very ground, very smoothly
and made into little balls. They boil. You can just see them
all just like buoyantly floating around in the wok, in the water. Then she scoops them out,
she serves them to you fresh over some lettuce. She puts on a little bit of toasted garlic and some of the sauce, which I think should
be a little bit sweet. That looks really good, we
gotta try a hot fresh pork ball. Mmm. Mm. It’s so soft and tender. Yet, not mushy. Very kinda neutral tasting and just… I got a piece of Chinese
celery on that bite. And also the sauce,
which is a little bit… Sour, a tinge sweet, and a tinge spicy. Mm, but you can taste the
quality, the freshness of them. You can tell that’s just
pure pork, that’s luscious. It’s very mild in flavor but you can taste just a hint of black pepper. Maybe even white pepper. (drumming) (foreign music) Oh there they are. (foreign language) What’s up Tom? – What’s up? – [Mark] What’s up, JJ? – That’s so good. You know what? Have a try. – Warm and sour. – The last one.
– Warm and sour? – Sour and spicy. (foreign language) – [Mark] Already had some
look chin and some sai krok. – Nice.
– Whoa. – [Mark] Okay I’ll taste it. Thank you. I would love some sai ua. – It’s like a Vietnamese sausage. – They really take care a
lot about people around them. – Oh that’s nice. – I’m just joking.
– You think so? Okay. – That is a ramble. – Isn’t it kinda like that German um– – Yeah it’s like Leberkäse. – Leberkäse, yes that’s what it is. – It’s like, the Thai version of German Leberkäse. – Yup. – But spicy. – And it has a little bit of a pepper, black pepper dish. – Yeah, sour,
– But like so– – vinegar, spicy… – It’s kinda just like the
pork ball that I just ate. Just in flat, square form. (upbeat music) (foreign chatter) Something that you have
to eat especially at this market is called kai pam. It’s a grilled egg. It’s like an omelet. It’s like a trough of
egg that they fill up into a banana leaf, little trough boat. And then they grill it. They have a few different toppings. One of them is mushrooms. One of them is, I’m not even sure. A bunch of different imitation crab. But then it slow grills as she
kinda stirs it with a stick. And so that’s kinda like
a new form of an omelet. That you should eat at this
market, we’re gonna sample it. It’s kinda stuck stuck into the trough. Mmm! Oh it’s like a juicy omelet. It’s very juicy. But… I mean, apart from a different, any other omelet, it does
actually have the flavor of the, the banana leaf, the bai tong. – Oh, totally! – The roasted banana leaf
just embeds into the omelet. Other than that it’s just
like a juicier omelet. – Yeah.
– Yeah. It’s actually pretty good. How’s that egg, Tom? – [Tom] Pretty good, pretty good. I got the one with the, with the bee. – [Mark] Oh, the bee hive? – Yeah.
– The bee uh… – Larv? – [Mark] Larvae? – Yeah. It’s pretty good actually. It doesn’t taste like bee though. No honey taste, but, very eggy. – [Mark] This is another
version with a different topping that we got which is bee larvae. (upbeat music) Mm. Oh yeah. The larva’s very creamy. Mm-mm. The egg was interesting and pretty good. We’re moving on, and now the
market is just getting packed. But we’re on our way to eat more food. (upbeat music) Joel just got a passion fruit shake. This is just pure passion
fruit blended with ice. (upbeat music) Oh. Oh that’s just like, perfectly tart. Nice and sour. Just a tinge of sweetness and you’ve got the crunch of those seeds. Thanks, man. – Sour. – [Mark] Yeah, that’s the… That’s just pure and good. – Yeah, look all those seeds. (upbeat music) – It’s so packed, yeah. Especially at this time, it’s just like single file. – Yeah. – We’re just in a line,
going through the market. (foreign chatter) – Very traditional. (foreign chatter) – Kind of, stuck together. Help me, help me. Oh! (laughing) – Get some air intake, some air intake. – Yeah, so it must be thick then. If it’s hot to eat like that. – [Mark] And it is black sticky rice, or purple sticky rice, which is made into a little pancake and then she sizzles it
over the hot griddle. She adds on a variety of toppings including sesame and sugar… It looks almost exactly the
same as a piece of beef jerky. (background chatter) Mm. Mm-mm-mm. Oh that’s delicious. It’s really chewy and glutinous. But at the same time it’s crispy, because how it’s been fried. It’s sweet. You taste the sesame seed. Mm. Yeah, that’s fantastic
actually, it’s really good. (foreign chatter) So we’re off to just
explore more and to… To get some more food. (drumming) (foreign music) Anything smelling the… The barbecue over there. – Oh nice. I’m sure there’s some hot– (foreign chatter) – This will be perfect. (sizzling) (foreign music) – [Mark] At the back of
temple, food court area, there is a man who is making ribs and they smell so good. Oh he’s chopping them right now. (foreign chatter) – Mark Wien. (foreign chatter) – [Mark] They have a few
seats, they have a few tables in the back with a few stalls
that you can order from. I gotta try those ribs first and dip that rib into the dry chili flakes. (foreign chatter) Mm. Those are pretty fatty, oily delicious. You can taste the dark soy sauce. Which it kinda caramelized onto there so it kinda roasted and caramelized. Oh and that chili though, that’s kinda like a
salty, dried chili powder. Yeah that’s great. – Upon tasting one, he
immediately ordered seconds. – [Mark] Oh Tom did? – Yes. (foreign chatter) – Mm. (foreign chatter) – The greasy barbecue goodness, man. – Mm. – What is it called, ong pu? – Ong pu? – Ong pu. (foreign chatter) – [Mark] It looks a lot like sangkaya, but these are little crab
heads as you can see. Oh they’re nice and hot. Right off the grill or something. But it’s the crab eggs made into like a… It looks kinda like custardy. So you grab some sticky rice. And then you, you just
kinda dip it like a dip. Oh. Looking soft there. Looks like oony too, like sea urchin. So butter. (background chatter) Mmm. Mm, yeah. That’s like, that for sure, is like crab egg custard. Mm. You’ve got the crabby taste. You’ve got the smoky taste
because it’s been grilled. And then it’s kinda like, creamy and rich. Mm. – Yeah look at that gooey-ness. (background chatter) Mm. Mmm. That is rich. Delicious. Mm. Yeah and it’s still warm. – [Mark] Time for another rib. (upbeat music) – Gotta get that. – [Mark] Let’s do the… – That oomala. – [Mark] Let’s wipe up. Wipe that up. We really like the chili dry rub. Really adds to it. (background chatter) Cheers. – I need to get more chili! – [Mark] I got a full crust. Oh that’s beautiful. That’s what you want. – Okay that’s better. – They add sugar to them.
– Cheers. It’s either sugar or MSG or both. – Yeah maybe it is sugar. – Cheers.
– Cheers. – One biter. – One bite? (background chatter) – The only reason you can’t go one biter is cause you gotta keep on twirling it. Get all the way in and
then you got the bone. (upbeat music) That is like, very tasty. Very fatty juicy greasy. – I think there’s a little sugar
in the chili powder though. – Yeah, it has a sweet tinge to it. (upbeat music, background chatter) (foreign chatter) (drumming) (foreign music) – 200. – 230 for one chunk I guess we may just– – She gives us discount. I think this is the best piece. (background chatter) – [Mark] Two little loaves here. So we finished with that meal but the market is just packed and it’s hectic and you’re just running back
and forth from place to place so we’re gonna call it a
night of this food tour, market, night market in Chiang Mai. But before we end the tour though, there was something that we had to eat. Of course, as the best
dessert in the world. It’s a little overpriced
because of the night market, but that’s okay, we need some. – Got a little… Gooey goodness here. – [Mark] Alright guys. Let’s break bread together. (laughing) – Oh yes! Already creaming on the… (laughs) On the Saran wrap here. Okay. – Well we got a little
residue on the Saran. (laughs) Okay. – Go for them. Take it that is a… Fist full of durian right there. Cheers.
– Cheers. – Cheers!
– Cheers, JJ. (upbeat music) – Oh yeah. – Oh man. – Cool, cool. – Oh, yeah. (laughs) Mm. It was like, hard on the outside but it’s really creamy on the inside. – Yeah, very sweet too. – Mm. Just starting to gain that complexion of bitterness,
just a hint of it. Butter cream… Custard. – It’s like alcohol taste. – Mhm. (laughing) – That’s awesome. – That’s so much cream. Oh no! – Who dropped a piece? – You! – Me? – Yeah.
– Oh no. (upbeat music) – Mm. Oh yeah. If you ever do a food tour anywhere. There’s no better way
to finish a food tour. Than with natural cream. Natural custard. – Any kind of tour. You should always finish with durian. Man that’s good. (upbeat music) – Mm. Okay. And now we can call it a night! (background chatter) I’m gonna go ahead and end
this Chiang Mai night market food tour right here. It’s mostly kinda snacking foods. So you can walk around, and I’m still a little bit hungry but it’s packed that I’m ready to head out and Mike needs to go to sleep. But it’s mostly a lot of snacking foods. The food is okay. It’s not like the greatest
food in my opinion, but it is fun to walk around. It’s a great environment. It is packed. But that also makes it entertaining and it’s definitely a great place to visit when you are in Chiang Mai. Huge thank you to Tom and
JJ and Joel for joining me. Me and Ying and Mica on
this food tour today. And I want to say a big thank you to you for watching this video. Please remember to give it a
thumbs up if you enjoyed it. Leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you and if you’re not already subscribed, click subscribe and also
click that little bell icon so that you get notified of
the next video that I publish. Thanks again for watching. Good night from Chiang
Mai, see on the next video.

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