Studded Design Leather Pitbull Harness for Medium & Large Breeds

Are you searching for reliable equipment
for her powerful and mighty dog, but still can’t find anything proper
exactly for him? Meet this harness made of full grain genuine leather. The harness is carefully stitched by
hand for additional strength and has shiny riveted decorations. The product can be adjusted in fixed easily to your dog’s dimensions due to the strong straps and moving chest plate. Just one click of quick release buckle and the harness is on and of your dog. Look at these chest and back plates padded with felt. They are very soft. And were created to prevent rubbing even during hard training sessions and excessive overloads. A nickel-plated D-ring will help you to attach the suitable leash to control your canine better, while walking or training.

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13 Responses

  1. Kate Kalmuk says:

    Looks sturdy and fabulous! Seems like dogs don't even notice it when wearing on.

  2. Iryna Zub says:

    Studs are glittering like diamonds! This harness is an example of an ideal tool for me as it is a quality, reliable and comfortable piece of equipment.

  3. Ирина Кривченкова says:

    What a handmade product! Awesome design and quality!

  4. Ольга Приходченко says:

    look like a durable item! such dog is hard to contol

  5. AnimalEmancipation says:

    a dog is not a gladiator why dress like one? looks ridiculous and feeds stereotypes

  6. Татьяна Колодий says:

    This is a perfect item for Pitbull dogs

  7. Stephanie Sanchez says:

    how much for 1

  8. Gasparzinho Sombreado says:

    Eu Uso Um Desses Na Minha Cadela Pitbull…

  9. Sam A says:

    Hey I want one , can you deliver to India , I'll pay money

  10. Alen K Sam says:

    Amazing pitbull

  11. All technic Channel says:

    What is price in india

  12. rohit shrestha says:

    Amazing pitbull

  13. Sophia Glasgow says:

    Wow he's big pitbull

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