Submarino de Garrafa PET com LED – PET Bottle Submarine with LED.

Hello guys ! This device that I mounted Was to continue what was shown in the last video Called ” Without Wire LED Underwater ” Which ended up giving me another great idea This here you must know. It is the classic submarine that floats inside a pet bottle. There is a floating object that will sink When I press the bottle And when I lower the pressure it goes up Notice now that there are two LEDs hanging on this Submarine What I intend to do is for this submarine go down and up . . . with these LEDs on And how am I going to do that? I’ll use batteries? stacks? I’m going to stick a thread in here? I’ll do it using this other bottle. Has a stainless steel electrode here And I have another electrode here So, how did you see in the previous video : ” Without Wire LED Underwater ” We are going to create an electric field within this region As soon as the LEDs enter this region they will light and when they leave that region they will turn off We’re going to need to put salt water in here. So here we have our bottle with salt water, one electrode up here and one down here. I have also checked the correct order of the electrodes connection so the LEDs light up and here it is Our LEDs lit without connection to any wire So I can now do my Submarine… come down Came into the electric field goes out the electric field goes off There is another white LED if I can turn you saw it So the old submarine inside a PET bottle now has headlights When it leaves the electric field the LEDs turn off It seems that hydrogen production occurred here in fact a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen This caused an increase in internal pressure and caused our submarine to descend So I’m going to try to relieve the pressure and he should go back up good I do not know if you can see but there are small bubbles coming out of the electrodes In one of the electrodes there is the production of hydrogen in the other the production of oxygen CAUTION this mixture is explosive in presence of flame. These gases end up increasing the pressure inside the bottle and my submarine can not rise any more With the pressure of my hand I can make it fall I then cause it to leave the region where there is an electric field and the LEDs will turn off When I relieve the pressure it goes up again entering the electric field and the LEDs turn on again And I can observe an intense production of gases in the electrodes with that it must descend again Well, that’s it. I hope you liked this video. See you later! If you liked this video, please click LIKE. If you liked the content of this channel SUBSCRIBE.

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  2. Audi_Gui_Player #LDC says:

    poderia me dizer qual o nome da música da sua intro?

  3. Luciano Carreiro says:

    Pra eu assistir um vídeo às 02:28 da manhã tem que ser muito bom. Nem quis esperar amanhecer e não me arrependi. Excelente! um salve pra você também.



  5. Vitor emanuel Emanuel says:

    maquinifico funciona 100% eu gostei de mais desse vídeo cara gostei muito super top led dentro da garrafa impressionante

  6. Anonymous Corp says:

    qual ea musica de fundo

  7. ERROR. Sx says:

    manda salve

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    cara vc e show um salve pra vc ai e que tudo der serto ai valeu pow

  9. Kayque Ramos says:

    podia no proximo video ensina como fazer um lazer caseiro facil

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    interesant like

  11. Canal Schmidt says:

    Vida em Silício ta precisando de banner para o seu canal ?

  12. Hártur deho says:

    ensina a fazer gerador de alta tensão com placa de lâmpada

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