SUMMER LOOKBOOK + GIVEAWAY | Styling Swimwear into Outfits + GIVEAWAY!

Hi guys, welcome back to my channel! Today, I have another styling lookbook
video for you guys and in this video, I’ll show you guys how I would style swimsuits with normal clothes So if you are going to the beach or if you’re going for like a swimwear party or something and you actually need to have
some cover up or if you’re wondering how you’re gonna pair them together with
normal clothes if you’re heading to the mall before or after then this video is for you. I’ve partnered up with 6IXTY8IGHT for this video so don’t forget to check out the description box below
if you’re interested in any of the pieces So let’s get started! So the first swimwear that I
chose is this crochet two-piece set that was very beautiful because I loved how
it was crochet all the way up and it’s a halter neck and it’s a very beautiful shade of Navy so if you’re very conscious about your chest or if you generally don’t like to show off too much of your cleavage I would highly
recommend you guys to go for this type of bikini because you feel very very
safe and secure and at the same time it has a very beautiful crochet detail. I love pairing my swimsuits in a set but at the same time I also can choose to
mix and match depending on what I’m wearing. Together with that, I wanted
to go together with the blue theme and I chose a slightly different shade of blue
and here is a long-sleeve blue striped shirt also from 6IXTY8IGHT and this serve as a very nice cover-up wear this on normal days if you’re
looking for like a nice cardigan or if you’re looking for a nice like put
together shirt. What I paired with was very simple high-waisted white pants and I really like it because it’s high-waisted so that way when you pair it
together with the crochet bikini top it actually looks like an actual outfit
without being too skimpy or over the top. The next bikini, or rather Monokini
swimsuit that I chose from 6IXTY8IGHT is this one-piece. It also has crochet detailing and I really love how it is not skimpy but at
the same time it shows how fashionable you are. You know it shows off your
curves in the right areas, It kind of shows off a little skin but not too much It’s like a little peek-a-boo! And when you turn to the back, you also have a nice low
back detail and I really like how it’s very figure-hugging to me and it doesn’t
restrict my movement when I’m actually running around or swimming and the
quality is actually really good as well. So for this outfit, I decided to pair it
with… TA-DAAAAAH! So this one is actually a wrap around skort. As you can see inside, it is actually a pair of shorts. It’s high-waisted as well you guys know
how much I love my high waisted pants because they make my legs
look so much longer. In front, you can tie it up to make it a skort. it just looks like a really nice bustier top so that’s what I was trying to
create with this look. And on top of it, I also decided to put on this really flowy cardigan if you
don’t want to show too much skin, if you just want to walk around the beach or walk around a beach party without actually just being in your bikini alone
it’s always nice to have a cover up like this that just allows you to put it on
and take off really easily they’re actually colorful pom-poms as well so it
just adds a pop of color to this otherwise kind of like monochromatic
white and blue outfit. Outfit number #3, I decided to pick up
this very beautiful and colorful bikini set also from 6IXTY8IGHT and what I like about
it is that it doesn’t show off too much skin because this entire pad is covered
the bottom is also a very simple and basic type of bikini bottom with the
same print so here we have this white color pants and I really like it because
it’s not skin tight and usually when I’m like running around the beach I have a
lot of sand on my body. My skin is very sticky from all of the sweat and sunscreen and sand. That is why I picked up this white pair of pants that is very slouchy it’s very big but at the same it’s high-waisted so it makes you look like you’ve got really long legs. But I also decided to show you guys how
I would otherwise pair it in a more girly form. So with that, I picked up this
very beautiful and cute babydoll pink color top it’s very similar to the one
I’m wearing now but this one is short this one is a dress you know because
it’s so colorful you can just pair it very easily with a strap that kind of
falls in the same color family as this colorful strap so when you pair it
together with a baby pink strap like this, it doesn’t look too awful. In fact, it kind of injects a little bit more fun and energy to the entire outfit. So for outfit #4, I decided to
pick up a beautiful terracotta brick kind of color also with the two stripes
type of style. This one is slightly more revealing and has a slight little sexy element to it because you’ve got a small little hole in the middle over here. These ribbons are actually detachable so if you don’t like them you can just take them out as well. So with that, I decided to go a little bit more cutesy and I paired it with a pair of denim shorts. You guys can’t go wrong with a pair of
good ol’ denim shorts because you know denim shorts are very durable, they are not see-through
even when wet. At the same time they’re very comfortable to just be around in. For this entire outfit I wanted to step up the notch and go for a more cutesy
a little bit geeky and fun kind of look. I paired it together with this pair of very
cute French Bulldog socks you can also find them at 6IXTY8IGHT.
They are so cute and comfortable. So I decided to put them on and wear some sneakers for a more like schoolgirl nerdy;
little cute nerd kind of vibe. And not forgetting the red scrunchies
that I’m wearing on my head. I mean it’s nice to have a scrunchie with you because you don’t know when you want to put your hair up and it’s good to just
have all of my hair out of my face! Last but not least, Outfit #5, I
have here a really girly frilly type of bikini set. I just love this set because I feel that it’s so feminine and it just screams like fashion. Even for bikini bottom, it’s just a very beautiful crochet shorts design and can rest-assured
it even if it rides or anything it’s just your bikini underwear underneath. For this outfit, I decided
to just pair it in a way and to kind of show you two different ways on how I
wear it. So the first way would be to take away all of the girly elements and put on a very different top. So this one is a rock-band t-shirt and I really like how when you match girly and kind of rocker-masculine together, you have a very different vibe and this vibe to me is very sexy because when you’re running
around or raising a hand and you’ll see like a ‘WHOOP’ you know there’s this slight little feminine touch that peeps out of it. But if you are not into this kind of
masculine styles, you like girly styles, you can go for a top that looks like this. So this black top is something that I paired with as well to show off my crochet shorts. The good thing about having this bikini top is that you can always unfasten this halter neck strap and stuff it in your bikini. and that way, you have like a strapless bra! So you can very easily mix-and-match different outfits like this! That is it for this video! Thank you so much for watching, I hope you guys learned a little bit about how I would style my clothes. And you did, don’t forget to subscribe, like and share and check out the description box below because we’ve got a giveaway for you guys! So check out the description box to
see how you can win it And get yourself some nice clothes from 6IXTY8IGHT. AND I WILL SEE YOU GUYS NEXT TIME, BYE!

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100 Responses

  1. Dionne Loh says:

    I like outfit number one the most! That 2 pieces bikini will be the source of my motivation to burn my hamburger (belly fats. lol) away. Then I can haolian to my bf that I can wear nice bikini! 😂 @dionneloh

  2. samantha lah says:

    Outfit number 3!! Because it has such a unique, vibrant and cheerful vibe as compared to the other outfits! Also looks perfect to wear in beaches in SG and tropical countries! Ig @samanthalahh

  3. xiaohui says:

    I love outfit number 5 as I'm a very girly person who loves femanie stuffs. The details of the top and shorts really made me wanna wear it whenever I went to the beach 🏖! 🥰

  4. Karis Seah says:

    I love outfit number 1!!!! That’s bcos I have rlyyyyy bad pimples and scars in between my boobs at the cleavage area and it has been smth that I’ve been rly insecure about ever since young bcos it’s v hard for me to find a nice bikini or even basic swimwear that can cover up my scars ): hence I would rly rly wish to win outfit #1!!!!! Thanks for the giveaway nonetheless, Mong! (: my instg is @kariseah_

  5. Serena Wong says:

    Outfit number four is perfect! 😍 I love the simple & adorable bikini design, and you’re right we can never go wrong with a pair of denim shorts! Sneakers are my essentials for most of my outfits and I’ll love to match them with a cute pair of socks. I love to keep my hair up in a bun especially during school days 💕 @serenawong_jx

  6. YL Yap says:

    Outfit no. 1 is my fav! Simply because of the perfect navy color which makes it easy to mix and match with other colours/clothings! I also love halter neck tops, so this halter neck bikini immediately caught my eye. This halter neck bikini will definitely help me to cover up my non-existent cleavage HAHAHA and it makes me feel safe! Hope to get the $15 voucher so that I can purchase it at a cheaper price 😍 thank you!!! IG: @roysyyll

  7. Jenny Goh says:

    Hi Mongabong! Great to see you feature 6ixty8ight items! I like all outfit especially Outfit no. 5! I love white for bikini, the pant is the ideal type im looking for! As i do not like to wear triangle bottom swim suit, when it pair up with frill style top… it's perfect! The ones i have been looking for! T shirt is good to go with when can wear with the same with plus one(;
    Ig: vibechocolate

  8. Ver C says:

    Hello!! I really like outfit no.2 as im very insecure about my tummy and prefer wear a swimsuit instead!!! And also, it is a dark color which i would prefer as it hides the fats haha. Thanks for this giveaway 🙂 ig:

  9. Lydia Tan says:

    Outfit 4 because the red really stands out and its cute! Thanks for this giveaway mong my ig is @lyddyyy

  10. bernice_tan says:

    i love outfit no. 2 the most as a person who do not like to expose too much of myself, outfit no.2 would allow myself to feel a little more confident & also the look of how comfortable it is !! Hope we win the vouchers soo i can get the whole outfit and wear it myself & also shop for other clothings in 6ixty8ight! my ig handle is @b.ernice_tan ! thank you mong! ❤️

  11. Eileen Tay says:

    OOOO I actually look how you put all the clothes together for outfit 2 !! Love the cute pompom kimono outwear together!! Actually, really love you make like a whole suit to look like a normal outfit to wear out!! <3 Also, a good swimwear to hide the more skin for people that never wear bikinis like me !! Thank you for having this giveaway and thank you for reading!! <3 @eileentxy_

  12. Amanda chia says:

    Outfit 3! Love how u pair it with the sundress! Looks cute!! Ig: @amandachia

  13. Trina Tan says:

    Outfit 3 looks the best! I love stripes and colours and it’s nice how the colours are not too loud and easily matched with other clothings! I love sixtyeight and some vouchers would really help with my upcoming beachy grad trip ☺️
    IG: @_trinanaa

  14. Christabel Choo says:

    Outfit number 1! It’s in a gorgeous shade of navy and I absolutely love the details of the top because it’s a little sexy yet conservative at the same time! absolutely loving the high neck detail that shows off the collarbones! @choochristabel

  15. Eraetia says:

    I love outfit three because it's so fun and fresh!! it really screams summery vibes and the colourful bikini is also in trend rn 💖💖 ig: @nappobappo

  16. Grace Choong says:

    OUTFIT #3! i'm a colourful kind of girl when it comes to swim wear! Rainbow is my favourite! 🌈🌈 I love how you style for #3, im always wearing pants/long dress to the beach! I love that sweet pink dress! I hope to win! IG : Heygraceee

  17. Kar Yan Chen says:

    I love outfit #2 as I’m a monokini/swimsuit type of girl! Plus I can wear this as a top when I have not brought enough top for travelling hehe. IG : @karyannc

  18. Wendy Teo says:

    Hi Mong! I love watching your videos and I love outfit 2 the most because I always wanted to get a monokini as i do not own one 🙁 and this is perfect! I am hoping by winning it will boost my confidence in wearing it because I always thing my figure would not be good in it. Thank you for hosting this giveaway and god bless :)) <3

    my instagram handle is @wendyteo 🙂

  19. Gracedelia Cunnoris says:

    Definitely outfit number #5 because its very feminine and cute, and stylish at the same time! I'm also planning to visit Bali this June and hope to wear this on my holiday! As the first time bikini wearer, i'm not confident enough to show all my bikini lines, so the frills of outfit #5 will help a lot! 💕 ig @gracedeliacunnoris

  20. bllimbyeee says:

    Thank you for the vid ❤️ my favourite outfit would be no. 4 because I loooove the bunny knot detailing! I think that for girls in the itty bitty committee like me, a top like that would add just the right amt of sexiness without being too revealing! :') I also love the beautiful terra cotta colour and I think it would go very nicely with my fair skin! Thank you!! 💖🌸💖🌸 ig: booniebunnie

  21. ShanTing Sim says:

    I love the first outfit. Totally agree with you, Mong! With the shirt and the shorts, it simply just turns out to be a great outfit right after suntanning! The crochet details make the outfit extra sophisticated and stylish. More importantly, I'm sure it will empower girls to feel much more confident and stunning! Its all about loving yourself and being comfortable naturally.

  22. wt1607 says:

    all the outfits are soo pretty that it makes it hard to choose! but if i have to choose one, it will be outfit no. 5 🙂 i love how you paired a frilly, girly bikini set with a grungy band t-shirt. it shows that one can be rock-and-roll and tough on the outside but still have that feminine, fun side too! i personally love how the swim shorts are not too revealing yet flirty. love the juxtaposition between the black shirt and white bikini and the combination of masculinity and femininity in one outfit! ig: cdoubleute

  23. Jia min Aw says:

    Omg, I am in love with outfit number 1. The top crochet swimwear is elegant and the best part is, it’s does not looks very revealing.😊 Ig: @jasjiamin. Side comment to mongabong, you looks great with these outfits!

  24. Yun Shi says:

    My favorite outfit is outfit 1 . I think for me Outfit 1 is suitable for a casual day look and a beach out day look since the halter bikini is not too revealing for my preference .With the additional of the stripe cardigan and white high waist shorts give the outfit a complete casual day look .
    IG: @yunshiis

  25. Cheryl Tham says:

    i love outfit 3 the most because of how bright the colours are, and a perfect match for a snap against blue skies and golden sand 🏖🌞 i also loved that you styled it unconventionally with pants, so that you can go from beach to chic in a matter of minutes! will definitely get this gorgeous set if i win, thank you for hosting the giveaway ❤ ig: sehwelz 😊

  26. Jermaine Pan says:

    Outfit 2 is my favourite! These pieces are so versatile and can transition from Beach day to dinner date so easily. Love it! And I love 6ixty8ight so much too, it’s my favourite brand :)) Alr a Long time follower on both channels! IG: panster_jerm

  27. Philina Lai says:

    Outfit #5 cos I shy hehe and it really looks like an everyday outfit! I love 6IXTY8IGHT I always buy from them when im in hong kong so im so glad they are here in sg now! @sonderxx123 on ig!

  28. Grace Yip says:

    I like Outfit 4 the most because the brick red bikini and sky blue denim shorts go well together!

    IG Username: graceyht

  29. dolphinlove15 says:

    Outfit #4 as the colour is so pretty and not so commonly seen. I also live in highwaisted shorts (or any bottoms to be exact) and sneakers all day everyday~ The whole set is totally something that I would wear, and how I would style it myself (: IG: @demilmj

  30. Deborah Choi says:

    I love outfit #1 as I really like the high neck and crochet details! You can also easily pair it with a pair of shorts and it'll look great 🙂 Love how you styled it with the blue striped shirt as well. My ig handle is @deborahcjr 🙂

  31. Wei Fen says:

    i really like outfit number 3 bc ive always seen it is sixtyeight but ive always procrastinated to buy it!! 🙁
    ig: trashsehun hehe thanks for hosting this giveaway mong!

  32. Ariel Lim says:

    hi mong, my favorite outfit would actually be outfit #2! i love the crotchet detailing in the monokini, it looks extremely comfortable and easy to move around in! and the navy very 显瘦 HAHAHAHH and its a rly versatile color heheh and the pompom jacket is such a flowy piece thats perfect for summer! the skort looks perfect for a brunch date 💙l i jus love everything in this set so much that im rambling away and thinking of how i can pair everything together makes me so excited eh aHHAHAHHA im actually heading to bali in june, so ive been working out to get that beach bod ya know HAHAHAHHAH so i rly hope to win outfit #2! your video editing looks really gr9 btw heheh i love the summer vibes it has!!! thank you!!! 😀 my ig name is @/arixlxx btw hahahah

  33. Katrina Yeo says:

    omg i love love love outfit 1 3 & 4!!! (but if i hadddd to choose, 1 would be the best)
    im heading beach hopping in vietnam and i was just thinking how am i going to pack my bag with all my necessities and yet pair my clothes to look good — this video of pairing clothes with bikini is such a god sent! Thank you mong!! ig @hurrikatne

  34. Papernoise says:

    My favourite outfit is definitely the final outfit. I love how white, frilly and cute it is. It makes the outfit so pure and innocent. The best part is that it is not as revealing as most of the bikinis because of the frills. I’ve never worn a bikini before so I’m really excited to try this out. I’m not that comfortable with wearing a bikini that shows too much skin so this is perfect. Especially the shorts! 😊
    My Instagram user is: Haseylnat

  35. bluebaby says:

    Hi Mong! as always I love how you pair each clothes to make it fashionable♡ this is my first time joining your giveaway🤭 and i've been a fan of 6ixty8ight products especially the bras and bikini! I love outfit no. 1 the most, from the cutting, the colour, and I know that it is fit the most for my shape😀 looking forward to shop at 68 when I visit SG, as I dont have 68 here in my hometown😁🙏
    IG: mkoshh

  36. Regine Ng says:

    i love outfit no3 because all the colorful stripes will make a girl hotter and cheerful than she already is!!!

    instagram: itzregine

  37. Daphne Lim says:

    My favorite outfit has got to be outfit #1!!!!!! It is totally my style out of the the other 4 outfits. As I belong to the more conservative group of people, going to the beach and still wanna look cute and in fashion, I would usually choose a set of safe, comfortable yet slightly sexy and cute bikini outfit to put on. I'm personally a fan of 6ixty8ight and would definitely shop at the store itself but usually it is due to the price, I would usually give it a miss and I hope through this giveaway, I get a chance to own more apparels from 6ixty8ight! <3
    IG: @ohitsdaph

  38. Oh Poh Ling says:

    Hi Mong! I love outfit #2 bcus I have never own a navy (my fav color!!!) swimsuit. It’s so unique (I love the self tie halter neck & the way the swimsuit is designed). I would want my first ever owned swimsuit to be so special so I can rmb it for life HAHA! Also, I don’t have a wrap skirt & white kimono jacket but I love them so much bcus it looks so cute & easy to 配 with the swimsuit! The color combination is 💯! So simple yet cute & beautiful. Beach is a place I love to go bcus of the 🌊 & I love to build sandcastles hehe. I’m planning to go Bali/Batam so I would rly love to win this giveaway so I can use the $15 vouchers to make my purchase at 6IXTY8IGHT68!

    Thanks for the video & hosting the giveaway! Hehe!

    Instagram handle: ohpohling_

  39. Gigi Kei says:

    i lovee the outifit 5 the most!! because i always have fat thighs and always got laughed because of that 🙁 outfit 5 give me the most secure feeling while wearing a bikiniiii as it covers and give a very soft feminine feeling at the same time!!

  40. angelpets12 says:

    I actually like outfit number 5 because it's a swimsuit shorts! never go wrong and pretty cute top. can't really decide but I'm going to the store to check them out. haven't been going swimming but I've been looking for swimsuit to go swimming or an adventure! matching the white swimsuit with a t shirt is so cool and simple, easy to wear and go anywhere to the pool or beach! ig: lyndelim

  41. Lucy says:

    I really love outfit number 4. I really love the color, it looks very nice on many skin tones. And I love how the ties are detachable so they won’t just unravel in the water 😅😅. Also really love the sneakers, they add a nice vibe to the whole outfit.

    My insta: @luluxlovelysavages

  42. Hayman ^^ says:

    Outfit #3 gotta be my fav!!
    The mixed of colours and the design got my eyes on the pair when i stepped inside 6IXTY8IGHT at Vivo. And i really like how you pair the top with high-waisted pants to make the outfit wearable for both beach and normal day out. High-waisted pants are the great match when I want to wear cropped/short tops but don't wanna reveal too much. You are rocking all the outfits Mong! Thank you for the giveaway~
    IG: haymanzzz

  43. Petrina Shen says:

    i really love outfit 2 as it looks so simple yet elegant with all the laces. with that type of back, it has the "i wanna cover up but also want to show abit of my skin" vibe which is really cute!! matching together with the white cardigan makes it really chill and complements the swimwear well. ig: petrinassyp hehe thanks for collaboratinth with 6ixty8ight and hosting the giveaway, mong!! ☺

  44. 룰루루 says:

    Omg it is so hard to choose only one coz all of them are so cute and prettyyyy! The one i like the most is the last outfit. The white frill is so cute and I like it is shorts, not bottoms. So I dont need to bring extra casual shorts or pants. I should visit 6ixty8ight and see. Didnt know their swimwear is also nice 🙂 ig:y_euniee

  45. Ng Lei En Jymie says:

    Hey Mong, i love outfit #4. The elegant colour and quality makes it look cute and classy at the same time ☺️ it’s simple yet stands out; think it’d look amazing paired with shades. Have been looking for a chic bikini to wear in Krabi in June, so this is really timely!! Ig: jumieleien

  46. Sam Ctz says:

    I love outfit 3, i really like the colours and the at the same time im not really keen on very revealing swim wear but at the same time i want to be proud and able to wear 2 piece swim wears. When i saw you wear the top together with white wide leg jeans, i thought to myself you looked gorgeous and i think i can pull the look off too. It would be great if i could win the outfit of my choice and actually give me a reason to want to wear it out since i would have the clothing to do so.
    ig: im_samcts

  47. Yeo Shi Min says:

    I would love to have outfit number 2 because I am more of a conservative person so this swimsuit will really suit me rly well to cover up my belly! Thank you for hosting this giveaway mong! 🙂 ig: yeoshiminnn 🙂

  48. Bernice Lee says:

    I like outfit #2 the most ! 💕 I have always felt like getting a monokini swimsuit and as it is body hugging, it shapes the body well and it could cover bit of the tummy ‘s fat compared to a two-piece swimsuit whenever I’m not comfortable of showing too much. 🙈 It works well as a bodysuit too to wear it out on normal days with a skirt/shorts ✨
    Ig: @bernicelxy_

  49. Vintage rose xx says:

    Hi Mong! I really love outfit 5 as I love the frills of the top which makes ur chest looks bigger and the bottom also kinda hides that bottom lower belly fat that many girls have !
    TBH finding swimwear is so difficult when you are not that confident about your body and I feel outfit 5 helps to enhance everything that I am afraid of ! (: ig: cherylnxe_

  50. emily lim says:

    Hi Mong! Thanks for the effort for putting up this video! Must be tiring for u guys! I hope to win set #2 simply because I swim and I think this set is cute and lovely to wear it especially the little details on the outfit! Looking forward to more awesome videos from you guys! 🥰 IG handle: puddingggx3

  51. babilicioustingting says:

    I love outfit #1. It's not too revealing but yet brings out the sexiness in girls. I love it that it's in my favourite Navy blue too, nt too loud but yet pretty eye-catchy.! IG: wendytingting_92. Thank you Mongchin and 6ixty8ight for this giveaway. 🥰🥰🥰

  52. Jannell Tan says:

    I really love the 3rd bikini with the white pants cause I think it’s cute ☺️

    Ig: jannelljolenetan

  53. Adrielle Lim Yiat Ghee says:

    I love outfit 2 because it covers up but still looks soooo sexy. Would love to win the giveaway so I can buy this piece for Bali! ☺️✨ IG: @yiatgheeee

  54. Rach Pinky says:

    Hi Mong Chin, I like outfit no 2 🙂 could totally imagine wearing this and twin with you haha. Can wear for work too. Very versatile. Thank you for introducing sixty eight. I like their tees too. 🙂 check it out.
    Instagram username : Belovedpinky
    My name is Rachel. Love to meet you 🙂

  55. Yvonne Ng says:

    I love their 6ixty8ight's bras and would love to get their swim wear as well! I like outfit #1 for it's details and it can pass off as a regular top.

    @vonnygerxz thank you Mong Chin!

  56. Liew Xin Ying says:

    Outfit 3 omg!! Thanks for the fantastic amazing vids the past 2 wks mong’! Its so so helpful 🙂 Rly hope to win! My instagram: @sweetyweedyy

  57. kpopneverends says:

    I like outfit 3 the most because it looks very fun and bright and I love the colours! It’s not too showy as well! I love the pairings with it especially the white Long pants!! All the other outfits looks good as well!!! really hope to win!!
    Ig: melissa.chau

  58. Cyndi Lee says:

    i really love outfit number 2! A good one piece swim wear that does not review too much skin but at the same time still have a fashionable design on it!:) And this one piece looks very easy to wear on as well! love the matching skorts and flowy kimono that put tgt to complete the look! IG USER: Cyndilhb hopefully luck bring me further to winning!:)

  59. Sqfel iii says:

    i really like the outfit number 1 because it isn’t very revealing and at the same time it looks nice and simple. i have never own a bikini before and have always seen sixty eight having so many new designs. so i rlly hope i will be able to win the giveaway 🙂 thank you
    ig : sqfeliii

  60. kelly xo says:

    i Love out #1. Although it is a bikini, it gives a mysterious feel but somewhat boho style because of the high neck crochet. Pairing it with the high waisted shorts, hahah i can hide my food baby and not worry about it being shown after i eat because why do you have to worry so much about eating too much food while on a holiday? It's a holiday for a reason so eat all you can! Also, the Long striped shirt, gives it a no effort dress up look and it's perfect for the holiday when u want to dress up but don't want to look too dressy. It'll be perfect going for a beach dinner at night. Also it looks like the i just woke up kinda in my bf shirt kinda look. IG: klyy Can't wait to wear them to the beaches when i'm in Bali!!!!

  61. ziying lee says:

    I really like outfit #5 because the top is so cute, and the bottom also covers stretch marks!! :"(
    And can i just say how the graphic tee provides a really nice contrast!
    I really hope to win this though <33
    ig: yingfluencer 🙂 Thankyouuu

  62. Hazel Ong says:

    Item 2 got to be my favourite. I really love the fact that swimwear maintain a sexy look and doesn't reveal too much skin :). Furthermore it's in crochet! Who doesn't like crochet? 😛

    My Instagram is @sheishazel

  63. Yip Pei Qi says:

    Outfit 2! Absolutely loved how you paired it esp that touch of Pom! and it’s suitable to even go to town without being judged if we were to wear outfit 2 out! Thank you got the giveaway! Ig: yippeyayo

  64. waterlilyhui waterlilyhui says:

    I really love outfit number 1 as it is really simple and nice!!! IG: waterlilyhui!! 😉

  65. Shirley Ang says:

    Outfit 5! Coincidentally this set caught my eye the moment I stepped into the branch at bugis today! The huge shirt throwover is a great idea, looks like I would want to steal one from my hb's closet first and throw into my luggage for this weekend's travel.

    Ig: shir_jingjing

  66. Carolin Wong says:

    Followed and subscribed!
    I like outfit 5 the most because its so cute and girly! It isn't revealing as well so my hub will allow me to wear it out. Outfit 4 is also the easiest to pair with causal clothes,!
    Insta: @caroyulin
    Thank you for the giveaway! 💕

  67. sin yee tan says:

    It’s definitely have to be outfit #5! I gonna getting a set to wear it for my honeymoon at Maldives next month. And the white Color matching the all white theme dinner party! #starfishliveunderthesea

  68. ellebao24 says:

    I love outfit no 4 because terracotta color is this year most in colour also I can bring out this colour well based on my skin tone. Hope to be the lucky one to win this for my upcoming trip to Bali as the one I own right now I have kept too Long in the cabinet and due to the light shade of colour it turn mouldy…so winning this will be a bonus for me saving me the hassle to look for another piece…thanks for the giveaway

  69. GraceTanx3 says:

    Ahhhh I love outfit #5 the most! <3 It’s so versatile with the halter neck strap. And it’s with a ruffle design so it’s very flattering and gives volume to your assets which ahem something that I don’t have (‘: HAHAHAH thank you Mong for hosting this giveaway and hope that I’ll be one of the winners so that I can purchase this bikini 🙂 Instagram: @eggplusfish

  70. Weng Qi says:

    Outfit 5 will be my pick!!! Totally nailed the fallen angel looks😻! Oversize tee on top of that? ToTally my jam💯
    Instagram: wwwengqi

  71. popyawh says:

    I love outfit number 4 the most! I thinking you can never go wrong with paring with denim shorts! But I also love outfit 2 and I’m quite shocked that a monokini can be paired like this 😍 Instagram handle: @popyawh

  72. Tan Yi Ying says:

    I love outfit 2!!! Cause I dont have a flat tummy so outfit 2 hides my tummy🤭 and I love navy colour!!! Paring with the pom pom kimono jacket is so cute!! Loveeee!!!!😍😍😍 @gluttontan

  73. Megan Lim says:

    I loveeee outfit 2 the most because i feel it can highlight my curves and at the same time hide my non-existent abs hahahahaha 😅😂
    ig: @mooooo_gan

  74. zebratalks says:

    i have fallen in love with outfit 2! its classy, chic, and it shows that you dont always need to show too much skin to look fab or have fun at the beach. the outer wear is also so fun for an every day outfit thats perfect for our sunny, balmy weather in sg. we stan cute, comfortable beach wear <3 <3 Ig user: getgloss <3

  75. Gan Kah Ying says:

    Really like outfit 1 , the halter neck top. I feel that it’s gives off a really chic look and in trend yet it isn’t too revealing. This would be a really great option for girls who want to look good and not show too much skin.
    IG : @k.xhyingg_

  76. Jasling W says:

    Really like outfit number 3 ! This colour is really nice like rainbow 🙂 I love it super much 🥰 IG :l.inq_wen hope to win this 🙂

  77. Cheryl Sim says:

    I love outfit #5 the best hehe! I love how the swim wear is really cute and girly but with the graphic top over it, it makes the whole look new by giving the sweet yet swag girl look. I really love the contrast and pairing of the whole outfit itself as it suits my style. 😍💗
    Instagram user: cherylsimyuen

  78. felicia chua jia en says:

    I loveee outfit 1, is the design that you can be conservative and sexy at the same time. I am going to palawan soon so i hope to get a nice swim suit to look instagrammable and without compromising comfortability. 🏖🏝🥰

    Instagram user:feliciajiaen

  79. OceanGirl891 says:

    I absolutely love outfit number 3 because of the bright colour scheme!! 😍It looks so fun and bright perfect this season!! It will be a breeze to style it be it a beach outfit or wearing it on the streets 😊Really hope to win!! ❤ IG: pearlynee

  80. Eve lin says:

    Hello Mongabong! 💖 It was a tough decision to just choose one out of these five swimwears. TBH, all five swimwears are too gorgeous and suitable for any beach day depending on your moods! I love outfit #5 the most. I had been following 6IXTY8IGHT facebook account since their first launch.

    Two pieces bikini, usually come with two triangles of fabric on the bottom which will definitely shows my buttocks fats and thigh fats. These are the two areas that i am most insecure about. It will never look flattering on me. I have been self conscious about it for a very long time. Because this outfits come with shorts for the bottom, i can hide my insecure parts very well with a baggy T-shirt like you did and only take off the T-shirt when i'm more comfortable showing my fats by then.

    To get used wearing the shorts in public places, I can start by wearing it with a crop top on a lazy sunday to snuggle in bed for binge watching shows at my own comfort zone and time to slowly build up my confidence. Then slowly move on to wear the shorts to downstairs with baggy t-shirt without appearing too sexy. Lastly the beach.

    If i won the voucher, it will be a source of motivation for me to continue staying perservance to lose these stubborn fats on different parts of my body so that i can have enough confidence showing off my assets someday.. 🙊 Please pick me 🙋‍♀️ Thank you so much and love you! 💖
    IG: wl_006

  81. YJ says:

    I really like outfit number 2 as the one-piece swim suit does not show too much skin and also the vertical panels at the front allows a slimming effect!! Especially love the deep cut out at the back. This would be a perfect piece especially if i want to engage in water sports and activities as i can be very comfortable in it. The Kimono is a must have piece for any beach vacay to just throw it on before u reach the beach! Hope to get some brand new swim suits for my upcoming beach vacation!! (:

    IG User: @misscloudhouse

  82. Marilyn Rachel Tan says:

    I really love outfit number 1, the crochet halter details on the bikini is really outstanding & beautiful. I don’t really like to reveal too much on the chest area so it’s perfect for something I would go for most of the time. I love the details on it as it’s not the usual bikini designs that are out in the market or malls that reveal too much. The colour is also just nice & not too dull for a beach party. The colour compliment the sea, sand & sunglasses, it’s just look so so good!! 😍😍

  83. tang huiling says:

    I absolutely adore #outfit3 😍 cus I love dresses!!! and the way you styled it with the colourful bikini was so unique! You kept it girly with the dress and edgy with the white pants 😍

  84. Kelly Tan says:

    I really love outfit number 5. Being a tomboy, i still find it really difficult to dress up for my boyfriend and even though he says it is alright to dress however i like, sometimes i really want to surprise him by wearing something more dressy or girly. I am still trying my best to have a change of style and i think outfit number 5 is really easy in allowing me to show a little of my girly side but at the same time, when i feel a little shy or uncomfortable, i can easily switch to the oversized top:D


  85. Michelle SYX says:

    Hello Mong 😊 I love outfit 1 the most!!! it is my kind of bikini because the top is not too revealing yet v chic and pretty (love the colours, details 🥰 & how the blue outerwear pair it) thank you for having this giveaway & sharing the love 💕 appreciate it! // ig: michellesyx

  86. MIKO LAI says:

    I love outfit no.4 so much! 💖💖😘 ig: hellolln

  87. Bernicelee6 says:

    I love outfit 2!! I love the crotchet details on the swimsuit, looks very comfortable and simple to wear on beach and for swimming:) i also love the kimono its very oversized which i can also wear for daily outings and also for school:) not to mention the wrap skirt which is also very simple which i can also wear out as singapore is really hot and i dont have to dress up so much but with this wrap skirt i can match with any clothes:) love 6ixty8ight clothes!! Have gotten many garments from them before;) @blqy_

  88. Abigail Dudley says:

    I loveeee outfit number 4 !!! personally, my favourite colour is red so I just love it and it really stands out and catches the eye! The hair scrunchie is so cute and is a great touch !

  89. candice tay says:

    I really love outfit number 4!! Really nice complementary Colour and cute ribbons! Instagram: candicetayx

  90. Rui Chi Goh says:

    Outfit number 5! It’s so cute and not too revealing! ☺️ Love how you styled it, Mong.

    IG handle: charissagoh

  91. ahlandotcom says:

    My favourite is outfit #2.

    I can already imagine me wearing it, walking down streets of Bali, carrying my 1yo baby in one hand and with smiles of confidence on my face. This swimsuit will be a perfect camouflage for my loosen post baby saggy pouch!

    No stretch marks, pushed up boobs, sexy peekaboo silhouette, come to mama!


  92. Serene Lau says:

    I like outfit 4 cos I like red and it’s simple and cute enough for me. Ig xxserene 🙂

  93. Rae Ann says:

    Good day Mong and all! Love love love this particular review because its so practical, pairing with basics we all should have in our closet! My fave of the lot is the Crochet Underwired Push-up Swimsuit by @6IXTY8IGHT68SG. Love the intricate crochet details, functional peek-a-boo design which provides comfort through wearing it confidently (would hug my tummyflabssnug! thanks and looking forward for more of such style tips! 🙂

  94. Joanne Phang says:

    All of them are my favourites and it’s so difficult to pick only one! If I can only pick one, I will choose outfit 4! The bunny knot is such a cute detail, instantly make the outfit looks so girly ❤️ the high rise denim shorts is so flattering and it helps to give the impression of longer legs. The ankle socks and scrunchies are really lovely too, they definitely make you look younger and more youthful !!! I can totally imagine myself wearing this outfit ❤️

    IG: joannephangyx

  95. itsweixinnn n says:

    outfit 4 !! i really love clothings with front tie ribbons just like how the top looks , its really flattering and i love the way you styled it too !!
    ig handle : itsweixinnn_

  96. Theresa Teh says:

    Outfit 2 for sure!! You look so good in it and I want to look as awesome just like you ❤️ And the outfit looks so pretty too! My insta is theresateh 💋

  97. Theresa Teh says:

    Outfit 2 for sure!! You look so good in it and I want to look as awesome just like you ❤️ And the outfit looks so pretty too! My insta is theresateh 💋

  98. Cherie Koo says:

    I love outfit 2 very much! Love the monokini, together with the kimono outer wear (with those colourful Pom poms!) how adorable can this be?! 😍 pairing with the skorts, I can even imagine wearing this set to Orchard Road because the outfit is just so cute!
    IG: @cherieveronicakoo

  99. MONGABONG says:

    Congratulations to these winners!

    joannephangyx , cherieveronicakoo, cherylnxe, booniebunnie, vibechocolate, mkoshh, misscloudhouse, ohpohling, haymanzzz, siminchia

    Please look out for an Instagram DM from the Lion&Lion / 6ixty8ight68 team shortly ❤️

    For those who didn’t win this time, I promise more giveaways coming up! Love y’all as always xo

  100. Saya says:

    Thanks for using my song ❤️❤️❤️

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