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(upbeat music) – Hey guys, Lorelei
DeRuiter, Halcyon Home Group. Thank you so much for joining
us for our latest edition of Focus on Local. I’m here today at Top Dogs
Pet Boutique, in Roswell, with Suzette Grier and her
mother, Betty Lou Stokes, who teamed up 23 years
ago to start Top Dogs. (upbeat music) So Suzette, I would really love for you to share with everyone what your inspiration was
for starting a business. – Well, we’ve always been big pet lovers. And we had another
business before this one, where we had little sand dollar ornaments with all different breeds
of dogs and cats on ’em, and we personalized
them with the pets name, and people loved them. And we realized there was a market for things that were pet related. We were in the mall for about four years and we decided to move across the street to a shopping center. So we could do different
things like pet adoptions, and sell pet food and
treats and toys and things. And we had opportunity to
open out here in Roswell also, so we opened out here, and
then we went back into Kennesaw and enlarged the store over there. So now we have two rather large stores in Kennesaw and Roswell. – I would really love if you
would share with everyone what it is that sets you apart. Why should people come and shop here? – Well, our customer service. You know, we really go above and beyond. And we love it when people
bring their pets in. We’ve got lots of treats behind
the counter for them to try. We’re great with finicky pets. We’re great with pets that
have allergies, tummy issues. We’ve got all kinds of foods that would help with those
different situations. We have lots of great toys. We have a whole wall of frozen food. Frozen and freeze dried. A lot of people are feeding
their pets that nowadays. The coats looks amazing. – They really do.
– Yes. – That’s what I feed my dog.
– Yes. – They absolutely love it. – Well then you know, yes. Raw diets are the best, yes. – So thank you so much
for having us out today, I really appreciate it. – Oh no, thank you for
having us on Focus on Local. And I would love for people
to come in and visit us. If they mention Focus on Local we’ll be happy to give them
10% off their purchase. – That’s awesome, what a great offer. Thank you. – No thank you. (gentle music)

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