Superpower Dogs Official Trailer | Experience it in IMAX®

Meet Halo Hi, you wanna come home with me She’s a Dutch Shepherd puppy destined for greatness Join Halo as she learns to
save lives in disasters and gets a little inspiration from some of the most
amazing four-legged heroes on earth what if our best friends are our best
hope IMAX invites you to come along for the
ride and experience the world of dogs through their eyes, ears, and noses Super-Power Dogs with super narration by me Chris Evans major dog fan experience it in IMAX

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100 Responses

  1. Guitarhaus doesntknowwhatacommunistis says:

    I like how the guys tried to Yeet a newfoundland.

  2. Persistent Dreams says:

    OMG! I'm already crying!

  3. Boripat Wannasri says:

    Captain dog

  4. KIMPOY POY says:

    Only in IMAX format

  5. Winny Han says:

    Too expensive to train these chinese dishes.

  6. Monty Kunwar says:

    Human's best buds are not even humans but the dogs 💗💗💗

  7. Crazystuffyousee says:

    Dogs are the only creatures which will love you no matter how much you dont love them back

  8. Avengers Assemble says:

    Captain America talking about dogs, what's next?

  9. Shivani Kashiv says:

    Two love together 💕

  10. Abhishek Prakashan says:

    Damn you Chris evans!

  11. Preetam Maer says:

    Not for me, i hate dogs

  12. Satya Chettri says:


  13. Ludovic Dauphin says:

    Unfortunately , I am afraid once again , there is gonna be a rise in adoption to fill up our solitude and selfishness , then , of course , a rise in animal shelters few months after .
    Animals are not superheroes !!!! they are living creatures Ffs !!!!

  14. DIYtechnology says:

    Hate dogs, maybe this documentary will change my mind )))

  15. Bianca Turok says:

    And at the same time there lives are in danger.

  16. That Rad Guy says:

    What the heck! This is like the cutest thing ever. I have to see it

  17. Saaduddin Ansari says:

    Hero Doggo..

  18. Professor Utonium says:

    Cap's Endgame's. Comarades!!!

  19. Siddhartha Gupta says:

    missed opportunity to name the film : "Super-pawer" !

  20. Francis Smith says:

    Looks 'pawsome'

  21. TomJoeSHOW says:

    You don’t see cats doing stuff like this, just saying.

  22. betha holguin says:

    Me encantó

  23. kannan Johny says:


  24. Horror freak London says:

    Who actually dislikes a dog movie!!??

  25. Ken Gabriel says:

    Oh my! My heart burst!

  26. Lanso Yanthan says:

    Anything dogs and I'm in!!

  27. Yash Pathre says:

    I m not crying 🥺😭

  28. Dr. S. Choudhury says:

    Kill off any human characters u want BUT There better not be any dogs dying in this!! 💓

  29. Miecyzslaw Stilinski says:

    I bet this is the O.G Avengers, narrated by Captain America. 😏

  30. Rohan Sharma says:

    I want to see this now….

  31. JX A says:

    Superpower soldier = Chris Evans

  32. Richard Ovaitte says:

    bruh who sent those dogs on that ski lift by themselves lol

  33. COMICS MUSIC says:

    I am simple man
    I see Chris Evants
    I am push like.

  34. oliver buckmaster says:

    Was 100% seeing this just for the title. Now
    I’m crying and wanna preorder

  35. creator Space says:

    It's done well.

  36. Small Dick says:

    Another trash movie..

  37. Heinrich Crous says:

    Why do I only see this now?

  38. Frank C says:

    What kind of moron would dislike a movie about rescue dogs?

  39. Sponge man says:

    I thought the title says "how to train your dragon" same design

  40. Nstiseo says:

    These dogs have had more adventures in their life than I ever will.

  41. Romeo MK says:

    D O G S R U L E

  42. Carl Giuliano says:

    That music killed it for me.

  43. Chisty A says:

    These dogs are amazing, but I question whether or not it's right to put them into dangerous situations. They don't get to choose. Dogs are such innocent loving animals. I'm not judging. I'm just posing the question.

  44. I love Everything says:

    My will to live in 2 minutes.

    Take off the leash and what are you?

    …a dog….

  45. krushnarajsinh chudasama says:

    Irony is dogs r being more humans and humans r becoming dogs.. 😂

  46. Ed Eshmont says:

    Fucking cool!!

  47. mark cuddihy says:

    Anyone else expecting laser eyes and capes when you first saw the title ?

  48. sagar netam says:

    best…..satisfying….goose bumping……salute to dogs….cats r not near them…😛

  49. Sloppyballs McGuillicutty says:

    and this is why I hate house cats.

  50. TONNI ZS says:

    What is the song title for this movie trailer..its so inspiring…thanx

  51. Daug Mulumba says:

    Why that corny music Everytime?

  52. Chris Frost says:

    Why am I only just seeing this

  53. Antoine Obeid says:

    Na i am cat person

  54. Марья Моревна says:

    All the good boys and girls. I can’t 😭

  55. R Vanzo says:

    His power is extreme cuteness.

  56. jjfromthebigland says:

    I hope this film was dedicated to ol yeller and john wicks dog…

  57. SlushieGamer YT says:


  58. Jammy says:



    ? goúd?
    Thx u🙌🏿💀😤♎…

  60. cesar solis says:

    I was like oh shit that was chris evans… I was thinking this narrator thinks hes the shit and it turned he was

  61. Run Yuan says:

    CHRIS EVENS rly got me there

  62. Shashank Sharma says:

    America's best dog-ass 🤣🤣

  63. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Lol, the bloodhound's ears out of the plane! 🤣❤️

  64. artickys says:

    this is a

  65. PuppyLuvU2 says:

    Best doggos

  66. FUCK YOU! says:

    Cap.. Tain Dog… Merica

  67. Jamie Ok says:

    My dad used to work with dogs for FEMA. Those dogs were pretty badass honestly

  68. Joel Basterfield says:

    ill watch is as long as no dogs die in it.

  69. Carlos Echeverri says:

    Espectacular!!! Amazing!!!

  70. Foxy Jane says:

    Ohh ok, so it's the Avengers, dogge version. Got it!! 😏😍🐶🐶🐶

  71. ThisBaeIsNotOrdinary Tv says:

    Then…. How about dogs being experimented on?

  72. Hammas Aamir says:

    Wait what? First dogs then Chriss Evans. This should be released soon asap.

  73. Andy Aitken says:

    As the new best friend of my 14wk old therapy dog Riley I’ll be watching this for sure. Also, if life was fair dogs would live as long as we do.

  74. Luke Jack says:

    Somebody give this dog a SHIELD !!!

  75. Shaymian Te Whau says:

    I thought I was clicking on a cringy talking animal movie

  76. Ab. Su. says:

    Sorry Guys, i have 2 Supervillain Cats! They are criminal masterminds.

  77. Sanjeev Kumar Rai says:

    did i just saw Chris Evans🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🤘🤘🤘

  78. Sourav Banerjee says:


  79. DestinyCrafter says:

    Was expecting actual super power dogs in a silly movie but mmkay

  80. songio jeckie says:

    i have no idea what you people talking about ? but sound like great to me. what was that, movie or ducumentary

  81. Anshuman Kumar says:

    I am in a committed relationship but Chris Evans makes me feel gay. Am I gay?

  82. Hell Sing says:

    Cut the crappy music from this video, and it becomes a 1000x better than it is now.

  83. Nightfury Owner says:

    So this is what Cap done when he went back to Peggy.

  84. Film Making with Siddharth Sai says:

    So he is still doing the Captain America work

  85. Dharmvir Bharti says:

    What is the breed of this dog 0:51

  86. ELDON says:

    Chris Evans' voice is soothing. He should narrate more on BBC or NatGeo.

  87. werlf says:

    Esta bien esonlos perros hacen todo el trabajo y son los humanos los que cobran……

  88. torba10 says:

    we dont deserve dogs.. :')

  89. Stephanie Nischwitz says:

    Not all superheroes wear capes. Some have paws and a tail wag.

  90. Pruthwi Raj says:

    We don't deserves dogs😖

  91. Andromeda says:

    I'm from Marseilles too and I'm working on a big project a very big project of a science-fiction film titled Andromeda, you would find the project story here is it will be in IMAX format shot with special pedicures in ultra high definition, thank you for sharing information with all your contacts.

  92. Duke V says:

    If this movie gets a higher rating than 4.2 on IMDb, I'm buying everyone a drink

  93. Frank White says:

    I knew that was you Cap👍🛡🇺🇸

  94. Alex D says:

    Haha Captain America :America I want to tell you that I am a Dog Fan !!!!

  95. Matthew Palanca says:

    I've seen the film twice. This trailer does NOT adequately summarize how fun the actual film is.

  96. Vee Lee says:

    I live in Ottawa, Canada. Where can I watch or purchase this???

  97. Jean Borja says:

    The two love of my life is in this video. Chris Evans and Dogs. ♥️

  98. Aaron Jones says:


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