Superstore – Cat’s Out of the Bag (Episode Highlight)

We don’t seem to have
any training videos about not discussing
abortion at work, because we just thought
it was so obvious, but you guys managed
to surprise us, so good job. – Whoo!
– Don’t lecture us on being responsible
when we all know what you did to Sandra. – Sandra–who’s Sandra? [all gasp]
– What? – Who’s Sandra? Just the woman who’s pregnant
with your bi-racial child. – In his defense, Sandra is
extremely forgettable. Remember when we left her at
Dave & Buster’s on her birthday? all: Yeah.
– I’m not pregnant. – What?
[all gasp] – Oh, God, am I too late?
– What? – I’m very confused. – Wait, so you didn’t
knock her up? – No, I’m gay.
[all gasp] – Oh, yeah, right, you’re gay,
and I’m Lorenzo Lamas. – Well, I am.
I’m gay. – But you’re so…blah. – Well, wait,
then who’s dating Sandra? – I made it up.
[all gasp] I haven’t been dating anyone. – I mean, nothing here
pops at all. – Why would you make
something like that up? – ‘Cause she’s a maniac. – At first it was
a misunderstanding, and then I just started
liking the attention. – For the first time in my life,
I was a star. – I’m the one
who’s been dating Jeff. [all gasp]
Okay, the whole time– me-me-me-me-me.
– Um… We were keeping that between us. – I just don’t get it. If you can be gay,
that means anyone can be gay. – Okay, well, you know,
cat’s out of the bag. Me and Jeff.
[giggles] Does anybody have any questions? – Can we please keep this
in this room? I’m not supposed to be dating
anybody from one of the stores. – But casual sex is okay, right? ‘Cause I’ve been banging Garrett
on and off for a while now. [all gasp]
– What? – Uh, that is correct. – Whoa!
– Really? – And you–you didn’t tell me? – I’m sorry, it just–
we haven’t told anybody. – It’s fine, I don’t–
I don’t care. – What has happened
to this store? – Me.
I happened. This is me.
This is my fault. I opened the cage,
or whatever. I’ve never seen “Jurassic Park.” [all gasp]
– What? – Okay, that is not what we’re
dealing with right now. Look, I should not have
gotten involved. Sandra, I’m really sorry. – No, I feel great. No more lies.
No more credit card debt from buying myself flowers. I can cancel
the horse-drawn carriage. – I almost told you
a couple times. – I said it’s fine.

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44 Responses

  1. Aylin Roland says:

    Oh my god this was an epic episode and this moment in particular was brilliant!! SO freaking funny, it just keeps getting better. When Dina said she was banging Garrett I seriously gasped out loud!

  2. Aylin Roland says:

    Oh and love how poor Jonah is so upset Garrett didn't tell him about Dina.

  3. Grande says:

    This is honestly the best tv show right now. I'm obsessed with every single one of the characters! I love how things totally escalated to Sandra having Jeff's baby haha

  4. Pixxie Spit says:

    WHO Hasn't Seen Jurassic F'ng PARK?!?

  5. Lenka Rovna says:

    this was such a good episode!

  6. Pedro Rivera says:

    Sandra: For the first time in my life I felt like a star … Gets rudely interrupted by Mateo ?

  7. mia lohan says:

    when is the next episode

  8. Lulu Anandita Putri says:

    when season 3 release date?

  9. Sphinx Winks says:

    Sandra is one of my favorite characters. I hope they keep up story lines for her and even maybe get her together with the guy at the bar in the Ladies Lunch episode!

  10. V Y says:

    but you are so blah..

  11. BailysBeads says:


  12. K Ancrum says:

    'cause she's a maniac' im screaming that was so funny

  13. Krishon Harris says:

    I'm the one who's been dating Jeff. Me ME ME ME Me

  14. blurdreamer says:

    Sandra is so funny, lol

  15. haute03 says:

    This scene is legendary. So many great reveals and reactions.

  16. Shawn Lo says:

    Literally superstore at its best

  17. TheJakeman789 says:

    Guess this show has to be politically correct in order to be popular.

  18. Matthew Gray Gubler's #1Fan says:


  19. saiko says:

    Can we have a compilation of all of Amy's nametags?

  20. Gaby Rincon says:

    when she said she hadn’t seen jurassic park and they all sighed and were so surprised hahaha

  21. Max Wasserman says:

    Welcome to the 21st century Glenn

  22. Political Twinkie says:

    I want to work at Cloud 9.

  23. Kat G. says:

    0:35 I remember always thinking crazy how this guy Marcus reminds me of Morgan in the Mindy Project.. Same way of speaking, acting, looks… Then I discovered they're brothers. Genes are an amazing thing.

  24. Lindalee Law says:

    I think the cat wants back in the bag?

  25. Lindalee Law says:

    Ya know that Village it takes? This group us the

  26. Megan says:

    Jonah's face at 1:56 is heart breaking?

  27. jj says:

    just when you think something is obvious it's not to some. lol

  28. Wakward says:

    Glenn makes me laugh so much he likes but ur so blahh

  29. Rasta Fonz says:

    BRO this is the 'Store' version of The Office i don't swear XD!!!!

  30. Arif Ahmed says:

    Which season and what is episode number?

  31. Natalie Vazquez says:

    Y'all left Sandra at Dave & Buster's on her bday?!?????

  32. K B says:

    " There's nothing there you're so…blah "…priceless!

  33. Jar Jar Binxn says:

    Glenn ?

  34. Nishita Mathur says:

    "I said its FINE"????

  35. Natalie Moreno says:

    My little brother just came out to me and I laughed and showed him this cuz he is kinda like Jeff

  36. D. Thomas says:

    The only show that can make musicals cool.

  37. Hopefuldreamer20 says:

    Rewatching after season 4 finale. Jeff may be mateos saviour. #freemateo

  38. tudorjason says:

    I love episodes in comedy series where characters spill secrets of each other!

  39. The Real Starlord says:

    "I just don't get it. I mean if you can be gay that means anybody can be gay"


  40. ryu ray says:

    nothing here pops…………xDDD

  41. Awesum Bear says:

    L M A O
    I love how the biggest reaction in this scene is to the 'I haven't seen Jurassic Park' comment ahahaaaaahaha

  42. InfusedSediment says:

    Abortion is murder.

  43. Anjali Baskar says:

    amy looks gorgeous here, i wish she goes back to this exact haircut and hair color in s5

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