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  1. aliciabeme says:

    I'm not sure why the secured parrotsfirst link above didn't work for me, but going directly to worked just fine. In case that helps anybody else.

  2. Tom Hughes says:

    Please please please show us the macaw facility, I think it would make a lot of people realise the real reality of the bird world if we got to hear their stories and share them all over social media. We need to bring awareness to what it’s REALLY like introducing a parrot into the family. Im soooo happy there are people like rose and her partner helping out with birds in such awful situations.Where I live there is not all that many rescues and it does make me wonder what’s happening to these parrots that are sold from the stores and how they’re just getting passed around from house to house because there arnt that really parrot rescues for them to go to. I’d love to have a rescue one day I really would. I think the amazon charity setup is so amazing. It’s simple yet affective and just imagine if everyone who makes a purchase on amazon donated it would make the world a different to rescues like roses. I shall DEFINITELY be telling my friends and family about this. Thankyou so much Marlene for sharing this with us I really think it’ll benefit everyone. Let’s make the parrots voices be heard !!!!

  3. magenta44 says:

    Sweet surprise. I just added Parrots First to my SMILE.

  4. Nina Vaage says:

    Im crying so hard, thanku so much for taking care of these sweets sweet souls <3

  5. Rob B says:

    Are there any Korean Restaurants around near? I'm sure they will love to cook them. If safe to eat.



  7. Ellen Papernick says:


  8. Vernon Daniels says:

    They were going to wrap her in a towel and drown her oh my God , that is terrible thing a drug dependent ? bird that is an awful thing , it doesn't make any sense at all . Wow , I'm absolutely appalled at the thought of that . Thank you all so much for the Love ️ ? you share with all of your Fids because Every Life matters , Every Life , all the time . You all are awesome Frank & Rose ? ❣️❣️❣️? . And Marlene and George All of you are Awesome Souls and I Appreciate that about you .

  9. My Flock says:

    I want to say Thank you Marlene for showing us the amazing world of birds. You are one of the reasons that a cockatiel has me now!

  10. Luiza Caravellos says:

    this video is so necessary.

  11. Lori Meynig says:

    Hi Marlene, I did share my thoughts with Jamie of Bird Tricks. Of this terrible parrot hoarding. They need to lock the owners up for abuse. ????

  12. Mandy Dukes says:

    I've been researching the foster roll, how do you become a foster???? I worked with some lovebirds at the rescue I got my Fiesta from. The feeling that came from working with these birds and finding out they found homes, its just undescribable!!!

  13. Julie Killian says:

    Thank you for bringing awareness of what is happening in the bird rescue world. Good bless you.

  14. Sonsherra Rivera says:

    I love ParrotsFirst they do such an amazing job. I cried too many times watching this video :'(

  15. TheBellajulia says:

    This is so heartbreaking, but I’m glad they are getting a second chance. Can this be done on I’d love to help ❤️

  16. Jes Rabbit says:

    One of my life goals is to become a parrot rescue, or at the very least adopt as many birds as I can that are in need of homes. I refuse to give up, my everyday goals are leading to this. These birds need help. My love for birds runs deep…thank you for this video Marlene

  17. Renee Mills says:

    That's so sweet of you and George doing this & then taking the time to deliver the toys. You & George are so awesome!!???????????

  18. Just Wendy says:

    This is going to be a long little story but thought I would share. I had wanted a parotlette forever. I found one in an ad so I asked my husband to go take a look. When we got there he was flying around the house and they were trying to catch him when he was flying. Like both hands up trying to catch a softball trying to catch him. They couldn't do it. I was just standing there in shock and the bird landed on me and I looked at my husband and he knew I was going to tell him he was coming home with us. Truthfully the second I saw how they were trying to catch him I knew. His cage was tiny, and when I say tiny like maybe a foot by 8" by 6" and it was rusty. The first thing we did was take him home then ran to a pet store to get a huge cage and toys, he didn't have any. He was terrified of hands, go figure. I keep his cage right at my desk so he sees me all day and all night unless I am sleeping. It took a year before he would step up. 10 years later and he still doesn't like to be touched much at all. I taught him a game where I would touch his beak, head, wing and toes. I kind of sing that to him while I do it. Kind of like head shoulders knees and toes. lol He enjoys that but that is about the extent he will let me touch him other than to rub his beak. He actually really likes that and will fall asleep when I do it. I am so glad I have been able to give him a good life but it still breaks my heart that he doesn't get a lot of physical contact. He doesn't like to come out of his cage often. He will sit in the door and just go back in if I even look at him. I know he loves me, he shows me in a lot of ways but it's just so sad that he had such a shitty beginning that it still lingers in him. I am honored that he chose me though and always will be. People don't understand what getting a bird actually means. Even such a small little bird like my Cricket takes a lot of time, effort and love.

  19. Mingi luvsbudgies says:

    I love how passionate you are?

  20. J. T. says:

    "Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it unto one of these my brethren, even these least, ye did it unto me." God sees it all. He notices when one of his sparrows falls to the ground. . . . Just a thought. He gave humans dominion over animals, as caretakers, not abusers.

  21. Alisha R says:

    One time I cleaned the house of an elderly woman who had an African Grey and I just thought that poor bird probably doesn't ever get out

  22. Deepa Chandran says:

    You both are Earth Angels , tears popped out here! ???

  23. lavrose says:

    These people and you and George are God's gifts.

  24. Carolyn St. Onge says:

    Does the amazon link work for Canadians?

  25. Irene Vitrano says:

    I am definitely going to use amazon so the money will go to this organization.
    I am going to check out sponsorship for a bird. Bless you for the work that you do for these precious birds. ? praying for all your birds. ?

  26. John Moreland says:

    Happy to call Rose and Frank my friends. They are awesome people and truly give their lives for the parrots they rescue.

  27. Jessica Oh says:

    Just added to my Amazon. These people are saintly. Couldn't imagine my cockatoo going through ANY of these horrible situations. Heartbreaking.

  28. Darlene Figueroa says:

    That is so sad .my animal's are my children .I don't understand why would anyone would be so evil. This needs to change .

  29. Shannon MJ McCluskey says:


  30. O' Tastic says:

    So glad I get your box and you're helping planet parrot! ?Great work Marlene!

  31. Danica Hannaford says:

    My goal is to have a parrot adoption/rescue center. But I need money to do that. And I don’t know where to start

  32. Rhiannon Fugatt says:

    Thanks for putting this video out there. I as well have adopted five birds from a rescue here in California, three of those five birds are my daughter's though we still live under the same roof. I try to get out to the rescue at least once a month to spend time with the birds and help clean. If I could afford to put another building on my property and more aviaries I would definitely foster more birds here. But right now we have a total of seven birds between my daughter and I and no more room in our home to add any more. I can not say how much I respect the people who truly do the rescues for the birds in need and really wish that in this day and age of information people would do the correct amount of research before making the decision to have birds. There is really no excuse for the way so many of them get mistreated.

  33. Layla Ammons says:

    The holy spirit must be trying to tell me something today because 3 of my favorite channels uploaded stuff about birds. Bird tricks talked about helping reascues and donating and adopting, you uploaded about this amazing reascue and donated a bunch of toys, and then Lori's heartland uploaded about getting a bunch of bird toys because they are on sale right now. I love all the little cockatoos! They are so adorable. Also I want to point out how quiet their house is! It shows how happy they are, they are content with food toys and water never haveing to wonder if they are getting food. It is amazing to see how amazing birds can be when they are given proper care and love. I love your channel and what you are doing! I would love to do an 8th of the work yall do for giving birds better lives in my life!

  34. Lori Duncan says:

    Man, I wish I had known about the charity thing on Amazon! I just did a ton of Christmas shopping there. But I will definitely do this from now on. Amazing way to give.

  35. Paul Mitchell says:

    thank you,well done,love you and all birds

  36. Tabitha Baker says:

    I have 5 Birds in total all of them are rescues I have 2 parakeets they don't like to be touched I have had them 3 years still to this day they don't like to be touched I have a sun conure when I got her she had never been in a cage or had toys I have a green cheek conure he is a bitter but he loves to be touched and loved on then I have my newest one he is a cockatiel he had been with his owners for 9 years but they have a cat and he is terrified of cats so they gave him up I have tried to get them all off seed based food but they will starve themselves however the cockatiel and green cheek conure will eat fresh food but only if they get their seeds after so small steps I guess my biggest struggle is providing toys but I make due I love my birds they are my feathered babies

  37. James Aron says:

    Crucially important episode.

  38. Vallerie Ortiz says:

    I feel bad for sammy

  39. Patsy-anne West says:

    Thank you for sharing this, will definitely be adding parrots first on our amazon account.

  40. Jamie McLachlan says:

    Marlene-you recently sent me a wonderful card. TY! I mailed a card to you yesterday as well. David and I would love to foster but as mentioned in my recent card we will be moving soon and we certainly don't want to stress any bird more than needed. Per our avian vet we must have a green cheek conure so one is not at a disadvantage. And honestly we would be the people who would adopt after fostering (and be done. We are a 2 conure family). We have the financial resources, the positive environment (I work from home and can provide more interaction than most thankfully) and to the best of our ability, safe environment. We are total conure people. Please let these folks know that we would be interested in fostering/adopting a conure in the future (within next year). We will be happy to give you a time-line probably after February (due to our retirement/work/living circumstances). We have contributed for YEARS to the ASPCA (another worthy cause) via In fact I had something delivered just today via Amazon Prime donating to ASPCA. I never, ever knew that this sanctuary was even an option to donating. I will switch my preferences and check out their wish list for sure.
    Please thank them for all that they do. They are amazing! To have a husband and wife on point and in agreement with helping birds is wonderful. David and I appreciate all they do. You too, lovely lady. And of course the infamous George too. Hugs and squawks. ~Jamie

  41. Yang studios says:

    Why i feel upset when people just buy animals because they see a video of it, think it looks cool, etc. but don't know what they're getting into and end up giving it away or neglect the animal, especially with exotic kinda animals that most the time shouldn't be pets

  42. Teresa Myhre says:

    Thank you Marlene. Please do a second video of the other birds.

  43. Czarina Cruz says:

    I'm only 17 and I have rescued many birds you don't need to be 18 to rescue I have rescue my cockatiel who was malnourished. You can help in so many ways donating toys to rescues and bird food does so much and birds these bird so much happiness just by donating toys. Share the word report any stands at swapmeets that birds seem u take are of.

  44. Kris Ward says:

    I will definitly donate through Amazon to Parrots First !

  45. WorkingK9 says:

    I’m the amazon queen… and I just changed my charity to Parrots First!!!

  46. Alexys Shomaker says:

    Just signed up on amazon!!!!

  47. Mao says:

    I cried throughout this.. I love birds.. I have 2 🙁 my Senegal's like 20 years old minimum. And a pidgeon who's for sure over 12

  48. Brittany Kamalie says:

    Couldnt watch this …i had to watch a bit and then take a break…it was jst too heartbreaking

  49. Brittany Kamalie says:

    This makes me so so terrified for my birds

  50. Makayla Leaver says:

    I have a Goffin’s cockatoo named Sammy. He plucked himself bald due to his owners leaving him in a cockatiel sized cage for ten years in a basement. He was on a seed diet. He’s now thriving with a variety of toys, and he even comes to work with me sometimes! His feathers are starting to grow back as well!

  51. sharynzoo says:

    I'm a bird rescue/sanctuary. I just signed up for Amazon Smile with my charity now being Parrots First ? Thank you Marlene for letting me know about this ?

  52. Ashley Selman says:

    These stories are all so sad and upsetting but I'm very glad Rose does what she does
    I recently just took in a rescue Quaker parrot named Cecil and he was plucking his feathers and he chewed his own toes off due to stress so now he only has two toes on each foot but he is doing a lot better and he is happy now with me and I'm very glad I took him in
    I also took in a rescue parakeet and I only had him for two weeks before he sadly passed away
    He was extremely malnourished due to the previous owners not feeding him enough and giving him enough water and I tried to get his energy back up by feeding him extra and doing whatever I could but sadly he never seem to gain any weight and he passed away suddenly but maybe it was from some kind of disease that he got from being so malnourished

  53. Mc Nuggets says:

    Breaks my heart hearing these stories ??

  54. Ceara G says:

    Wow, they are angels!! Thank goodness for people like them

  55. Brooklyn Doubrava says:

    My parakeet Zeus was a rescue sorta. My family thinks that he was abused and mistreated in his previous home. We got him at a shelter for $20. He is extremely scared of big toys and hands. He doesn't know how to step up or interact with humans. We have had him for about a month and a half and we are still working on warming him up to us. He sings and plays often but gets nervous when any of us aproach him. My mom doesn't want to take him out but I'm sure he would enjoy it. Marlene, if you even see this, please let me know of any advice. I will not give up on my baby, not now, not ever.

  56. PrinceOfLillies says:

    This made me cry from sadness for some of these birds’ stories and happiness from the amazing work these people do and Marlene for supporting.

    I have a close friend who have recently taken in a sick and neglected cockatiel and have personally seen that bird flourish with their other birds. It’s amazing the impact one person can do if they’re educated and willing to give everything to their animals. I know my friend has gone without many things for herself in order to give her feathered companions all the toys and healthy food they could ever want and need. I had never really interacted with birds before she started this journey with her first parrot. I have had the pleasure in helping a few times with gaining their trust and having a bird step up and burrow into my hair happily is the most amazing experience I’ve probably had in my life so far.

    Although I love and respect birds of all kinds and would desperately want one for myself, my life is my cat who is basically a tiger in a domestic house cat suit ? and I would never want to put a bird in an environment where it wasn’t safe.
    I can’t wait to go to my friends house next week (hopefully) and see my (somewhat new) feathered friends. It honestly brightens my day seeing them and being in a house filled with animals and love.

    Thank you Parrotsfirst family and Marlene and George for all that you do! ❤️

  57. nadineisat says:

    When my boo i had for 14 years was dumped at my place at 11 at night and that person never came back to see him. When he did years later boo attacked him.
    Boos cage was smasked dented from being hit. He only screamed for food or love. I had him in apartment for 5 years and my neighbours had no clue i had a big bird. I never left him for 6 months. Thats how long it took him to start flying or come to me. He died last christmas. I HATE THE SILENCE. but cant bring my heart to get attached to anouther

  58. rivhall85 says:

    My heart is breaking. I've been waiting for about 6-8 months already until I can buy a house and adopt a cockatoo. I check up on cockatoos a lot on perfinder. I had no idea pet cockatoos are getting into a dire situation ?

  59. Angela Dengg says:

    People who do not want to have any responsibility should not get a pet at all. No hamster and no dog nothing because they all have there needs and if they get not met it is not fair for any beings. It is just selfish to not enquirer why do I need a pet. I should not need the pet because I can not fill my self with love ❤️ we all could do so much more for all animals if we are trying to eat no meat or at least less. I feel with all them and think rose and her husband do great work in her live and thank you for showing this sad chapter of our human world.

  60. chargero100 says:

    Yes please do another video and please go back and show us there other sanctuary, I never really new much about birds or ever paid them much attention but I happened to stumble upon your channel and have learned So much ' and truly appreciate the love and hard work you and all your friends and family have for these such magnificent and majestic creatures… I will definitely be donating and also using them as my charity upon each one of my Amazon check outs… Nothing but much love and respect for what you do… Thank you so much for your great videos and for all the help you guys do… ??

  61. Melinda Fraser says:

    Why do people even bother getting an animal if they are not going to take care of it properly?

  62. Love Cavaliers says:

    I have only had rescues, no baby birds. I have 2 birds that after 2 years or more, still won’t step up. I don’t care. They free fly and get time with me and special time (my Quaker loves to whisper to me before bed, he’s so cute!) and I am going to see a female Senegal who hates me and kids. If she likes me, I will get her.

  63. Oshrit Baunker Amzaleg says:

    Wow, so much emotion and love for the parrots, love from the holy land ??

  64. JoAnne Denison says:

    I just got some great stuff for my dog, that you can use on birds with infections. vibactra amber technologies. I could do a foster for your birds, but I live in Chicago. I have 2 birds, a macaw and a double yellow headed amazon given to me (she was going to give it up for a foster), but I took it and he's adorable. too funny, my bird shelter guy won't give me a cockatoo because "my home is too pretty and a cockatoo would destroy it". too funny. I love them, but he won't do it. I like birds more than a bit of chewing, but oh well. and toy are not expensive, btw, birds are perfectly happy with toilet and paper towel holders, lots of cardboard, crinkle wrap, tissue, etc. check out the dollar store for great toys. MARLENE DO A BIRD PACK THAT IS CHEAP FROM THE DOLLAR STORE. for people that cannot afford $50. show people you can do a $10 one, including shi for the indigent. do it. I serve the indigent, homeless and those in need.

  65. Alejandra Tepetitla says:

    I can’t even listen to these stories?I haven’t been able to fully connect with my parakeet but I still give him so much love and feed him and make sure he’s happy. It’s a process that takes time to love and understand their so beautiful and smart.

  66. Sammy Chambers says:

    Poor Sammy, I started crying for that little adorable birdy. My cat he even started crying cause he saw his mummy crying and plus he loves birdys.

  67. Sarah and Duck says:

    I always think what if my precious birds went to an abusive home instead of me ? I'm so glad they're with me and I can spoil them

  68. Sapphire Girl says:

    Cockatoos are my favorite I miss mine but my mother is allergic so I just can't have another one it breaks my heart when I see them that need help.

  69. Nani lopez says:

    Added the charity to my Amazon!

  70. NikAlice says:

    I was unaware of prior to this video. Thanks for sharing the information!

  71. Bready Purple says:

    Can I get the people's names that were going to drown Sammy? I just wanna talk…

  72. Bready Purple says:

    People need to understand that animals are just like children some are even harder to take care of than children, and they are expensive and a lot of commitment, especially birds, you need to be aware that a bird may live with you for the rest of your life, you are basically taking care of a sensitive 5 year old for 25 or more years, they aren't "just a bird" they are more demanding and emotional than children.

  73. TyreseSP says:

    Hey Marlene? I live in the Philippines and I'd like to foster a parrot. I have quite some experience with parrots and I'd love to foster one. I believe that I can provide for the bird and i can give it a long and happy life. Its just that i was wondering if I can have it shipped to the Philippines and Im willing to pay for the shipment and taxes. Im not sure how I can contact you because Im only 16 and Im not too big of a tech savy. I love what you do on this channel and i hope i would be able to take in a large parrot like a macaw from Rose and give it a great home, freefly it soon even. Love you so much and I love all of you guys❤️

  74. Rosie Dog says:

    I would love so much to get your box for my cockatiels Bella and Lula but we can’t afford it ?

  75. Shirin Haghighi says:

    Thank you for making this video. The truth is harsh but we need to know about it.

  76. Emma Suter says:

    Such amazing people!

  77. Colleen Walker says:

    Great Video Marlene and George! Thank God for people like Rose and Frank ❤

  78. Chandramouli S says:

    From India here (former parront of 2 adorable budgies, lost one to cancer and another who missed her friend and left me sooner). I've wanted to take in bigger rescue birds but I waited to move to a better space before I let one own me. As fate would have it, things turned drastically in my life that I might not be able to let a bird in my life yet and I fulfill my desire by watching your channel. I was so moved on watching this video that I HAD to comment here. I signed up for but it took me to the US site and I don't know if it would work when I shop in Indian website (I'll read more and figure if it out later). Now that I have the space and time to get a bird (only rescue), it pains me that I can't do it… yet ;( Thank you for making this video. My heart literally elates every morning when I hear a flock of ringnecks perch on trees around my apartment. If you are interested, I'd love to share the video of the ringnecks. Let me know…

  79. carla chizan says:

    I rescued a Goffin cockatoo. 3yrs ago he still doesn’t let me near him. I just keep trying.

  80. Charlotte Sudlow says:

    Omg Rose is amazing! ?
    The charity list is such a good idea, I've never heard of this before! I always shop on Amazon, so I will make sure I use this in future!

  81. Amanda Redden says:

    This makes me so sad; I would love to be a bird foster mom, Im not American and I’m not in in North America right now. When I move back to Canada I will try to adopt a bird instead of buying; even if I have to drive it across the boarder.

  82. Lanie L says:

    This video broke my heart & I thank you for the education. Through your videos I take bird ownership so seriously & I wish everyone would approach ownership w responsibility & they don’t. You’re doing important work Marlene – thank you so much ?

  83. Bean Childers says:

    its heartbreaking to hear the stories of how birds are treated☹️but I think your doing an absolute fabulous job raising awareness! never stop doing what your doing because you are reaching more people then you think because if each Person that watched you told three of their friends/family that’s tripling how many people you reach !!!

    So my overall statement is your changing lives!!❤️??

  84. Amy says:

    Omg those Goffins!! My Goffin is my world. Poor Sammie

  85. Jerky m says:

    i need help with my two budgies. I can only get my finger an inch near to them and then they fly away. I have had them since May.

  86. Nicole Chui says:

    I just bought something using the amazon charity link, it’s not much but I hope it makes a tiny difference at least

  87. Leah Davis says:

    Wait.. you have peanuts in your blend? Awww why? Stuff's bad for birds. 🙁

  88. Jamie fry says:

    Yeah I will never understand "it's just a bird" or locking them in a closet with no light. Not fair or right. You know I wanted to start a bird rescue myself but it is very sad and I'm not sure i could deal with it. I have volunteered at animal shelter s And get emotional when sad cases come in. I cant imagine when its birds it would be just as bad. There is a need and I've offered to help with the smaller birds but it never happened. It's always been a dream of mine. To have a bird rescue sanctuary. It's the money and time I get it. They are amazing ! Your amazing!

  89. 01dukegirl says:

    What great place! What great people doing this amazing rescue! I will use the purchase to support! Thank You for sharing this incredible place!

  90. M L R says:

    I know I havent got what it takes to keep birds, but sadly many people dont figure it out untill it is too late. Thank you for raising awarenesson the needs of these spectacular creatures.

  91. LaRae Mitchell says:

    Thanks for this informative video. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if no animals and birds were ever in unhappy situations? I think the most important thing you’re doing here is the education you provide.

  92. alice schram says:

    It’s so nice to see the devotion these people have, I totally agree with George how can anyone just desert an animal and have no feelings about it . I cried hearing that man say the owner of the cockatoo was planning on wrapping him in a towel and drowning him, disgusting!

  93. Emily Edwards says:

    So proud of you Marlene. Definitely down to help in any way.

  94. Philippa Mander says:

    Oh my this made me cry. I've had my tiel 5 weeks & even though I grew up with 1 I still did weeks of research because I needed to know how to care for her and give her a good, healthy life. She is my baby, my 4th child only with feathers she's rarely in her cage and our bond is growing. Birds are amazing and I'm so glad there are amazing people out there helping and giving them the love and care they deserve.

  95. Eric Hayden says:

    We adopted our boy, Romeo, from Parrots First. Rose is a saint. And I do not say that lightly. We love Romey and are so glad to be his forever home, but Rose made sure that the adoption was successful. I cannot thank her enough. The amount of love Rose and Frank have is immeasurable. Thank you for this beautiful posting.

  96. Anna Mantooth says:

    You are awesome Marlene. I love when people do GREAT, AMAZING things with social media.

  97. Pups Can Game says:

    IM GETTING 2 LOVEBIRDS! Named Marlene and Marley

  98. Pumpkin Soup says:

    These heart touching videos are SO necesary. Thank you Marlene ♥ Please share more!

  99. SIXBro Blizzard says:

    I haven’t seen any videos on your duck or reptiles. Maybe I just haven’t noticed them. Can you tell me if you have any?

  100. Desirae says:

    Marlene you are so beautiful inside and out. Forever sending love to you and cheering for your channel!!!

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