Suspects Detained After Caught With Stolen Firearms | Season 1 Ep. 12 | FIRST RESPONDERS LIVE

14 more drug charges and
possession of a stolen firearm. 10-4, you can email it to me. Also, stand by to copy a serial
number for a firearm Like– Sit down. You’re being detained, my man. OK? Watch your feet. 10-12, can you? Perfect. 10-4, go ahead. Showing to the
Sheriff’s office. 380, auto LCP. Ruger. 10-4, I have that firearm. Right now, we
checked the firearm. It was actually stolen through
a sister agency of ours. So there used to be– down
with the sheriff’s department, as well as the– one of the persons
in the vehicle is a convicted
felon, should not be around a phone for any reasons. Being that the girl was in
direct control of the driver and the passenger, we thought
the need and probable cause to arrest both of them.

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  1. ZKP says:

    I bet you those guns aren't going to their rightful owners. They're going to the evidence locker so they can be planted on some innocent person later. ?

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