Swamp People: A New Generation of Hunters (Season 10) | Bonus | History

I’m a turn ’em loose so we can
play with them a little while. [kisses] Hey, puppies! You know,
they’re progressing good. They learning. Each time you take ’em out, they get a little better
and a little better. The mama had
a little bitty short tail, and the daddy had a regular sized tail,
big old beagle tail, and they all
took after the mama. [kisses] [whistles] Half rabbit dog
and half squirrel dog. [kisses]
Come on, puppy! I love raising puppies. I’ve raised puppies all my life
and trained them. Should have been working ’em a little more
than I been working them. I usually start ’em when they’re
a little smaller than this. These are kind of big. I shoulda
had ’em started already. But they gonna catch on.
They catch on quick. Rabbit season’s
just around the corner. When they gonna be
about six months old, I better take ’em in the woods
and go rabbit hunting. [whistles] Can you tell Pa what that is? – It looks like,
um, coon tracks. – No. That’s rabbit tracks.
Coons got long fingers. See, that’s a rabbit track,
little short and pointy. Remember, they always
comes to a point, that little rabbit, and it’s about the size
of the end of your finger. Look at ’em.
They got that nose down. They’re smellin’. [puppies bark]
– A rabbit! [puppies bark] – Come here, Rascal! Come here, Ras!
[laughs] Run, little rabbit, run.
[laughs] There’s one
that can’t even come close to keeping up with the rabbit. That rabbit
got a good hidin’ place. He let the puppies get close.
He plays with the puppies. He lets ’em get close, and then he takes off
into the trees. – There’s a hole kind of… See that hole over there
in that tree. Something similar to that,
but it’s perfect for a rabbit. And he goes straight into that
hole in the tree every time. Come here, puppy!
[kisses] They’re still lookin’ for him. Good job, little puppy! Good job! – Yeah, they fast
for three months old. Not as fast as you,
though, bubba. You was faster
than the puppies, huh?

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13 Responses

  1. TheMVAmad says:


  2. 1020Shane says:

    He got a real purty mouth, ain't he?

  3. c. c.f. says:

    awesome stuff.

  4. Elijah Woods says:

    Why am I jealous of these people

  5. jay tn says:

    Is trump there

  6. Jake Hale says:

    Wtf this is so cool lol. That rabbit is gonna be stole for a character in some animation haha

  7. thetruerain_ PS4 says:

    This is what life should be like.

  8. kim smith says:

    I have a pointer and beagal mix she's 3 loves to hunt rabbits

  9. Hunny Bun says:

    That boy is gonna be the next best Track runner. My gosh, the speed on that boy!

  10. Mason Thompson says:

    Looks like they have already been doing that lol

  11. Scott McNeely says:

    Awesome, love this show!

  12. That One Guy says:

    I wish there were good men teaching valuable lessons to their children in my family. I grew up in a generation and family with no fathers and all the lessons a young man learns were learned the hard way.

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