Sweet Dog Saves Owner’s Life

This golden retriever led an ambulance
through a maze of streets to save his owner who collapsed in an alleyway.
You’re watching What’s Good on What’s Trending. I’m Shira Lazar. Sometimes we
need a break from the craziness of this world and we just want to know what’s
good. So if you like good news, be sure to LIKE this video and subscribe. Chinese
emergency services received a call about a garbage man who had collapsed in a
residential alleyway in the Shaanxi province. The man was collecting bottles
at a neighbor’s home when he suddenly collapsed in the alleyway. While the
ambulance was heading to the scene, they encountered the man’s dog who was out
looking for help. The dashcam footage shows the dog waiting for the ambulance
in the middle of the road and beginning to run prompting rescuers to follow it.
One of the rescuers even said that the dog kept looking back to make sure that
the ambulance was following him. Aww my heart. I love dogs so much. The dog led them to a crowd surrounding the
unconscious owner who has been taken to the hospital for treatment. The owner’s
son is currently taking care of his father. The video which is going viral
online is stirring up some emotional reactions. Like this user who said: I’m
not crying. You’re crying. Several viewers pointed to other stories
like this one. Where this good dog refused to leave its owner after she
collapsed in the street. The dog was let into the ambulance and rode all the way
to the hospital. In this viral video where a dog had to be restrained as his
owner was put on a stretcher, but was later allowed to give his owner some
kisses. And of course this iconic image of George HW Bush’s service dogs staying
by his casket. Silent Jay said: “We humans don’t deserve dogs.” And lore adds: “dogs are
better than people.” Salter Street said the same thing as me:
“my heart!” Dogs are truly a man’s best friend and a woman’s best friend and
their best friends. So what do you think about a sweet story? Let us know in the
comments below and let us know what we should cover next on what’s good. Plus be
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17 Responses

  1. shistar emilia says:


  2. Simon Cameron says:


  3. Bettie Davis says:

    OMG! my heart! I can't stand it! So fricken cute and sweet!

  4. YouTube addict says:

    Wait, this happened in China? The irony

  5. Gem Rock says:

    Dogs are awesome it hurts my heart when they are missed treated but warms my heart when I see things like this!

  6. Mr Lyne says:

    So amazing

  7. Game man Kumasi says:

    Dogs are the same as humans but the only difference is talking????Game man Kumasi

  8. Awesomegirlattck Sarah says:

    I pretended to faint in front of my dog and she just walked away from me.

  9. Amber says:

    Awesome video. I love a great dog story. They've saved owners and people so many times. I love the story where the dog saved the woman and her unborn baby. It started pawing at her and nudging her. Her dr said she was fine but the dog kept on and she got a second opinion. She had a serious double kidney infection and they said her and the baby would have died if she didn't get the second opinion

  10. What's Trending says:

    Who's a good boy?

  11. Rochell Barbara says:

    When he turns his head around to make sure they are following I cried !! We don’t deserve you doggo

  12. Terry Jackson says:

    If dogs are doing this then we need to stop eating pigs who are much more intelligent.

  13. CZsWorld says:

    I hope he got a few treats and a bone for that!

  14. Apocalyptic Bone-Daddy says:


  15. O. o says:

    Awww so sweet

  16. Bradley Kettlewell says:

    Great video…all the way up to 1:39, lost me after that

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