Take a Virtual Tour of NYU Steinhardt!

Welcome to NYU! Welcome to the Steinhardt School of
Culture, Education, and Human Development. Steinhardt isn’t on some closed off campus Steinhardt is part of the neighborhood We’re in the heart of the city so that
means my background is my classroom. There is really a campus feel here and Washington Square Park kinda feels
like a big quad for NYU. We’re gonna take you on a tour of some
of the spaces around the NYU campus
that Steinhardt grad students can enjoy. Here we are in Washington Square Park,
we’ve got NYU Steinhardt buildings all around us it’s a beautiful New York City park and people will come all the time to study,
to catch up with friends, play frisbee and just generally enjoy the sunshine
while it’s out. Here we are at Bobst library which is just
south of the park it’s NYU’s flagship of its
nine library system designed by renowned architect Philip Johnson it’s home to over four million volumes,
thousands of electronic resources and to help you navigate all that we’ve got
amazing librarians they’ve helped me a lot with my own research,
it’s also a really great place to study the bottom two floors are open 24 hours,
the top floors have beautiful views all kinds of great places to study quietly
and there’s also a tenth floor graduate student exchange where you
can work in small groups, talk a little bit as well as get your studying done. Right across the street from Bobst is
the Kimmel Center for University Life it’s home to all kinds of great student services It’s got a Student Resource Center,
Office of Off-Campus Housing which gives you access to listerves,
roommates, open apartments, brokers It’s got computers, printing labs,
it’s got great places to eat with
beautiful views at the park needless to say it’s a place we all
spend a lot of our time. Here we are at the Skirball Center which
is on the 1st floor Kimmel it’s a large-scale performance space which hosts both university events as well
events from around the world it’s also home to Ticket Central which is
our on campus box office you can get tickets to Broadway shows,
movie premieres, sporting events, concerts —
all at reduced prices
We’re standing outside the Paladium,
one of our two gyms here at NYU the other one is Coles, both offer a great
opportunity to work out in our weights room, our cardio room,
we have a pool. The gyms are free and in addition we have some great
classes like spin and yoga for a small fee Just upstairs from Paladium is the
Wasserman Center for Career Development it’s a great place to work on resumes,
interviewing skills, career counseling,
and they even offer job fairs. Those are just some of the all university spaces and now we’ll show you some of the main
NYU Steinhardt buildings. Here we are at NYU’s Physical Therapy Department. on 22nd and 2nd just north of the
Wasserman Student Center here we have a wonderful opportunity to
learn from incredible professors as well as take advantage or our placement
in New York’s health corridor where we can learn from master
clinicians throughout the city. It’s like a second family to us
and it’s also become a second home. The Barney Building is a six-story
Beaux Arts building housing the Art Department’s
classrooms, studios, and workshops in sculpture, painting, printmaking,
metalworking, woodworking, fabrics, ceramics, photography,
and a digital fabrication lab. It’s sorta this wonderful creative hodge podge. Just south we come to 411 Lafayette Street. The Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and
Public Health is located here on the 5th floor I find myself here on the 5th floor when I
want to meet with one of my professors check in with fellow graduate students
or attend the conference that we often hold. Steinhardt has a diverse offering of programs
and right now we are at 665 Broadway which is home to the Department of
Communicative Sciences and Disorders inside there is a state-of-the-art
speech and hearing clinic where students can work with clients,
both children and adults and there’s also a ton of common spaces so you can interact with your fellow
students and professors and gives the department a real
community feel. Nearby you’ll find Kimball Hall which was
originally built as a department store today it’s the home of two Steinhardt departments Applied Psychology, and Humanities and
the Social Sciences in the Professions There’s a great lounge on the
1st floor, multiple conference rooms, faculty offices, seminar rooms, and many
places for students to meet and gather. Around the corner from Kimball Hall
is the Education Building on the main floor is the Frederick Loewe theatre
where our department presents concerts from symphonies to jazz to dance recitals
all of which are open to the public. The building is largely devoted to the
Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions So there’s a diverse variety of
performance programs. There are also programs in music composition,
business, education, technology, and therapy. The building also houses the new
state-of-the-art James L. Dolan Recording Studio it is one of the most advanced studios
in an academic setting The Education Building is also home to the
Department of Nutrition, Food Studies,
and Public Health kitchen lab. We’re here in Pless Hall which is home to
the main Administration offices of Steinhardt. It also contains many faculty offices,
student commons, the Black Box Theatre and the departments of Occupational Therapy
and Administration, Leadership, and Technology. The East Building is the home of our
Department of Teaching and Learning
which is on four floors. You’ll find faculty offices, student
lounges, and high-tech conference rooms There’s also the STEME Education
and Research Center and the wonderful Georgiou Library and
Resource Center for Children and Literature. The Department of Media, Culture, and
Communication is on the top two floors and has spectacular spaces for students
and faculty to gather, study, and collaborate. Just a few blocks away is the Office of Global Services where international students like myself
can go to find information about visa requirements, work requirements,
anything relating to being an international student
studying in America. Without being in New York City I really
don’t think that Steinhardt would be as vibrant as it is. There are so many opportunities
within this city. So many networking opportunities,
so many industries diversity of thought, diversity of people,
diversity of action. And I think the ability to navigate within
the city and navigate in the school itself and not be able to distinguish the two apart that’s the type of environment that our
students are looking for. That’s the type of environment
I was looking for at Steinhardt. Hope you enjoyed the virtual tour.
NYU’s a great place to go to grad school and you should come check it out yourself if you can.

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  1. Syl Lee says:

    My dream grad school!

  2. Jian Liu says:

    Love you Steinhardt!!! 

  3. Rob Staple says:

    I am proud to say I went to SEHNAP, BS Communications, 1987, (School of Education, Health, Nursing, and Arts Professions, before becoming Steinhardt.)

  4. dani phantom says:

    MY DREAM UNIVERSITY! #classof2018  

  5. Sarah Brown says:

    My dream grad school!! Hope I get in to the nutrition program fingers crossed and praying hard

  6. Hannah Chen says:

    how did that dog jump so high at 0:26 though

  7. Nolife2692 says:

    Can't wait to star coming in Spring 2016

  8. Vani Jul says:

    My sister is going to NYU

  9. N Pender says:

    So this is only for graduate degrees?

  10. KBbandtees says:

    This is my dream school!! I'm dying to (hopefully!) be accepted when the time comes! #ClassOf2020

  11. Jada D says:

    just visited today. this school is amazing. the people are amazing and so nice.

  12. Manny says:

    NYU I'm coming for u boi…

  13. Sara Wong says:

    OMG! So gret! i cant believe you came from outerspec to film this vieo! WOW #2026

  14. Imani Hayes says:

    NYU doesn't have a campus, it's located in NYC which is fabulous

  15. Nadia Williams says:

    This is my dream school #Classof2019 I hope they accept me.

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    dream school! I’m in freshman year of high school right now and i am praying that when i apply I’ll get in 🙂

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    Can't decide if i want to go here or Columbia university (teachers college).
    Guess i will be applying to both😁

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    This is my dream graduate school. I’m graduating from undergrad next year and plan to pursue my masters in school counseling. 😀

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    Aaa my dream school❤️❤️❤️

  21. SoundWave says:

    About to graduate from West Virginia University w/ a B. A in Music Industry and Minor in Music Technology. Class of 2019. I’m considering applying to NYU Steinhartd for a Master of Arts in Music Business and concentration in Music Technology. Or Masters of Music Technology. But to be Honest, I’m not sure I’d get in. This seems likes a hard school to get into.

  22. Aloha Azzie says:

    How do you guys afford this school?! It’s expensive af and in NYC. Tuition is out the ass

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