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  1. heliosphaere sonnen_wind_kind says:


  2. Genna roy says:

    he is so cute!

  3. Marlene Alves says:

    awwww, his face when u talk ahah

  4. jenny Giacobbe says:

    I am a new Standard Poodle momma and was wonderfung how you blow dry Oliver and what shampoo do you use? When I was my pup and blow dry him he seems to get frizzy… Any recommendations or videos to watch?

  5. jenny Giacobbe says:

    Thank you So much for being quick with your responses! Shows that you care.

  6. Jillian Batchelder says:

    i live im plympton, Massachusetts

  7. Dani's Family says:

    I just love Ollie!! I have a shih tzu poodle mix…who actually needs to be groomed today. 🙂

  8. Sydney R says:

    Your from Massachusetts too! Where in Massachusetts are you from?

  9. Angelica Goldstein says:

    What a TREASURE, Mr. Oliver is!…but do service dogs have a RETIREMENT age? What I
    always worry about with a large dog, is that they age more rapidly than the smaller breeds.

  10. Julie Bond says:

    u can knit a scarf or sweater

  11. Matthew Peery says:

    using the 1/2" blade backwards like that (on his back) is actually a 1/4" or a 5F blade. great job for a home groom retriever clip!

  12. Kirsten Carlson says:

    How'd you desensitize him to the clippers? I have a Corgi/German Shepard and his stomach and paws need a trim

  13. SuzyQue says:

    I've never noticed on Oliver the red stain under his eyes that light haired poodles get.  Do Y'all use the drops in his eyes to stop that?  I've got 4 Toy Poodles & 3 are Apricot like Oliver and man…even after professional bathing, you can still see it.  I've thought about using the drops but I hate to give them any chemicals like that.  Its bad enough they have to wear a flea collar (tried the stuff on the back & one dog almost died from it!)…I just wondered how you get rid of the red stain.  OH..and I have a lady who owns her own business….she comes to my home in a truck with a grooming trailer attached.  When we took them to PetSmart (to the tune of $300 every 6 weeks, the dogs would come home clingy, whiny & bratty.  seriously…these dogs would be glued to my side for 3 days solid, well All of them except the oldest male and nothing phases that dog.  But since this lady has been coming to the house and doing them…all the clinginess on grooming day has left.  Now they come in the house, run around like crazy, play, eat, play some more & sleep.  All in that order, lol.

  14. Jack LeMaster says:

    My dog just had his first seizure :,-( I hope he's okay

  15. Jenna Thompson says:

    I hate the poodle cut so much

  16. Shannon Robson says:

    My service doggy is a siberian husky. who says they can't be service dogs? any dogs can be. She's so good and is a great help with me and my mom. she is just amazing and so is olly. We are on training a pomeranian to be a service dog to 🙂

  17. queenbabyduck says:

    He's such a calm dog! So cute <3

  18. Alana Tay says:

    Those head tilts are literally the cutest thing!

  19. Johannah1933 Thompson says:

    I have a service dog she's a emotional support service dog. She goes to school with me and she's great I love her to pieces!!! She reminds me of Oliver! She's a poodle to. Also I have diabetes she can detect when my blood sugar is getting low like your dog

  20. Ethan Lamoureux says:

    The way you clip Ollie is unusual. The usual puppy clip has the face, feet and base of the tail cut short, with the rest longer. I like the puppy clip, but your "Ollie clip" looks great too, it's unique!

  21. Alexis Brown says:

    I love  mars nail.polish

  22. Wolfie says:

    My family doesn't like the poodle cut either

  23. Emma-Leigh Hopkins says:

    should've put a non-slip mate down, just saying

  24. Madyson Reed says:

    When he turned his head that was so precious

  25. Griffin Black says:

    Every time I go out people touch my service dog no matter what I say. Does anyone know how to fix that?

  26. Lori Fahan says:

    Oh my gosh Ollie is so cute

  27. Griffin Black says:

    Watching older videos makes me love the beard way more

  28. Gracie M says:

    i have 2 standerd poodles and we cut them like that 2 we don't like the original poodle cut i also have a snowser Shitsue mix

  29. Kheena X says:

    OMG I WANT HIM!!! Lol

  30. Crowley and Lumi says:

    Instead of using heartguard+ flea and tick treatments, just give him Trifexis! Its what I give my service dog! Prevents fleas, ticks, heartworms, and a bunch of other types of worms! One pill a month!

  31. cavetown says:

    It's like ur sheering a sheep haha!!!!

  32. pinkie24 says:

    11:50 ollie doing yoga

  33. Kate Rooney says:

    What breed is Ollie? 💜💜

  34. Katie Harvey says:

    Ollie is so cute! I heard you mention about his flea and tick meds being greasy. Just a suggestion- check with your vet about NexGard. It is a chewable treat just like the HeartGard. Our puppy is on it and it is so much easier (and less messy) than the topical stuff.

  35. Daisy Ruiz says:

    What kind of dog is he ?(:

  36. Alissa Michaela says:

    Massachusetts?! I live in MA!

  37. Charlotte Haring says:


  38. Kat Piotrowski says:


  39. Griffin Black says:

    Ollie is the most magnificent dog I have ever seen

  40. SillyCanadian says:

    Oh, if you can get HeartGuard then you should be able to get NexGuard which is another chewable for flea and ticks and it's AWESOME! Rather than risking ingesting anti flea stuff

  41. MegaNatasha13 says:

    Where did you get your pill boxes?

  42. Jasmine Ross says:

    Can I have Ollie

  43. Clarey1225 says:

    I was wondering what are both of your rings on your right hand? They kinda look like seals. Like to leave your seal on a letter or such.

    Peter your outfit at the end was silly. It looked like nice socks, brown dressy shoes(maybe slippers) and athletic shorts. LOL 😂

  44. abi gail says:

    9 people dislike this???? wtf😂

  45. Natasha Baltimore says:

    im not a fan of the pooodle cut either. my toy poodle only had fluffy ears and tail

  46. David Lupo says:

    Mary, have you ever had service dog access issues?

  47. krenaemt says:

    I have a Bichon Frise. They have fur similar to a poodle. He's basically a little white poodle. They are super nice because they don't shed either, but I totally hate the grooming process. Our puppy gets his hair done once a month or so. There fur never ever stops growing. Ollie is super adorable! I love how he tilts his head when you talk to him. ❤

  48. Rylie James says:

    I love Ollie! He's so cute. His cut isn't a puppy cut–puppy cuts include a big topknot, long jacket, pompom on the tail, and rear angulation. I don't think his cut actually has a name since almost all of the "official" poodle cuts include a top knot (the pompom on the head) but you clip his head the same length as the rest of his body. It is closest to a sporting or "utility" cut. But, we can just call it the "Ollie"!

  49. Betsy Goff says:

    I have 2 standards one red apricot and one is black I also had one that blessed my life for 15 years before God called her away.I agree im not a fan of the poodle cut and all my girls are cut in a puppy cut.Your puppy is super cute and super sweet

  50. startrad3r says:

    Ollie is so freaking cute! <3 Not a fan of the typical poodle cut either, love the Ollie cut though!

  51. Antimatics says:

    Do you have to get your dog certified as a service dog or do you just need a doctor's note

  52. Shelbi Jackson says:

    Head tilts are my favorite

  53. Keri C says:

    This popped up as a 'suggested video' after today's video. My dog LOVES his Heartguard and flea/tick medication. He gets so excited about it every month!

  54. CrazyAce6301 says:

    I think it's called the puppy cut, but it's also known as the teddy bear cut. It's super cute on Ollie!!

  55. Lynn Rose says:

    Ollie is sooo cute. The haircut is perfect for him.

  56. Meredith Wiseman says:

    I have a mini gooldendoodle His name is Derby because I Live in the state of Kentucky and that is where the Kentucky Derby is held and he loves to swim and after he swam on year we had to give him the "oliver cut and a labadoodle named Ivy

  57. Working Princess Mia says:

    Oh man you shouldn't groom your dog against the hair! And he should be washed beforehand and dried. Yikes

  58. Mary Durbrow says:

    Ollie is soooooooooooooo cute! How do you pay for Ollie's vet and grooming!

  59. Sea_bassy_cat says:

    I have a poodle called Maka

  60. callahan Browing says:

    Try taking a Slicker brush and brush and all the curls out and then running the Clippers over

  61. Shayla W says:

    So once I took one of those pill things when I was about 6. I thought that I would never get heart worms. Ya it didn't go well. Oops🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  62. cyberspaceout says:

    I am so jelly my dog will not take any vet med with out me shoving it down his throat and give him a peice of meat.

  63. Lauren Boman says:

    i love olivers hair cut makes him look extra cute

  64. Jasmine Dickerson says:

    This is jasmine

  65. Jasmine Dickerson says:

    What is your cell phone number

  66. Dani Taylor says:

    4:20 omg that's so cute!!!!!

  67. Rebekah Bridges-Tervydis says:

    It looks like Ollie exploded on the table! I think O,over has a medium low voice in a English accent. Very debonair. My next dog is going to be called Jeeves…like a butler! My last dogs were Magoo and Sassafras. So much fun!

  68. CandleLove 09 says:


  69. Abbigale C says:

    what kind of dog is he?????

  70. Sky Service Dog says:

    I have a nasty cough and really bad issues with flem right now and my service dog got whatever I have

  71. MysticMoon By Eve Jewellery says:

    Awwwww Ollie boyis too precious, just think if everyone had a dog, this place would be full of love! Don't know what I would do with out fur babies!

  72. MysticMoon By Eve Jewellery says:

    What do u do with his fur there's people u can mail it too and they'll make u wat ever u want depending on how much fur u have, I can't remember the name ,vice on YouTube did an interview with a lady who nits with donated fur, I'lyou will actually get a hoot over the lady, she's funny and kwirky lol

  73. Julia Goss says:

    Does anyone know the name of these clippers??

  74. Rebekah carty says:

    What a good boy!! My dog hates being groomed

  75. Rebecca Finkenbinder says:

    I know you said the clipper guard leaves the hair an inch and a half, can you tell me what number it is? I'm trying to find it on Amazon. Thanks!

  76. ForestHeart ServicePack says:

    Omg, he's so cute!!! 😍😍😁

  77. jonathanr frenzel says:

    Exactly an injection for heartworms for dogs last 6 months

  78. Rolane Chen says:

    do u pluck the inside of his ear too?

  79. Petlover2017 ___ says:

    At 4:19 Ollie was like idk what your talking about Mom! Such a good boy Ollie! He’s so handsome! Not only is he an amazing service dog but he is also such a good doggy in general!

  80. Cordaan Gaasperdam says:


  81. Agatha Dolan says:

    I have the same clipper!

  82. Kaela Jochec says:

    I thought you said "borking dogs" instead of working dogs… Made my day! 14/10 would pet (if borking but not working) 😉

  83. rhywnn says:

    Love watching you with your working dog… so cool. My newest boy is a working dog though he is still in training. Grin can't wait till we get to fly together.

  84. Lissa Jayne says:

    his fur reminds me of my grandmas thick carpet haha..he is adorable!!

  85. Charlotte louise1988 Scrafton says:

    Omg u guys are amazing n ur dog Ollie is too cute I knw there’s days where u have bad ones but there is good days tht u have too sending loads of love to u three I would love a shoutout u would make my day xxxx

  86. Prayer Kitty says:

    Oh I wanted to see him run🤗🐶🍪He is so cute. My service dog is Australian Shepherd and Border Collie. He is amazing. In the future I may need a larger dog and the only dog i have found that is so smart and has such personality so far is the Standard poodle.

  87. Prayer Kitty says:

    Please keep doing videos of you and Ollie and Dad. You guys are amazing and so open

  88. Suzanne R says:

    Love him and I have poodle too

  89. C C says:

    Ollie is so adorable 😍

  90. Mary Esther Austin says:

    Love what you are doing guys..be sure to clean your Andis clippers and oil them after each use. Poodle hugs! Youtube it or got to the Andis site! Your clippers should not be that noisy. No big deal happens to me too!
    Med tip: I get the weekly 4x daily. I get 4 of them so I can do my meds once a month! It's easier to remember when life gets busy!

  91. Susana Sánchez says:

    I love the way he enjoys his treat. My dog just swallows it and searches for more.

  92. Jeni Fresonke says:

    I love how Oliver reaction when Mary was talking to him!😄

  93. Gianna Arasin says:

    Does Ollie ever lick you guys?

  94. leslie gibson says:

    Ollie really loves you, Mary. You can see it when he tilts his head😊

  95. Tori Lazzari says:

    Not used to peters hair

  96. Johanna040713 says:

    Watching your interactions with Ollie makes me want to get a service dog as well. I have MS with mild balance and fatigue problems. I like the short cut, poodles look so elegant with it!

  97. Pansy Mosley says:

    Hi I’m Pansy Mosley I’m from Arkansas. I just discover you guys not long ago, I dont have CF , but I do have other health issues.! I don’t want to get into that right now,,!! Mary girl I know you’v got issues but girl you’v got this..! And I think that Its awesome that you have Peter in your life and he so attentive for your need you’v got a great man.!! Oh and lets not forget Oli Boy, hes just so darn cute.! I just love him .,, so for now ill see ya’ll tomorrow! Goodnight!!

  98. Yoland Richard says:

    Ollie is so cute

  99. sun_Island says:

    This is called the teddy bear cut 😉 (puppy is a shaved face & feet).

  100. Cindy Hockett says:

    Omg! Peter and Mary Ollie is the cutest poodle I have ever seen and when he hugged you I melted. You guys are an amazing couple God bless you both and Ollie. Much love from Az.😊❤💚💜💛🍀🌻🍁💐⚘⚘🌸🌼🌳

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