Taylor Schilling’s French Bulldog Can Talk

-You got a bulldog named Tank.
-I did. I did. And here´s a picture Tank. Adorable.
-Oh, she is so sweet. -And how is life with Tank?
You did not have Tank last time you were here.
-I didn´t. It took me a while to get Tank.
-Mm-hmm, ´cause you were — why? -I don´t know.
I was procrastinating. -Was it someone else´s dog? [ Laughter ] -I was worried. I was worried about
an animal in my home. -Sure.
So — but I got Tank, and she´s really —
she´s an odd dog. I mean, she´s as odd as you
would imagine her to be, my dog. -Why — oh, your —
because it´s your dog? -I guess so.
I don´t know. I mean — I don´t know. [ Light laughter ] -That´s true.
I wouldn´t expect — -But she´s very —
she´s very vocal. -Vocal. Now, a dog —
do you mean they´re barking a lot?
-Yes. She barks a lot,
but she makes — she makes really weird noises. -She makes weird noises?
-Yeah, I think she — she´ll be like, she kind of
talks a little bit to me. -You brought a video.
Are you gonna — should we try to hear what
you think Tank is saying? -No. I just — no.
I was seeing where that was going.
No, let´s just watch the — let´s watch the Tank.
-All right. Let´s hear Tank talking. [ Dog growling ] -I love you. I love you. [ Dog growls “I love you” ] [ Audience awws ] [ Cheers and applause ] -Why — what —
I mean, I feel like — -Yes, yes, they´re clapping! -Why? I feel like you
should retire and let — -I know.
-Tank should be the breadwinner. -I know! I know!
-How is Tank not on TV? He´s the “I love you” dog.
-I don´t know, it´s just crazy. She needs her own
YouTube channel or something. That´s — that happened.
That´s real. -How do you — by the way,
because — and I don´t want to judge you, but I —
like, what made you think that that would work? [ Laughter ] Because I have a dog too,
and I never said, “You know, I´m gonna try to get it to say
´I love you´ back.” But you were in a situation
where it worked. -She — she makes these noises.
-Mm-hmm. -She makes kind of noises
like — like you heard. And kind of, if you say
a word before it, it sounds like that´s
what she´s saying. So, if you say, like, “hello,”
it sounds like she´s saying, “ewwo.” [ Laughter ] And there was this time
where I was upstairs and she peed on my friend´s rug.
You know, so we put her away. -Yeah.
-And — and then I left, you know, but the dog
was alone in the room. And apparently it sounded like
she was saying “I´m — I´m sorry.” My friend was so,
like, freaked out. And she was like, “The dog´s in
there going ´I´m sorry! [ Laughter ]
I´m sor-Ry!´” -You are —
-And she was so flipped out. And — anyway.
-There are so many things there that make you the world´s
worst house guest. -Yeah.
-You bring your dog. -I know.
-It pisses on a rug. Then you´re like,
“I´m gonna take off. By the way, she talks.”
-Oh, I know. [ Laughter ] I know. I know.
I did get a new rug. -Oh, that´s very nice.
-And I cleaned it. -Oh, that was — you —
-It was a small rug. -That seems like you did
two things that are redundant. -The dog peed.
-I feel like, either clean the rug or got a new one.
-Yeah. -But get a new one
and clean one — -I did both.
I tried to. -Now I take it back.
You´re the world´s best house guest.
-Yeah. Neither one worked very well.
-Another thing we — I gave you a hard time about
before, and I want to apologize, is that you admitted to us that
on your acting resumé, on your headshot,
your special skill, you listed that driving was
a special skill. -I did.
-You thought that that would separate you from the pack
´cause they would say, “We´re down to two actresses,
but only one of them drives.” [ Laughter ] So, but then — and I thought
that was, you know, pretty exceptional,
that you would think that that was worth noting.
But you also, you had another time, you wrote,
as a special skill, that you could run
long distances. [ Laughter ] Is that true?
-No. [ Laughter ] No. I don´t —
and I was reminded of that. -It clearly was on there.
-Yes. And I was remind–
-So, you can´t even do it. -No.
-Wow. -No, I mean — like most people,
I can run short distances, particularly if I´m
uncomfortable or scared. -Okay. Got it.
-You know. -Again, not a special skill. [ Laughter ] Or even — or even a skill. -No.
I do not know — -“I run when I´m scared.”
“Oh, wow. Did you go to school for that?”
-Right. Yeah. I don´t know.
I was — I just remembered that backstage, I had —
I can´t remember doing that. -What kind of part did you think
that would be helpful for? -I don´t know.
I mean, I imagine if they were remaking, like, “Marathon Man”
or something like that. -But even then,
I would like to point out, and you should know this, too.
Because in movies, you don´t have to show all
of the running. You know, you just run
a little bit and then they edit it together
and it looks like — You run a little bit here,
and then they cut to you running somewhere else and as
a viewer you go, “Wow, they ran a long way.”
But an actor — [ Laughter ] -My God.
Maybe — I don´t know what. I mean, like, that they thought,
you know, “She has endurance. She can go the distance.”
-Oh, I see. -She can work long days.
We´re not going to make her run, but she has —
-She has endurance. [ Light laughter ] -And obviously, it´s worked.
You´ve been very successful. -I mean, yeah, in some way.
-But, because they´re like — I mean, they´re sort of —
I think it´s just, someone looks and goes, “Oh.”
-Maybe that was in theatre school.
Maybe I still was in theatre school coming up
with things that I thought big Hollywood people would like,
like driving and — long-distance running.
-It feels like, then we should blame your theatre school that
didn´t teach you those weren´t important things. I think what you wanted them
to know was, “Look, I can drive, but if there isn´t a car,
I could also run there.” Yeah.
[ Laughter ] What was I thinking?
And also, when — when did I say that out loud,
in public? Then it was on the Internet,
you know what I mean? -Yeah, ´cause we — our
researchers found in real life. But you put it there,
and then instead of just burying the memory you then,
at some point, admitted it. -Exactly.
-You know, I think you´re, at your core,
a very honest person. And no matter how much you like
to hide things, you eventually admit that you talked to
your dog until it told you that it loved you. -I think you´re right.
I think there´s some truth to that.
-And — this is very exciting. You guys are gonna do
a seventh season. You´re back to work now.
-Yes. -Which is just thrilling.
-Yeah. -And — we were
talking backstage. Not only is that an
incredible accomplishment, to be on seven years.
But, at the very least, it means you´re gonna come back
here for a sixth time. And I´m just so happy
in advance to have you back. -Oh, what a pleasure. [ Laughter ] -I´m sure we´ll have more
talking dog videos. Oh, yeah. by the way,
the next time you come, it´s got to be, like,
a full sentence. -Okay.
-I mean, like, I know “I love you” is a full sentence,
but, like, something really — -Okay, I´ll work on it.
-A shopping list. I want you to say, “I´m going
to the grocery store. Do you need anything?”
-Okay. And I want Tank to say
at least four — “Aluminum foil!” [ Laughter ] -Give it up, everybody,
for Taylor Schilling!

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  1. MattieCooper says:

    Wait a moment. The CUTENESS AND TENDERS WAS EXTREME!!!!!!❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  2. Laura Movie says:

    I Love Taylor So Much 😂😍

  3. Laura Movie says:

    Taylor laugh 😍😍😍

  4. Ciao1234ist says:

    How is it possible that she's so NICE oh God I love her

  5. Monica Geller says:

    Gapman! 😁

  6. Kris Smith says:

    That was crazy. her dog was really talking…

  7. demvoter&damnproudofit says:

    love that suit

  8. ninjarevv says:

    I love how everyone's reaction was the same ahhaha

  9. ninjarevv says:


  10. Andrew Hewes says:

    I had a friend who has a cat. When Barrack was Pres. She said “Barrack.” When Trump was elected Pres. she changed to”meow.”

  11. Heylin C. says:

    Taylor is so precious I'm in love. Kudos to Seth for making her so comfortable that she laughed for the whole interview those are the best kind, her laugh is the most beautiful sound 😍

  12. Rosa Vaghi says:

    Shes is sooooo Sweet and Funny 😍

  13. Saba Sadia says:


  14. Saba Sadia says:

    i love her

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    Pretty sure she's high as a kite.

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    Taylor is so funny xD

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    her smile is so contagious i love her SO MUCH

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    she looks so good & omg her dog <3

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    I’m hearing more and more stories like this. Evolution, folks. 😬

  21. nicx b says:

    Hey Chapman you are so funny hehe

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    Never realised writers of OITNB are really taking things from real life.Piper's foot in mouth disease,her inability to fudge her resume.Her weird awkwardness.I love Taylor 😀

  23. Aaron Doherty says:

    Is it just me or is Taylor schilling, Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry all the same person

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    Is this real? Or some kind of audio photoshop?

  33. Virginia Mussato says:

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    I laughed out loud in the middle of the night this is great I need Taylor talking in Tank's voice for hours

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    she made my day ! shes hilarious!

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    7th Season, 5 years I think? Still epic. 🙂

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  41. Lauren Williams says:

    Taylor is so crazy I love her

  42. Kittyin Indy says:

    I’m sorry! Lol

  43. Samara Macfarlane says:

    I have a frenchie named bash, he's kinda the opposite, very quite unless he is playing but when he does make noise it sounds exactly the same!!!!!! French bulldogs are the cutest weirdos

  44. Niamh Russell says:

    Literally love Taylor omg made my day ❤

  45. Olivia K Mani says:

    She's so adorable.

  46. Madilyn Schroeder says:

    i actually laughed at this i loveeeeee that dog

  47. MW S says:

    Frenchies are the most vocal non-barky dogs lol. Ours argues with us whenever we have to leave him at home.

  48. Stacey Staser says:


  49. culota says:

    Gosh i never thought i would laugh so much at this! Taylor's interpetation of dog noises was hilarious

  50. Sherri Sides says:

    She is precious

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    Taylor reminds me that l'm a man locked in a lesbians mindset

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