Teach Your Dog To Walk On Hind Legs

– [Shannon] Hey YouTube,
Shannon and Reggie here, from McCann Professional Dog
Trainers and Trick Tuesday. And this weeks trick we’re gonna start to teach our dogs to ‘stand tall’. Okay buddy, on your toes. Yes, good boy. So for this trick we are
going to use our luring method and we’re just going to
help our dogs to develop some balance by using
our treat and holding it above their nose. Now, again something to
mention with this is that not all dogs will have
good balance on this, so use your judgment figure
out how long you want your dogs to hold that ‘stand tall,’ if you want them to be able to walk in it, that sort of thing is important to decide before you really start trying to get your dogs to balance if they may not be able to physically do it. Alrighty, so I’ve got my treats here. All I’m going to do is
put it above his nose and just lure him up to his back toes and very quickly I’m going to say my “yes” and then reward. So without all the talking. Yes, and then reward. Yes, and then reward. Now it’s going to come
with time that he’ll be able to hold that
position for a little longer and a little longer. What I might do is rather
than having that food dangling right there I might
just flip my hand upwards so he can sniff it, but
can’t quite grab it. Yes, and then reward
after a second or two. Alrighty, that’s it
for this Trick Tuesday. Make sure you check out our website at McCanndogs.com and sign
up for our newsletter McNews that comes out free once a month. Bye for now. (dog panting) (computer mouse clicking) (dog panting)

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22 Responses

  1. McCann Dog Training says:

    Teaching your dog a new trick is a lot of fun! It's also a GREAT way to build a solid relationship! Let us know if there are any tricks you'd LOVE to teach to your dog in the comments below. We publish new videos every Thursday and we would love to help you and your dog spend quality time together!

  2. sajid khan falconer says:

    hi thats v good how can i contact you dear

  3. _httydis. life_ says:

    Good job! U use a friendly method to train your dogs without abusing! 😁 A 5 thumbs up for u!

  4. Twisted Dew says:

    Omg i finally found a non – abusive trainer

  5. E The Unicorn says:


  6. Ashwarrea B says:

    she already knows how to do it

  7. Panda Gal says:

    The more humane way to teach your dog to walk on its hind legs! Thank you!! 👍👍

  8. Miss Kobayashi says:

    This is the best way to train your dog without smacking it with a comb or a sandal to train it. Yes in other countries they do that.

  9. Sarah Morton says:

    NO MORE ABUSE NO MORE ABUSE thanks for us how to make the dog stand without abusing it this could help other people see that you don’t need to hurt a dog to get it to stand

  10. Alien Emz says:

    Thx for not beating her

  11. LittleArmyNut says:

    I do this with my dog does it work with beagles

  12. Daddy and Tori says:

    I think this is abusive? My dog cries and said pls no so I think it is abusive

  13. Karen Golar says:

    Be friendly

  14. Hayley Knight says:

    Finally, someone who doesn't force them to walk like that for too long and no abuse involved


    Finnaly a persone that dosent abuise there dog and i think that everybody should tech there dogs this way insted of beating them to deth.🐶🐶🐶🐶

  16. Vietnam Animals Discovery says:

    The main key is developing dog's balance. Thanks for this useful video. 😘

  17. Me As in ‘Me’ says:


  18. jennylavender cat says:

    YAY NO MORE ABUSIN! Atleast some trainers are starting to realize that.

  19. Jchi1 says:

    So you didn’t watch the tutorial on how do make your dog stand on its hind legs from successdogs?

  20. tom smith says:

    Nice video! short and to the point!

  21. Ryan Neale says:

    I did not learn how to do it

  22. Facepalmer Chaos says:

    My friends dog goes crazy on hind legs!!!! She will stand for so long until you give her a treat

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