Teacup Toy Poodle Apricot Poodle – Teacup Poodle Toy Poodle Tiny Teacup Poodle Pocket Poodle

Hello everyone welcome to our video blog.
We are YouLong Breeding Center from Taiwan The ONLY professional breeders specialized in poodle breeding, ranged from Toy, Teacup, Super Tiny Teacup and the world’s smallest Pocket Teacup Poodles available for sale. we also provide one- on-one online chat in English, Mandarin and Japanese for your convenience. please give us a call on +886 (country code) 975-785-398 for further English assistance.

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30 Responses

  1. Sooyoung Choi says:

    so so cute!!!

  2. renise wong says:

    You have so much

  3. Teddy Bear Mommy (YouLong Breeding Center) says:

    跟著大熊媽媽尋找茶杯泰迪熊 (幼隆名犬中文部落格)

    Follow Teddy Mommy's steps to the base of Teacup Teddy Bears!!
    (YouLong Poodle Breeding Center Blog)
    info guaranteed, latest news updates provided .
    EXCLUSIVE Teacup Teddy Bears only show their faces here!!

  4. Aime Westle says:

    Looks like a puppy mill to me! look at them in those little cages :'(

  5. tyrus wade says:

    Puppy mill?

  6. Mary Rose says:


  7. Elsteako The Great says:

    That disgusts me.

  8. boredom120 says:

    0:35 puppy outside of glass. that's the most gorgeous apricot poodle Ive ever seen. I want it T_T

  9. Mr Predictably says:


  10. leesa yeo says:

    what's your email? I need to enquire on a few things. thanks!!

  11. мᴀʀco ᴘoʟo says:

    The only good thing about this pet store for those poor pups in such confined boxes, is that they are so cute they probably wont be there for long and being so expensive, most people that adopt them will usually give them a great life.

  12. BLACK PANTHER says:

    What breed is the white puppy at 0:07?

  13. Cover Matthew says:


  14. Linnhcute vs Linhmiu308 says:


  15. artemis moon says:

    Where can I buy these dogs? I been looking everywhere for a teacup poodle and they say they didn't have any in pet stores.

  16. Abby The Cat Girl says:

    Why do they call them toy poodles?

  17. Angel Rice says:

    I love this little boo boo!!! I must get one!!!

  18. Sheila Allen says:

    my next dog will be teacup poodle

  19. liz liz says:

    remember if your going adopt a dog go to a shelter many healthy dogs( heck evenif the dog is sick they should have a better reason to get adopted ) die each day in shelters do to people not wanting them and dont buy dogs off puppy mils or breeders for a stupid status or cause you want a popular dog many dogs need love it should not matter
    AT ALL on how they look and if they are puppies or not plus tea cup dog have MANY heath problems

  20. jeraldine lewis says:

    I was scam for 2000. For a toy poodle puppies I save a long time for now it is gone

  21. Mateja Miloradović says:

    Hi, I think size of that little doggo is perfect?
    I really want to buy the same one as that, but I'm concerned about size because I own toy poodle who is 13 years old and her days are coming to an end?
    Is that little buddy toy or teacup and is there a big difference between those two sizes or not?
    Greetings! ❤️

  22. Angel Harris says:

    I love teacup poodles l want five teacup poodle

  23. Emmerald Sun says:

    I'm not against breeding, and most breeders I know are responsible and do not use kennels. But this just looks like a puppy mill, no matter how many flattering words you put on your website. sorry, not buying it

  24. cathy yandere và lust says:

    No that đang yeu

  25. Chihuahuaチワワのナナ&チョコチャンネル says:

    Pretty! ?????

  26. M. M. says:

    If they get their dogs from a puppy mill, shame on them. They need to exposed to everyone.

  27. lmw rcp says:

    Let them out of the prison box!! Stop breeding! They are not meant to be like that. They are innocent living creatures. You pathetic horrible disgusting sick awful selfish greedy lazy worthless wastes of life humans all deserve to be confined behind glass and tortured and starved! You make me absolutely sick and horrified. You will answer to God and get the same back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Maricarmen León says:


  29. Tyra Dadson says:

    This is such bs, here's the thing they don't tell you. These teacup/microbreeds only live 3 to 5 years, are very prone to illness, and rack up huge medical bills.

  30. suzzie3868 says:

    There is NO such thing as teacup … I automatically question the breeding practices of anyone using the phrase 'teacup' .. and no decent breeder would use those crappy ass tiny cages…………. looks puppy mill to me.

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