Teddy the French Bulldog Gets an Antler Toy

Ted Waaa
Ted we just went to the dog show and we got you some gifts
we got you some gifts Teddy the frenchie growls
Whats mommy got for you? What is it?
What is that? Is that an antler
Is that an antler from the dog show? Do you want it?
Do you want the antler? Teddy the french bulldog barks playfully
Lets open it Whats gonna be in there?
You ever had an antler Ted? Oh
Teddy the frenchie barks How bad do you want it?
Sniff Sit back
Teddy barks Frenchie barks again
French bulldog barks again Do you want the bone?
The Frenchie barks again Come get it!
Laughing Frenchie chewing
Teddy the frenchie chews some more Is that a good antler?
Did we make a good choice? Ted!

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5 Responses

  1. Bill Riccio says:

    i really love teddy plus the fact your vids was short and to the point…but eddy the French Bulldog Gets an Antler Toy 2:15 is pushing the limit… keep it real teddy, keep it real!

  2. Daniel Eason says:

    These antler bones are great, last forever

  3. NoIceMe says:

    a third frenchie please

  4. problems56 says:

    Longer vids please. I could watch him gnaw on that antler for another few minutes he’s so adorable!

  5. Ahmed Afifi says:

    Love u Ted xxxxxooooo

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