Teddy the French Bulldog Runs into a Wall

Ted! Waaaa! Teddy the French Bulldog: Smack! Ted the Frenchie: Slo-motion Smack! That’s the wall! That’s the wall buddy! Are you OK? Ted!

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3 Responses

  1. Amy The Frenchie says:

    my Amy, 20 min after she eats.. she gets a energy boost and goes running all around the house too. it's too funny. i stop her i believe she can have an heart attack or something lol.

  2. trimentine says:

    My frenchie usually hits the door xD

  3. Hope Eld says:

    It's a dog, it's a plane, NO it's super clutz 🙃! Like me, sometimes😕. I always bang my right arm into the doorway to the kitchen! And from some of the side effects from my chemo, my feet aren't balanced from neuropathy, so I fall or trip a lot. So he's not the only one.

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