Temperament of Rottweiler and German Shepherd together ?

Hello friends, i am your friend and host Baadal Bhandari, and i am welcome you to your favorite youtube channel Dogs..Your Friends Forever Today I have with me my all time favorite Don the Rottweiler and Hitler the German Shepherd my five year old daughter Ibaadat is accompanying us. she is very passionate about dogs. No doubt both of these dog breeds are wonderful.I get a lot of queries from world over that can both these breeds are kept together? yes we can keep them together. they are quite friendly with each other. Lot of people have enquired that are they comfortable are safe to keep with kids? the answer is yes. The German Shepherd is all time favorite and most loyal breed. and regarding Rottweiler, people have myths that it is very aggressive , it attacks the owner. especially while feeding them. but it is a myth.it depends how we care and groom them. you see both of my pets have excellent breed standards . They are presently belted because it is their play time, and i just got them with me to shoot a small video clip. My five year old daughter Ibaadat is also waiting to play with them. this is the same German shepherd dog with whom i have already posted a video clip regarding his breed standards and temperaments. there she is my daughter Ibaadat. Both are very good play and enjoy with. i am feeding both of them with identical diet. all they need is regular brushing. multi-vitamins, calcium, and a balanced diet. you can feed them with a homemade food also veg and non veg anything. there is no compulsion of non veg diet. If you take a good breed and pedigree and care for the dog. it’s going to be a perfect and wonderful pet .But if care and grooming is neglected it might be spoiled in health and temperament. breed + care is equal to excellent results. I have cared for them very minutely. you see they both are gelling with each other so well and not showing any aggression. same is my St.Bernard dog also, I may be posting a video on him very soon. Any kid can have this kind of bond with any dog, provided he is trained for it accordingly. you can consult me on my helpline number 9878474748 you may feel free to call me regarding anything about dogs i hope you like this video. if you like this video so dont forget to like this video please press the bell icon to get a quick notification and don’t forget to click on the subscribe button to subscribe my channel for latest updates in this video i only want to show you that German shepherd and Rottweiler can be very good watchdogs,can be very good Companion Thank you so much for watching Baadal Bhandari presents Dogs Your Friends Forever.

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100 Responses

  1. Mr. Software says:

    Meine 4 week ka 2 german sephard breed laya haal hi mei. Lekin palne mei bht porisan ho raha hu.. mera ghor chota hei.. esliye rakhneme dikkot ho rahi hei.. pisab aur bathroom bar bar kor deta he kohi por.. ghar ja andar bahar kidhar bhi.. pls help me sir

  2. Mr. Software says:

    Meine 4 week ka 2 german sephard breed laya haal hi mei. Lekin palne mei bht porisan ho raha hu.. mera ghor chota hei.. esliye rakhneme dikkot ho rahi hei.. pisab aur bathroom bar bar kor deta he kohi por.. ghar ja andar bahar kidhar bhi.. pls help me sir

  3. Shreeram Singh says:

    Very nice 👌❣️

  4. Abhirockst M says:

    gsd 👍🏻🎖

  5. Jairaj Chatpalli says:

    Bhai both dog K puppy sale K liya hai kya

  6. CodeBreaker says:

    It’s my dream to have both of these 2 dogs. Rottie and GSD would make me as cool as John Wick

  7. Pankaj Goswami says:

    Where are you leaving

  8. Seemab Munawar says:

    Bhai real jerman shepherd puppy ki Kia nishani agr purchase kren

  9. Haider Ali says:

    German Shepherd is good dog

  10. Vijay Nigam says:

    3:25 Gsd and rottweiler ek dusre ko kiss kar rahe hai….😂😂😂😂 aisa pahli baar dekha me

  11. Hrinanko Basak says:

    Sir kitna price hai apke Hitler (gsd) ka??

  12. Vijay Prabhat Singh says:

    आवाज़ कुएँ से आ रही है । audio ठीक करो ।

  13. Ihsan Khan says:

    ہیلو ں ڈاکٹر صاحب میں اپناہ گھر کے لیے گاڈہ ڈوگ رکناہ چاہتاہ ہوں کون ساہ راکلو اپ مشورہ دیا

  14. Harmanjit Singh says:

    You got best dogs…😍😍

  15. dilhar singh says:

    Bhai maray pass rotwiller female ha app appnay dog say cross kara do gay

  16. Paras Kshetri says:

    Bhai apka Number do

  17. Laxmansinh Rajput says:

    aap kha se ho


    Hitler the German 😂😂
    I like that one
    Love rotties 😍😍

  19. Dixit Yadav says:

    Home made food. Me kya kya de sakte hai plz reply do

  20. Arman Ghuman says:

    I don't think so that rottweiler and german shepherd can live together

  21. Arman Ghuman says:

    I don't think so that rottweiler and german shepherd can live together

  22. Arman Ghuman says:

    Because i have both dogs they attack each other

  23. Motu Patlu& his friend says:

    Your rott very have bon

  24. Amarinder Sharma says:

    Coat shedding .?

  25. Surajit Parua says:

    Sir please make a video with saint barnard

  26. Gurjar Empire says:

    From where did you get your rottweiler??
    Excellent breed.

  27. Golden Era says:

    Sir app Mujhe ye Rottweiler Dilwa Sakte hai I mean same to same

  28. Udit Chauhan says:

    I need a Rottweiler puppy

  29. Ajay Kumar Jaggi says:

    What is the spot on shepherd's tongue?

  30. Adidevurakhisiju Adidevurakhisiju says:

    Sir your lucky because you have good quality dogs both rott & shepherd I luv both

  31. Adidevurakhisiju Adidevurakhisiju says:

    Rott, Lab, German shepherd lovers hit like

  32. ANUJ GAUTAM says:

    Do something for your audio clearity of videos.
    Please so that video don't get trouble

  33. Abhinav 9515 says:

    Sir apne ek bar ek duplicate labra sell kiya tha mereko…

  34. Abhinav 9515 says:

    U didn't pick up my call nor refunded my money

  35. Abhinav 9515 says:

    I even payed visit at your defense colony residence but to no avail

  36. Jatil Sahu says:

    Rottweiler ki price Kitna hai

  37. Deep Bal says:

    Sir ji mere paas German shephred hai..us ko Dusre Dogs se Protect kaRne k liye Ek Rottweiller bhi Rakh sakta hu kya ??

  38. BartTP says:

    Is german shepherd's name is Hitler? Did I hear right? 😛 Anyway, great dogs. Nice to see rottie's tail not have been docked.

  39. Dvs Haridwar says:

    Very good dog

  40. full entertainment says:

    How to train this three dogs together- German Shepherd, Rottweiler and doberman, please tell me …. I'm waiting for your reply.

  41. irfan abbas abbas says:

    Kindly apna whats app Number bta dyn


    Aapke gsd ke tongue me kaala dhappa hai

  43. Zahid Mehmood says:

    Which one is good

  44. Iqrasadaf 61191 says:

    Sir please change the name the dog of daude this is Islamic name I hambly request

  45. Vikram Reddy Bijjula says:

    Hello sir, where are you placed??

  46. Junaid Bhatt says:

    Can I get same colour of Gsd pup

  47. Mayank Boyat says:

    Ye dono dogs sourabh dog cannel se lie hue hai…right bhai

  48. Esha Fulzele says:

    You did not name your doggo Hitler?!? lol 😂

  49. Abhishek Singh says:

    Rottweiler male ka price kya hoga sir pure

  50. rocking flute says:

    sir ji kitne rotweiler hai aapke paas don daud

  51. SBM RAO says:

    Rottweiler and german shepherd is world's most dirty dogs as well as highly diseased prone dogs.

  52. Ravindra Rao says:

    Mr Bhandary, I have been watching your videos regularly. I have 15 months gsd.My earlier 2 gsd dogs survived 13 years good healthy life.your dogs / videos are excellent. Thanks for your video's. Keep it up. 👍🙏

  53. Arhunenienu 123 says:

    Sir Ur number pls?

  54. Rider Rko says:

    .Hi sir.. I am from bangladesh.. Rottweiler dog puppy ka price keya hain?

  55. Shrikantharakeri Shrikantharakeri says:

    Super message bro

  56. Johnnie Walker says:

    Hy boss I want buy rottweiler
    Will u suggest me how to check a good champion breed… plzz

  57. Sanjay Purty says:

    Baap re 2 bodyguards

  58. Satyen Shirke says:

    apki video achi rehti hai… lekin bahot bar apki video ki awaz kafi kam rahti hai, krupya volume ki khabadari rakhiye.

  59. Sanjoy Deb says:

    Plz improve the sound quality of your video,


    German Shepherd is best

  61. Golu Kumar says:

    Bhai ap hame German Shepard puppy achhi quality me dila sakte hi

  62. FaHad NaDeem says:

    https://youtu.be/xoHNynFmbco xheck out my German shepherd puppy heavy bone 2 months year old standard coat

  63. Sanjeev Kumar says:

    Yeh German Rottweiler hai?

  64. Ajay Debnath says:

    German Shephrd rate?

  65. mere baap says:

    Jaisi QUALITY apke pass hai dono dogs ki ese pupp mil skte hai kya?

  66. Dev Naik says:

    Pug dog ka video bana wo

  67. Ritwik Dey says:

    Both are male?

  68. Duy Nguyễn Rottweiler says:


  69. Bhavesh Patel says:

    Sir aap apne rott ko nonveg kitni baar dete ho ? Not the eggs, i m asking about the non veg . Pls reply me.

  70. harpreet singh Rai says:

    Rott very nice

  71. vivek's Pigeon says:

    Quality wise apke rottweiler se better ho sakta h other rottweiler? ………………kyoki mujhe to ye bhout accha lagta h

  72. ANMOL Dixit says:

    sir i want to buy as same as your rotweiller ( puppy ) how can i contact you .

  73. Koushik Mullick says:

    The color quality of GSD is amazing bas need to check the feet and heavy bone structure . The Rottweiler is amazing !

  74. 007princedude says:

    Really good quality dogs…loved seeing such top breed…

  75. Anshuman Vajpeyi says:

    I have 3 rottweilers, 2 pitbulls and 4GSds, never faced any problem in keeping them together.

  76. dalip singh rawat says:

    Sir apki baby cuty hai

  77. Shan mohsin says:

    Agr Rahul kutte ka nam nhi ho skta to Daud b nhi ho skta..

  78. Vikas boss Bhatt says:

    nice bro

  79. Hansraj Patil says:

    Rotvilar dogs ke pappy hi apke pass Jo XXL saies ke oar uanka praise bataye plies

  80. Sunil P vlog says:

    Bhai mai first time rottweiler dog ko pall raha hu to app batawo uska koi problem ti nahi hoga na naye log dikhenge to

  81. Takam Tagi says:

    I love German Shepherd

  82. Daya Wati says:

    Plz suggest some veg good food for doberman

  83. Iqbal Singh says:

    Sir apki videos ki voice boht kam hoti hai baki thik hai

  84. harjeet sidhu says:

    सर क्या आपके रोट का बच्चा मिल सकता है?????

  85. satish Kumar guru says:

    I love rottweiler

  86. anirudh sharma says:

    Wtf your dog is called hitler ?? Do you even know how fucked up that is ..

  87. Niraj Tiwari says:

    Bhai Sahab top quality breeder ho aap reaily

  88. Simon Gomes says:


  89. Trại chó Rottweiler Gervi says:

    cute Rottweiler👍

  90. Bhaumik Diwan says:

    Sir plz made video about the shedding of gsd long coat and how to reduce it during heavy shedding period. Kindly share your experience about shedding with your hitler.

  91. Faz Alshaibani says:

    Daud and hitler ???? 😂😂😂 dude change the rottweilers name thats a muslim prophet’s name

  92. Aftab Ahmed says:

    Rott to Rott hai bhai 🤗🤗🤗😈😈😈

  93. Ajay Yadav says:

    Rottwailr sel krege

  94. Ajay Yadav says:

    Rottwailr ka price btaye

  95. DC KI DUNIYA says:

    agar apse apne dog ka meeting ke liye contact krna h to kaise karenge

  96. Shankar Pokhrel says:

    Sir is dalmatian dog good for the first time owner?????

  97. Amit Mondal says:

    top quality Dogs..Great

  98. virendra cg says:

    Did u name dahud for rottie?

  99. Hemant Rana says:

    German badiya hai jldi baat sune hai or intelligent bhi hai or look bhi badiya hai

  100. Vishtnu Ram says:

    RajaPalayam is the best above all !!! its indian breed originated from tamil nadu and its rare breed because nobody knows about it.People go after Western breed because its mainstream media shows in that way.

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