Terry Bradshaw Gives A Final Performance | Season 1 Ep. 3 | THE MASKED SINGER

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100 Responses

  1. gary clatfelter says:

    Damn at least give us a chance to watch it before you post spoilers! At least don't show who it is in the picture! #Jackholes

  2. Darkmoon zm says:

    Unicorn must pay lots money to stay on this stage

  3. Lauren Kaminski says:

    In the bedroom comment probably saved The Unicorn there!

  4. Rachel Barrett says:

    Yeeeeessss!!! I was RIGHT!!!!

  5. Viola Chasety says:

    So good poor guy looked so nervous

  6. Diana Chevez says:

    Oh nooooooo! Deer 😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😭😭😭

  7. Harry Turn says:

    This football star does can sing… He has great voice… Country song does fit him… Does he has an album or cover when he young?

  8. Black Canary says:

    Wow he is a talented singer. 🎤

  9. 박종인 says:

    이 사람 꽃보다 할배에 나왔던.

  10. Dr3_ Mendez says:

    He is wayyy better than the unicorn

  11. Mitsuki Horenake says:

    He was my guilty pleasure, I am SO mad that he's gone now…

  12. photoshopknight says:

    At least he had a good time.

  13. charley15z says:

    Why y'all pretending like the west coast doesn't exist? Doesn't air here yet, and thumbnail totally spoiled it. Even though I already knew it was him.

  14. Brittx says:

    He can sing so well! Unicorn should have been eliminated her voice isn’t the greatest. No offense to her. He can actually sing well. I think he just needed different songs.

  15. Shadowghostgirl says:

    He sings well . For sure better then me👏🏼 awesome thing he did this for himself n step out of his comfort zone

  16. Dixiedoodlekay says:

    Please stop posting before big reveal. This is stupid and ruins the moment for the viewers

  17. E Presley says:

    The man is a LEGEND! How Unicorn aka Torri Spelling beat him is beyond me!!!

  18. Brystal Melzer says:

    Still don’t understand how any of the 3 other masked singers have been voted off before the unicorn but okay.

  19. Rhea Wolfe says:

    Um so those of us who haven't gotten to see it yet cause we can't watch it till freaking 9 oh clock…. thanks for the spoiler.

  20. Renaissance Productions says:


  21. Dibnag Lis says:

    Probably gonna be on trending, if so here before trending

  22. C T says:

    Thank you for the spoiler youtuve. Didnt have time to watch it till i got home. Awesome

  23. BS says:

    He has such a good voice that fills the room…totally recordable. Not sure why people saying he can't sing.

  24. Kira Linaris says:

    can we not spoil it in the thumbnail/title?

  25. Ashley Wood says:

    Honestly his voice isn't bad, its his timing and rhythm that is sooooo off. He made the same mistakes both performances haha, but many non-musicians have trouble with rhythm. It's difficult to teach! It was a great song for him to sing though, and considering the dude is 70 y/o, I'm really impressed.

  26. Athena T. says:


  27. Girl With A Laptop says:

    I hate country but he deserved to stay, he has personality even with a mask on, gosh I’m triggered

  28. C Connelly says:

    Well done!

  29. ⭐️ GUANLIN / EXO / ZTAO ⭐️ says:

    He was better than Unicorn to be honest. He should have stayed for atleast 1 more week.
    My ranking tonight is:
    1. Peacock
    2. Monster
    3. Lion
    4. Deer
    (Huge Gap!!)
    5. Unicorn

    I don't know why the audience was voting for Unicorn. I mean we are hearing the same thing right?!

  30. Notorious Kedewa says:

    The eff you all showing his face on the thumbnail for?

  31. Jen Ye says:

    Don’t know who this is

  32. Evelin Diaz says:

    I am convinced the Unicorn definitely bribed the producers or something to stay. Her performance was just…not good that I had to skip it

  33. Penduskie says:

    Don’t listen to country, but what song is this?! It’s FIRE?!

  34. Alista Dømeika says:


  35. Jessica Hill says:

    He’s one of the top ones I thought. Im surprised unicorn wasn’t the first to go

  36. Eduardo Gamboa says:

    What song did he sing on his final performance?

  37. waNee Mathers says:

    Wow seriously they keep on choosing unicorn? What the fuck is wrong with yall

  38. pootdispenserherre says:

    They just played the exact same prerecorded performance from earlier and tried to make him lip sync to it…so obvious

  39. xTixyCx says:

    He was one of my favorite! Live his voice!

  40. FabyVane says:

    Wtf thanks for the spoiler. Unsubscribing now

  41. Dawn13Patrol says:

    he was much better than i expected

  42. Ciera Howell says:

    Unicorn should have left

  43. Melanie Moon says:


  44. Ty Lito says:

    They know they can use somehow besides bum ass nick cannon right?

  45. Jordan Pardue says:

    Bah bah bah bah bah bah! I died laughing

  46. King Nice says:

    I'm a black dude driving a round playing both Terry Bradshaw performances . He did so good love this guy evening more now

  47. BreakTheTable says:

    He really is a good country singer

  48. Nicole Tate says:

    He actually dont sound bad

  49. Speed Demon says:

    The horse is straight trash she should have gone 🤢🤮

  50. Edward Pham says:

    This is bullsht.

  51. Troy Kristoffer says:


  52. Sungwon Shin says:

    and im here just wondering who all these people are even after unmasked…

  53. mikasplace says:

    I think the deer (aka terry) should have stayed and the unicorn should haved left

  54. Boss_Hoss _Cigars says:

    Pre recorded vocals

  55. kvillacreses says:

    Really the unicorn was not even good. Had to use autotune.

  56. Dana Lunsford says:

    Does anybody else think the unicorn is Paris Hilton???

  57. 0X0 says:

    what song? name plz

  58. toolazytotype says:

    Prerecorded vocals.

  59. Quinnita Strahan says:

    I was right

  60. Dolzadolza says:

    He was actually pretty good and improved a lot from last week

  61. EL PASTY GUERO hfa says:

    0:17 Lip syncing

  62. Maximus W says:

    My Nana went to high school with him.

  63. Zarina Kalizhanova says:

    I loved his "Thunder". What a pity! His performances were marvelous

  64. Who What where When Why says:

    Loved your singing… some thing "shine on"..😊😍😘

  65. lilbitchanair parow says:

    Make a d**n album.

  66. Linton Cornwall says:

    And she said he couldn't sing😏😏😏

  67. Carole A says:

    Ought to make Jack Pearson proud 😂

  68. ichatterbot says:

    They need to nix the song at the end….with them not in costume. Too obviously lip singing.

  69. HalfBAKED potatoe says:

    Never thought I as a hip hop fan would like this country music

  70. TOMMY Beams says:

    These things are always rigged. The unicorn stayed because of the sad story she told. It's all a game. A rigged game.

  71. Pun Gent. says:

    Terry Bradshaw can sing, I would LOVE to kick the judges that criticized him in the face.

  72. lyxx36 says:

    Wow that voice

  73. Harim Jang says:

    Now I believe all the singers are singing live.

  74. Missy Barbour says:

    He should have lasted a couple more weeks for sure

  75. ZzzZ Quan says:

    I’d throw a paint bucket on her head

  76. Donna Rachiele says:

    And he can sing great big hug

  77. kay vgeee says:

    Naahhh i bet he volunteered to leave. This show might have been too much for him. There’s no way he was voted off. He’s was just too humble and tired to stay on.

  78. Tiara says:

    I love how everyone thinks the unicorn should have gone home, shows that the show could be rigged.

  79. 49ers1975 says:

    i didn't know he czan sing..damn

  80. Christopher Holguin says:

    What's this song called

  81. LishpBoiJew 11 says:

    WHY!? The unicorn is trash I don’t like country but when he did it, it was the only time I liked country.

  82. M J says:

    I want a Terry Bradshaw album to play on repeat, love that mans voice!

  83. Lps Flame says:

    You can tell that its auto tuned to make their voices perfect

  84. CornishPasty says:

    sounds better than 99% of country artists

  85. elmyrul 92 says:

    Omg he has a really good voice!

  86. Dylann Pinon says:

    His own laugh got him reveled

  87. ashattack2580 says:

    that high not tho. im 13 and cant do that. and im a soprano in choir

  88. Sanaa Peters says:

    He was so off key i was laughing so hard

  89. Amy Amalea says:


  90. Joe Solorzano says:

    He did good tbh

  91. A B says:

    But he sounds sooo good

  92. Rickita Wheeler says:

    The deer should have stayed. He was better than unicorn. But that BEBEBEBE XD

  93. Rickita Wheeler says:

    unicorn should have left

  94. Crazar Poop says:

    He was awesome you guys should have voted off the lion

  95. Maliyah Chang says:

    That little deer 🦌 can sing.

  96. Phil Chao says:

    Glad that "little short guy from Japan" kicked him off

  97. Rondell Schuyler says:

    Terry Bradshaw can sing better than Taylor Swift. Terry Bradshaw actually has a album that came out years ago and it's actually pretty good. YouTube it

  98. Rondell Schuyler says:

    Engelbert Humperdinck can still sing they should put him on the show. # pure talent.

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