That’s why a real dog is better than a stuffed dog toy!

That’s why a real dog will always be better than any toy.

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  1. Funny Dog Bailey says:

    Hey guys! Did you like this video? Want more fun videos? Come and watch all the episodes in the playlist –

  2. Ashan Ashan says:


  3. Carlos Araya says:

    Eres un increible y afortunado tipo; el amor que profesas por TU PERRO ES ABSOLUTAMENTE CORRESPONDIDO !!!!

  4. bwdrums1 says:

    Bailey pitched a shutout, yay Bailey !

  5. Мармеладка мармеладовна says:


  6. Elena Agosti says:

    The winner is. …..Bailey❤❤??

  7. Cleonice Cotes says:


  8. O Brasil é Nosso says:

    The Winner is Bailey.??

  9. liliana quesada piedrahita says:

    Que lo dejen leer el periodico

  10. Guiyun Chen says:


  11. Eileen Heo says:

    Makes people who only own stuffed dog like me saaaaaad

  12. Lola Torres says:

    Amo. ❤ a. Bailey ???

  13. Anna Miranda says:

    So cute Bailey my love ❤❤❤❤

  14. Daisy says:

    So cute. ?❤️❤️

  15. v.subhash chandra says:


  16. v.subhash chandra says:

    It's always 0 with a toy

  17. Vany Bravo says:

    Ayyyyy tan hermoso Bailey!! Por eso y por muchas cosas más,, soy una dog lover!! Muchos cariños Bailey!!! ❤️

  18. Jantje Foutloos says:

    Better. A stuffed dog because he don't poepietje

  19. Seema Ghodkhande says:

    Sweetheart Bailey is always better

  20. Seema Ghodkhande says:

    How joyous playing with Bailey

  21. Dog vs Human says:

    oh bailey your so cute, adorable dog , such an inspiration to us .i would love to this this challenge to my dog

  22. Dot Evans says:

    Such a beautiful dog

  23. Lourdes Cazares says:

    Hola papas de Bailey es sin duda la mejor decision el tener mascota pero ojalá y todos sean tan responsabes como ustedes??

  24. 拉克絲 says:

    Bailey is warm, toy is cold!

  25. CANAL DO ZÉ says:

    Pq vc não coloca mais os vídeos em português?

  26. Prudhvi .T says:

    I hope it has to competete with another dog not with a toy then also this video is nice

  27. Karina Castillo says:

    Con razón Bailey es tan gracioso, lo sacó de su papá ????

  28. Yav he he says:

    what is this ridiculous subscribers fooling

  29. Eashwar G.K says:

    You have a such intelligent & friendly dog FANTASTIC!!!

  30. David Alejandro Lopez Correa says:

    Cuando estabas dormido debiste haberle dado el punto al oso Jajajajaj q estrés no poder doemir tranquilo

  31. abhijit ghosh says:

    What you do for living?

  32. Mohit Munjal says:

    If stuffed dog moves, then you won't like it

  33. BeaglesRFun says:

    "Nothing compares….NOTHING compares, to you!" (my song to Bailey)

  34. Rosa Polanco says:

    Bailey is always #1

  35. ظفاري ظفاري says:

    كيف تقارن صنع الله بي صنع إنسان الله الصمد هو الذي خلق كل شي

  36. samantha71ify says:

    Bailey gets mad when you cry ?

  37. Mikemike H says:

    Hey you can at least give the stuffed dog 1 point he was sitting!

  38. Bill Milosz says:

    Bailey knows you are not really sad and crying, and when you try to fool him, he will bite your ear.

  39. Terry Lynn says:

    ? Real dog wins !!?????

  40. Jenny purrucajb says:

    Lol ? your such a funny big kid I like your videos I always enjoy it ?

  41. Carlos Araya says:

    Ojala hicieras un video en el que nos contaras como cambio tu vida desde que llego a ustedes su hijo peludo. Lo único claro es que lo adoras o mejor dicho SE ADORAN Y YA ES PARTE IMPORTANTE DE TU VIDA Y FAMILIA. ATREVETE Y CUENTANOS EN PALABRAS COMO A SIDO ESTA EXPERIENCIA.
    P.s.: para mi, mi raton peludito y enano insignificante a sido vuelco en 180 grados de mi vida y que resumo en que es mi más incondicional amigo y lo amo con mi vida.

  42. Pooja Singh says:

    So funny and fun??

  43. SHAUN CAMPBELL9 says:

    Bailey is a living doll.
    Get it? Get it?

  44. Amity Asia says:

    I think in reading paper section stuffed toy won?

  45. PEACE LOVE says:

    Love you Bailey ? ??

  46. PEACE LOVE says:

    Love you Bailey ? ??

  47. Alvin Codilla says:

    Lovelove bailey watching from Philippines

  48. barbie's craft says:

    Nice dog

  49. Shirley Noah Prasanna says:

    Ha ha haaa?

  50. Nur Diyanah Mohd Affendy says:

    ❤️❤️❤️U Bailey

  51. Luckycharm Dog says:

    I"d rather buy more dogs than stuffed toy. Because if you need someone to talk to, you can talk to your dog. They are my stress reliever too.

  52. Enrico Lucente says:


  53. Nirajan Shrestha says:

    Psychological problems occurred go to mental hospital?????

  54. Swathi .k says:

    I like pets but i am afraid that i will break down when i loose them?

  55. makedonka makedonska says:

    Bailey and daddy you two are so funny , cute, adorable. I have dog beautiful, cute, adorable, I love her so much but I prefer stuffed dog for so many reasons ?? sorry !!

  56. Shanti Cardoza says:


  57. Eliana Domingos says:

    Que lindo brasil ????????

  58. Jucelia Cruz says:


  59. Patricia says:

    And the Oscar goes to… Bailey ????

  60. Pathiranage J.K. says:

    Hi bro.. everyday i'm watching your vedio…????

  61. *Sognatrice Delle Favole* says:

    Bailey is an angel. Pure soul. ?

  62. rajenthiran yogenthiran says:

    So sweet Bailey

  63. Farid Ishadi says:

    You're so funny bailey… Greetings from indonesia

  64. Priyanka Dolas says:

    it's my request to you that please bring bailey a female dog Friend because he also need a love, bailey entertain everyone but still he need a love

  65. Priyanka Dolas says:

    on 13 Dec my Dog dead forever then I realized that we human are so selfish we always thing about our entertaiment but what about dog he also need a partner

  66. cricket pubg says:

    Toy can't move simple logic

  67. Mercedes Peña says:

    dios lo bendiga mucho???????

  68. [Lol]icon says:

    Abe chutiye hain kya bc, toy ke sath jinda kutte ka comparison kar raha hai, chutiye angreez, it's translation in English, means you are very intelligent, bro?

  69. mix dogs says:

    the funnest dog ? we love U (from husky and gsd )

  70. Meenakshi Srivastava says:

    So cute dog????

  71. Sharath Kumar says:

    If you know the difference between living and non-living thing..

  72. Uttam Wpr says:

    But in one case stuffed toy is better… When you want them to stay calm and idle. ??

  73. karina constantin says:

    Hi , baby Bailey ?????????????????????????????????

  74. Fina .123 says:

    Não sei quem e mais lindo se o cachorro ou se e o dono

  75. Светлана Янушкевич says:


  76. Charushila Biswas says:

    Bailey is such a happy dog??

  77. Justice USA says:


  78. Neeraj Kumar says:

    Imagine bailey trying to play with stuffed human toy?

  79. Swati Gupta says:

    Replace stuff toy with real human being?? you wil get far better results than this.

  80. Blyth Lim says:

    please bring bailey for grooming. he needs it.

  81. Windy Wind says:

    Still smiling… : ) Love to Bailey!!!!!

  82. naresh barma says:

    Living things are always better than a non living thing …….ALWAYS AND ALWAYS

  83. selecionando amigos says:

    Kkkk adorei o placar!!?

  84. K.F. Chow says:

    The stuff dog should get 1 point for letting you read newspaper in peace!

  85. Triparna Daily Vlogs says:

    i love ur baily

  86. Universo Desconocido says:


  87. P J says:


  88. Adriana Castillo says:

    Hermoso perro! ?

  89. nazeem ameen says:

    The stuffed toy is so chill. Not bothered by a thing !

  90. Radha Sen says:

    How much Bailey loves you..
    When you are with him he is always grinning…

  91. Emily Tolman says:

    Lol so funny !!!

  92. Masky 1452 says:

    ¡Te amo bailey eres un gran perro, celoso, amoroso, tierno e inteligente y chistoso, como me hace reír.. ♡♡♡

  93. I Am Inevitable says:

    Atleast you didnt abuse the fake dog

  94. Arpita Sarkar says:

    I love that family…❤❤❤❤

  95. Michael Pruitt says:

    A dogs love.

  96. Cindy landis says:

    Sometimes I laugh more at you with Bailey but together you make a great team Bailey sure was loved

  97. Nivarani Kalita says:

    Lv u my sweetheart Bailey

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