The 3 IMPORTANT Lessons from The KING of Scale ๐Ÿ‘‘ (Sharran Srivatsaa)

Hey what is going on it’s Jason capital
with sterling capital here and in this short video both of us are gonna share
with you the three most important lessons that we have learned from my
good friend Sharran about this run is also my business partner if you don’t
know Sharran he is one of our featured millionaire mentor speakers at the high
status summit in California can I be really bold and share something with you
stop being an influencer whore link below to guarantee your seat and come
join us the Isetta some if you don’t do ticket yet but Sharran I’ve known for
three years now and he is unlike any other entrepreneur that I’ve ever had
the pleasure or the privilege of knowing when I first met Sharran he was working
with his real estate company Telus properties when he first started there
they were making 300 million dollars he sold it five years later when they were
doing revenues of 3.4 billion dollars a year do you understand the time the the
effort and the detail and the skill it takes to scale at cuttings and food to
scale a company to 3.4 billion dollars I’m not sure most people understand
Sharran understands Sarat has done it and I’ve had many lunches and dinners with
Sharran and I’ve learned a lot from him and it’s helped me in my business and
it’s it’s there’s been a downstream effects my clients and I want to share
some of that with you right now so first thing I learned from Sharran
transformations don’t happen in isolation
alright transformations do not happen in isolation you have a goal right now
maybe it’s a business goal lifestyle go a personal goal relationship goal
whatever the goal is are you going at it alone are you doing research on your own
on YouTube or Facebook or ebooks or Amazon whoever it is you do your
research are you making your plans on your own
are you executing on your own if you are doing everything on your own there’s no
place of feedback there’s no support there’s no people you can bounce ideas
off of and and maybe work your plan maybe stress test your plan to find out
where are the holes you can’t see where the blind spots if you are doing this
alone you are you’re costing yourself years probably money to the the ability
to time collapse we get a coach or a mentor or just a good group of people
around us even a French Bulldog it shortens everything so that’s the first
lesson transformations do not happen in isolation you
make a transformation we all do we’re gonna need the right people around us
number two figuring out and working on your core messaging pillars here’s what
I mean by this Sharran has certain things that he says to himself or his team or
his family over and over and over again for instance transformations don’t
happen in isolation hey that that’s one of his core
messaging pillars another one you’ll hear him say a lot and we’ll talk about
in a second is good process drives good results right or another one
relationships are a hundred percent my responsibility he has certain things
that he says over and over that he there like rules in his life there guiding
principles that he shares with his team to help them that he shares of this
family to help them that he follows religiously himself and because he’s
gotten them down to a soundbite just one sentence they’re easily remembered
they’re easily repeated so with your like your loss you don’t know what to do
in this situation where ever you can remember one of these sound bites one of
these core message pillars and you can you could hit it all right not the dog
you could hit it though right good process drive good results we’re not
getting good results remember surrounds a good process gradually results well
what is our process right now could it be better could we are there are there
checks and balances we need is there inefficiencies here you know like you
start thinking in the right direction because you know your core message new
pillars of course there’s a side benefit here if you are a coach or a consultant
you’re a service provider in any way and you have a platform a personal brand
online getting good at your core messaging pillars is really important
right Gary Vee is someone a lot of people know he’s got a few core
messaging pillars like hustle got a grind you know I think he’s got other
ones you want to have these core messaging pillars and you’re not gonna
sit there and draw them up they’re gonna happen through constant feedback you’re
constantly coaching like it doesn’t matter if you’re a coach or not if you
have a business and you have employees you are a coach your team members your
employees you are coaching them they’re the ones are gonna help you realize your
vision you need them operating to the best of their capabilities tapping in to
the Everest of their potential as well just like you you’re always coaching
whether its clients team members family whatever so you figure this out by
talking with these people coaching them and you find wow hey that thing I said
there that worked really well let me write that down let me remember that let
me say that more often I would rather you have a hundred great
things that you say you only says 100 things all the time
then you sang a thousand one different things constantly and it’s all over the
place like much better in my experience to know your core pillars and know how
to communicate them in a very profound memorable fashion so that’s number two
number three good process grab drives good results alright I don’t know how
many times I’ve heard Sharran say this I think it’s 652 good process drives good
results you want better results with your client getting you want better
results with your marketing efforts your ads you want better results in your life
I don’t care if it’s Fitness it’s relationships it’s what good process
drives good results I’ll give you an example if you are scaling let’s just
say – a million dollars a year in your business you may not need great
processes in your business because you may have the ability to do everything
that your business requires you may write the copy run the ad service the
clients do the customer support through the retention stuff you may do all of it
yourself because you don’t have that many customers or clients and a million
dollars a year you don’t necessarily need good process now you should have it
because what happens if you get hit by a bus the whole business dies and then no
one can come in there and run the business for you because no processes
were documented but if you’re trying to go from 1 million to 10 million as
sterling will tell you because he’s built and scaled many 10 million dollar
businesses in his own experience is that you need good processes in your business
for example like in my business now I might be the best at doing a lot of
things in the business but I am NOT an octopus I have two arms and you know
I’ve been with limits like any human being I can’t write all the email copy
and the webinar copy and the ad copy and run the ads and do the customer support
and edit the videos and and think up all the I can’t do everything so I need
people and for those people to be able to carry out what they need to do they
need a good process to follow step one step two step three this sort of thinks
Sharran in his business when he was scaling tellus from through in a million
to 3.4 billion one thing he would do is a good process was he knew all the
people in his business who were involved in in deal flow in the lead generation
is that they needed to get a certain number of new leads every single day
into the business for them to hit their goals so the process he used for this
wasn’t necessarily to teach them hey here’s how you generate leads because
you know at this point there farrance they’re smart they know like
you know how to generate your own fucking leads you study marketing sales
you know this alright but maybe they’re not doing it every day so what did he do
he set up a call every single morning where him and all the people whose job
it was to generate leads for this business got on a ten-minute daily how
to call every morning and he would just go around and it was very simple it was
how many leads did you generate yesterday what is your target for today
and everyone in front of everyone else had to answer this question and travel
go around one by one first-person generated four leads yesterday going for
four again today okay next person how many’d you generate yesterday zero okay
and how many can generate today I’m going for three today okay next and
Sharran doesn’t have to say anything she Ron doesn’t have to to condemn or
criticize this person just the fact that in a group of all of your peers they
generated three or five or seven or four leads yesterday and you came up with the
donut how do you feel no not very good right you feel embarrassed you feel like
maybe you let yourself down maybe you let your team down and so that day
you’re gonna be extra motivated you’re gonna make shit happen right and that
daily huddle ten minutes we all go around we answer those two questions
that is a process and good process drives good results now you’re not gonna
read about a good process like that in any business book because these
processes are unique to a business’s needs at any given moment maybe at that
time the real-estate business needed they needed more deal flow and that had
to be a high focus a highly measure they had to focus on and that was the process
that they created to hold people accountable akkadian some accountability
for that but maybe six months later deal flow is on point maybe it’s retention
that’s an issue and so you create a new process to service that need and and
exploit that does that make sense right so just to recap here one two three
transformations don’t happen isolation core messaging pillars good process
drives good results three of the many lessons I have been fortunate to learn
first first person in hand for my very good friend around Srivatsa and if you
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from Sharran at the high status summit this is his third time speaking at the
summit why because the first two times he gets thunderous roaring applause from
the thousands of entrepreneurs in the audience because they love what he’s
sharing they know they can’t find it anywhere else and trust me I’ve spent a
lot of times around you will not find this information anywhere else it’s not
on anyone’s Instagram I don’t care how big or famous the girl you’re thinking
about right now is and the lessons and the insights and the frameworks that
Sharran shares every year at the summit can literally replace the business you
have with the dream business income and lifestyle that you want because let’s
face it good process does Drive good results so I am Jason capital this is
sterling capital you are an action taker and we are here together handcrafting
your legendary life I’ll see you soon

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    You always teach awesome stuff Jason! I consume your videos more than anything, more than food lol. Kidding aside, always excited to watch your stuff man. Now viewing

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    You are crushing it with content lately Jason, and definitely the most engaging speaker I know of in this niche.

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    great video! love sharran!, hey jason, quick question: do you thiink the model you and bedros taught in "the digital millionaire" is still valid? (basically email indoctrination to an ascencion of products, and then daily emails)…

    Beacuse i'm trying to start an info biz, but there's so much bullshit and different methods out there that i dont know what the fuck to do; and your way seems reasonable, but since is a bit old i'm not sure….

    i have traffic from my instagram page, and a couple of products already done (video trainings) but i'm not sure what to do next…

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    The team huddle where you try to motivate members of your team by embarrassing them does not work. If you try and motivate an idiot this way, the best you will get is a motivated idiot

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