your watching bully bad as TV YouTube’s
best channel for dog lovers day wilson president of the ABKC founder of razor’s
edge one of the co-founders of the American Bully they ABKC we don’t show ever be
sanctioned shows as always host all around the world all around the state
said that you know further shows we do this action in the user roles are judges
in our gallon one show a year is the show that we have the BKC host ourselves
is what we consider to be the premier show of the year it’s always very
exciting because throughout the year you have all these different competitors and
somewhere on the west coast some unease goes into some travel to you know
everywhere but this is not one of them for people really look forward to and
save up and the best competitors come for this one so it’s for the american
balloon ABKCO mean this is the mecca of dog shows the breed at the moment it’s
still growing still still in its infancy I think
there’s a lot of people that expected to be further along than it is right now
the problem is that this is a very young breed and we build ourselves and built
this breed from the bottom up so we didn’t start necessarily we have the top
of the line don’t we started without with broodstock dogs so over the years
we’ve been tweaking the breed in getting the breed more to what we feel is the
proper representation of the breed the state of the breed itself if you’re
looking into a BKC register dog which we feel we were the founder of the debris
the founder of the registry with the people who set the criteria for the
breed we were the people who set the standard for the breed so in essence
baby casey was what created invalidated the breed so if we’re just dealing with
a BKC register dog what we feel are the true american movies there’s a definite
progression of the breed there’s a big issue in a breed overall it’s the
misconception or public perception of what is this brief because of avenues
like Facebook and other registries have come later on that don’t necessarily
follow the guidelines that we set for our breed there’s a lot of public
confusion of what actually is an American Bully Bri there’s a lot of dogs
flying under the name and the radar of American believe breed so if you’re
looking at the overall perception of the breed it’s it’s it’s quite confusing
because there’s a lot of false signals a lot of false things being said out there
and a lot of things that aren’t really what ABKCO would consider it being called an American blogger flying
undergo the flag of the American Bully what we’ve done is we have a criteria of
what dogs can still be entered in the stud book seize our dogs that are not
registered with us already we still have single registration open and when you
create a breed you have to have that for you have to boost I see you need to have
therefore probably seventy in two hundred years you know for to really get
a good enough doctors to build a predawn so we’re a long way away from closing
the door to single registration closed in the study books but what we have done
is we’ve made that criteria a lot stricter we do I really realize that now
this breed has elements of bulldog and that’s part of our brain knows nothing
we can do about that but what we’ve done is we’ve made the guidelines a lot
stricter to where we’re not taking in things that are everyone’s in dogs are
actual recent process of Bulldogs and on the other end without taking in dogs
that are two terrier too much of a pitbull you know so we have these
guidelines on either side of our criteria for dogs coming in that are
very strict now you know requires pictures a lot of times it requires a
judge’s inspection time required DNA so what we’re working to do is to protect
the breed to keep it within boundaries so it does have consistency in there is
consistency in the boots that and we are trying to we are turning away alot of
dogs that try to rest of that are not healthy dogs are good quality those
because we don’t want to taint the gene pool the though you know we want to make
sure that this is a breed that can sustain itself four hundred-plus years
you know so we are working we’re up some people just registered dogs we don’t we
look at the future of our breed we look at the American Bully as we are building
a breed we don’t look at it as we’re just putting out paperwork on a dog in
the beginning with our dogs I mean we had a broad variety of topics in america
blueberry it and are judging was a little bit more lenient because again we
were new as time went on as a brief went on
we got more specific the rules got stricter criteria that stricter and the
judging got stricter they used to be that we wouldn’t give you know not a war
we would always give a first-place ribbon in a class now we will hold a dog
is no dog in a class that fits the class then we will hold a ribbon you know so
we’ve got a strict over generations but in essence it’s helped the breed and
another angle is hard to breathe because what has happened is that the more we
got strict on flaws the more we also started to breathe away from breed
standard it’s a difficult game when you’re reading a free like this this was
a breed created for substance when we made this breed is the originator of the
founders of debris the original breeders we were breeding toward the edge of a
standard we’re always trying to put as much mass boneheads you know the
exaggerated features on dog but without it falling apart we’re always trying to
keep a balanced dog but still push the boundaries of it so we wanted a function
of dog and as much as we could put on it without it breaking now so this bridge
was built on the idea of adding mass wedding hit adding exaggerated features
are going too far the problem with that is that when
you’re adding exaggerations there is a boundary that mean that you will fall
over the edge me go too far and when it becomes something that becomes a
hindrance to the dog it’s not healthy is not functional is not physical then it
becomes a hindrance on the dog and that’s not what we wanted we do want to
cross the line we wanted to stay right on the inside of that line being very
technical you’re supposed to look at the data lines of what the dog’s breed type
of being the main part 3 type of what it should be but there’s all these
different parts of the standard that break it all down and has a lot of flaws
that are not accepted summer disqualification somewhere we
need against the problem is that when you bring these exaggerated dogs a lot
of times it’s hard to create these dogs without creating a flaw or something
that’s outside the standard a lot easier when you’re bringing a finer dog in my
opinion a cleaner dog did not get the flaws and some of these things so it’s a
very difficult nature to breathe at all with exaggerations but flawless
and as the judges get stricter standards got stricter in the judging in the
ringgit stricter it started to mean that more dogs are being awarded that were
little bit outside of retail little bit lighter dogs not quite the heavier you
know natured dog that we are breeding me and I was all for the purpose of trying
to keep it true to its form but true to the standard not have enough laws be
rewritten a standard so that people can understand when you’re reading the
standard that this is supposed to be a real substance said having added bone in
addis substances not to be pointed against because that was what created a
brutal bridge for but you still have to have a dog within the guidelines you’re
not supposed to have the floor walls that are listed in stable supposed to be
within the standard so we’re in a very transitional period in the breed right
now because we are getting a lot of dogs that are actually very correct and clean
and free of flaws but at the same time a lot of dogs are not carrying the
substance that the bridge was supposed to carry so you having good correct dogs
but they’re not quite what the breed standard of the dog is supposed to be
there they’re lacking a lot of ways so where we had to go back to Venice like I
said we rewrote the standard is why one point we had the extreme class and we
decided that the stream this breed was an extreme breed so instead of a
classroom that we were all that into the other riders the pocket the Xcel in a
standard basically saying these dogs can be dogs of mass they should be as long
as they’re still balance and it doesn’t go over the edge another misconception and confusion is
what breeds made up the American Bully what is the make up of this breed was it
just a pet name staff is it Buddha that’s in the BREEAM it’s a big cloud
area that people haven’t really got clarification on what exactly is an
American Bully and I’ll basically explain it to you the American Bully in
the beginning from my hands with Raiser’s Edge was pit bull named Steph
that’s what it was those little blood that I personally
worked within the breeds and I was pushing the boundaries of trying to
breed the bully or style some of the other lines that were
brought in had some skepticism or or having mood
argument even though it was never said it wasn’t said those are some of the
lines it also came into the breed so the foundation of the original breed was
pitbull am staff and there’s some speculation of some bodo which was
unknown you know it’s just more speculation but
that’s what it started with it was never intended to be agreed to have anything
else added to it however over generations it has it changed it wasn’t
the original intention of the breed and it wasn’t done by me personally but it
was done by our community i mean people in the community we’re trying to get
full year old dogs and instead of the way I did it they figured using Moodle
imager you know some bull dog stuff in it would give those traits and asked for
some dogs it worked in on some dogs didn’t and abroad entry to the breed
that were initially in the debris but in a way it also helped freshen the brief
2000 now in the american bully breed I don’t know what actual Bulldogs in there
but there is an element of mood are going to breathe and it wasn’t the
original intention of the breed and that’s why we’re rewriting the history
of the breed because there was something that was brought into our breeding and
it is what it is however in the beginning me person was something that I I didn’t
agree with what was happening anyway now that I’ve taken a step back and really
over a good view of the breed breed has a really good unique look to it is also
not gone too far you know one direction or the other
direction is getting me through terror and it shouldn’t be too much of that
people will have diverse bree is plenty of different styles of people’s people
don’t have a unique look to it never has all different styles so damn staff had a
unique look to it when it was basically a it is a pitbull just it’s a certain
variety of people were in a certain way you know the American believe was also
that but what’s the American Bully now is is it’s different because of the
little bit of blue dollar dog has been mixed into this breed it
has now separated their breeding given it is only need look to it and that’s
what it is I mean I think I didn’t like it at first like I said but I think now
it’s helped keep the breed unique you know it has been one of these things
that made us in our brief look different than any other breed we really have a
look unique to our brunette is its own economy you can look at an American
bullion say it’s an American movie and yes it is parked in a predominately
amstaff pitbull lineage but there are no dog treats and a lot of these lines and
a lot of thought and it is in our breed and you know it’s something that we can
remove and it’s something that’s actually tweak the way our weather breed
is to this day so it’s there but like I said again I mean it’s one of the things
that there’s a boundary you know if you go too far away meaning it’ll roll into
looking like an old French and English saying if you go too far the other way
to roll back into looking like an AM staff for pitbulls so it’s a fine line
of what it is but it’s it’s the makeup of the breed but the key is in this is
really the key now it doesn’t matter what was in it who did what those things
are relevant at this stage of the game because this is what we have the only
way to preserve what we have and continue what we have is to only breathe
this breed to itself there’s enough in this breed in the make up for it to
continue on so the problem now that we face is that people need to stick to
breeding American movies to america believes in my feeling is a BKC ready to
american beliefs baby casey registered American blues man we are the foundation
of the brain where we’re trying to protect this breeding preserve this
breed in our goal is to look out for the future of the breed so if you’re staying
with an American movie maybe Casey registered to another American Bully it
will become a very consistent breed in the future the key is to not allow
people to bring in another dog at this point agree to this point it doesn’t need to
be done this is where we are this is what we are and now it’s time to
continue on it’ll be a breed that not unlike the pit bull which is an ancestor
that you can’t look for something democrats this will be a breach in my
opinion that you look at say 100% as an American I think with what we’re pushing
right now with the BKC and trying to really explain to people what the breed
really should look like I think that is going to go in a positive direction I
think that we were just a little too critical for too long and that started
to affect the overall look at the breeding this is where we’re working on
that we still want these correct clean dogs real flaws but it still should look
like what an American blue is supposed to look like it’s difficult for me to
the pin window for me to say this is the ideal dog especially they’ve won
national pride not the ideal thing for me to say but there’s a lot of dogs
right now there’s a lot of dogs out there right now that have the overall
though i would tell you that this past week prior to Nationals I went around on
the internet looking at all the dogs coming out was actually pretty shocked
to see that it’s actually coming together there is a little bit finally
starting to come together I don’t like this single out one I know that should
single out of dog just so people can have that exact idea of what it is but
it’s also a political thing that when you pick one dog you know that cuz there
are different dogs I mean it’s unfair to say I brought out a dog this year that
name demon boy and I don’t think he’s the ideal showed up I think that they’re
still tweaking the deal on the dog to be a shadow in the position I mean I can
show him anyway but I think for a breed type if you’re looking at a dog made up
of the bloodlines within our breed is a very good specimen because he is carrying razor’s edge he
is carrying the Guardian sister you know he’s got all the stuff that meet our
breed is in him and he’s a balance of that he’s carrying the good quality
traits of each of those lines again I would say he’s an ideal dogs ordering
there are better dogs in the ring and you know a lot of our grand champions
are a testament to that but it’s just for somebody to say what should this be
look like if you’re blending their stuff together and that’s what I’m bringing my
should be like if you blend these things together this should come out looking
like this you know this is a proper representation what it should look like
and it’s one thing if you preach preach preach but it’s nothing if you know have
something concrete for people to see you know we’re very visual in our community
and if you don’t have something there for them to see it it’s hard for me I
can’t borrow somebody’s and i’d you know it’s in it is a political fight this
person this person is present in my situation I’m not going to step in the
ring because I don’t want to compete with our competitors being as one of the
founders of this I just don’t feel that it’s the right thing for me to do so
it’s very hard for that I don’t want to put diamond against those dogs because
those dogs governor titles and those dogs are great representations but I
can’t carry it everywhere I go I can’t go overseas and argued all going to
borrow your daughter you know and it’s different when you show pictures there
weren’t so many of the real nice specimen that I could just read
something similar to this this is what our beach look like but I can’t go all
the way out there say that because there are things that he needs to eat as well
but it was the best I could come up with a time you know it wasn’t made through
my hands and I had to help in it and then there’s a hundred percent raise it
by do 100% reasons for this purpose you know hundred percent raise it from my
own purposes a different story but this is the show people why can’t take the
dog to say this is it is only razor’s edge that’s not fair either because this
is a breed made up of different well then it’s not just my blood I like we
talked earlier it’s not just my philosophy of what the breach of any
other people with their twist on it as well you know i mean it’s very difficult
to find her perfect representation without a floor without anything you know hopefully that’s one day all
adults will be that way we are the founding registry for this breed and we
have guidelines and this is what the guidelines of our breeder but we also
really need to get educational information out there as much as
possible will be doing releasing videos and data basically show what these dogs
are supposed to look like videos breaking down the standard what the
standard means what every aspect of standard is will be releasing breed
sketches to go over every aspect of the breed so we’re going to start to put out
a lot of informational educational media art direction and my personal direction
is to get clarification on what actually this breach of being I think the future
is going to break for the breeding and I mean we’re doing everything we can
possibly do to get that information out there they will present a BKC I just
want to say thank you to everybody out there supporting and respecting this
breed thank you for the people keep an overly professional and really helping
to give our breed a positive image you all that have actually kept this breed
going forward we fought a lot in the past to get to where we are today and we
still have a long way to go but nothing will ever expect everybody out there
supporting the breed you know thank you for taking the time to watch his
interview I look forward to meeting you at a future event

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