The Bell Training Technique | Puppy Days

NARRATOR: In Atlanta, undergoing her
unusual potty training at the Kramer household. Potty. We’re going to go potty. NARRATOR: Bonnie, Jeff, and
10-year-old daughter Danielle are training her to ring a bell
when she needs to go outside. Potty. Potty. Going down. Ready? Ready?
Potty. Potty. [rings bell] As Bonnie likes us to
say, you know, potty. -Potty.
-We say potty. Potty. Potty. Potty. It seems pretty silly to keep
ringing this bell every time we go out the door. She’s not like putting up her
paw or anything like that. NARRATOR: Phoebe’s not
really getting the hang of it and is still having accidents. JEFF: Tonight, we fed Phoebe. I saw her looking for a
spot to poop in the house. Uh-oh. No, no, no, no, no! Ugh! So then I rang the
bell on the way out. Potty.
[rings bell] Potty. And of course she didn’t go. Why would she go?
She went in the house. She doesn’t need to go. NARRATOR: Jeff’s struggling
to believe in the idea. JEFF: Let’s go inside. Good girl. NARRATOR: But he’s
not giving up. Ow. OK. Ow, ow. OK. Every time I take her
out, she bites me. Can you see those red marks? Those marks are from taking her
paw and ringing that damn bell. It’ll be really interesting
to check Bonnie’s hands and see if she’s got
any marks on her hands because I got to tell you,
I haven’t really ever seen her have Phoebe ring that bell. NARRATOR: But when the
breakthrough comes, it’s Bonnie who gets
to hear the bell. BONNIE: Oh my gosh. Did you just hit the bell? Do you need to go outside? NARRATOR: Bonnie now
needs to get Phoebe into the garden
fast, and praise her if she does go potty outside. Good girl! Yes, good girl! You hit the bell. I was so proud of Phoebe. She went up to the bell,
and she just kept ringing it until she got my attention. I wasn’t even paying
attention because she’s never done that before. And we went out,
and she went potty. Good girl! Yes, you knew you
had to go pee pee. Yes, good girl! So I’m hoping she’s getting it. Here, let’s go back. Come on, Phoebe. Good girl. Good girl.

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26 Responses

  1. jungla3 says:

    Technically you're supposed to get the puppy to ring the bell themselves (even just accidentally) If you put her paw up, she's not going to understand that she herself has to do it, or that there's any correlation between the bell and going potty. That's why it took such a long time with a bunch of scratches and bites.

  2. Cheryl Breitkreutz says:

    That poor man..

  3. g ts says:

    "PADDEE PADDEE" … 'Potty'.

  4. dmagin777 says:

    this is so dumb, and that guy needs to grow a pair.. fuck

  5. Pierce Bassett says:

    Watches the dog crap on his floor right in front of him? Lol wtf

  6. Raynbo #### says:

    When you feed a pup it will go to the toilet within half hr after feeding. Its not rocket science….duh!!!!!!

  7. Rob Clippo says:

    Wtf these people doing they are pushing her against the door

  8. Kar Perez says:

    Thankfully, my dog learned to touch the door with his paw and scratch it a little when he wants to go out. All by himself

  9. Thor Dehr says:

    Someone has to teach this guy the concept of gloves.

  10. Chassidy Chounet says:

    Phoebe was tearing him up lol

  11. Jone Robbins says:

    I think they should teach him to go outside then teach him the bell… They are expecting too much from a little puppy. One baby step at a time.

  12. kkoda23 says:

    LOL this is NOT AT ALL how you teach potty bell training.

  13. aída b says:

    In my honest opinion,if you have a pet you MUST walk her/him. No dog (or any pet who needs to go outside) should have to find itself in this kind of situations.

  14. Deniz Beşer says:

    Thats not how you teach a dog how to ring the bell! gosh is this even real? my dog perfectly rings it and you cant just force a dog to play with it before even introducing the bells.

  15. Fuck Google says:

    It's best to train them to nose the bells so they don't scratch the doors. Making the dog use its paws like that can scare a puppy out of this training method. also, he's getting way too frustrated for this young of a pup. they'll be lucky if it doesn't end up with some fear-based behaviors if he keeps his frustration level that high.

  16. Ismerai Alvarado says:

    There are several components to house training a dog. One place I discovered which successfully combines these is the Bevs Booster Guide (check it out on google) it's the best plan that I have ever seen.look at all the unbelievable information .

  17. Love Bug says:

    I have bell trained my dogs to let me know they have to go to the bathroom.

  18. Anthony Bly says:

    The worst instructional video ever, thank you.

  19. Southernbelle24 says:

    I tried that but she just plays with the bell all the time and it’s soooooo annoying

  20. Craft Toons says:

    I have a puppy and her name is Feebie! We decided to spell it that way.

  21. T S says:

    I am using this approach for my 5 month Cockerdoodle and she has actually caught on. Problem is, to well, she now rings the bell every 5-10 minutes after we come in and I know she can hold it much longer than that. How do I teach the concept of using the bell ONLY when she has to go and not every time she wants to go out?

  22. Charles Allen says:

    Lol. This is ridiculous

  23. Hawley Cote says:

    These people worked very hard to train their puppy and in turn they get slammed with the negative comments! Why can't you people be a little more positive?! Each puppy is different. Repetition works and that's what they were doing!

  24. To Ry says:

    hey ,if anyone else wants to learn about training puppies try Panlarko Perfect Canine Planner (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my mate got cool results with it.

  25. The Roberts Paw Pack says:

    Yeah she’s not getting it because you’re holding her paw and slapping it with the bell. Dogs are supposed to touch it with their nose and you reward them! Obviously she won’t get it

  26. Luis Leduc says:

    Dog: Oh outside is to go party 🎈. Inside must be to take my Sh$t! Owner: Noooooooo stop! Dog: Oh he must want me to go party with him again, I’ll sh$t on the couch when I come back inside😂

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