The Best Free Video Editing Software Recommendations

For this week’s
YouTube Q&A, let’s talk about some free video editing
software recommendations to help you guys out who are
maybe on a tighter budget. That’s coming up. Hey, guys. My name is Tim Schmoyer. And it’s Thursday, time to do
some YouTube Q&A with you guys. Entirely Lily wrote and
asked this. “Hi, could you make a video about the
best free editing tech to get? I’m struggling to
find a decent one. Thanks. Smiley face.” At first thought,
it’s no, I actually don’t know of any good
free video editing software to recommend. But I asked on Facebook,
and I asked on Google+. And most of the
responses I got back confirmed what I was
already thinking. If you’re on Windows, really
the best free editing software to get is Windows Movie Maker. I believe it still comes
pre-installed on most Windows machines. If not, there’s a link in the
description text below where you go download it for free. If you’re on Mac
your computer should come with iMovie, which is
a very sufficient program for getting started
with online video. It actually does a lot
of things really well. And you’ll probably
find you don’t need to upgrade for a while if
you’re just doing basic stuff. If you’re already
using one of those and you’re still looking
for something that’s a little bit of an upgrade
and is still free, I’m sorry. I don’t have anything to
recommend for you guys. If any of you guys
who are watching this do have something to recommend,
please comment below, and let the rest of us know. If you have some
money that you’re willing to spend to invest
in the next thing past iMovie or Windows Movie
Maker, I personally recommend Adobe
Premiere Elements. It’s kind of like the
next step before you get to the professional
grade stuff which would be Adobe Premiere
Pro, which at this point will actually cost you a monthly
subscription fee to access. And if that’s the route you
want to go– you’d rather just pay a monthly small fee
rather than one big chunk– the links to all that stuff
in the description text below. You guys can go check it out. I’ve heard a lot of
people on the Windows side also recommend Sony Vegas. And on Mac, if you want
to make an upgrade, you could also go
to Final Cut Pro. But the reason I don’t really
recommend either one of those is because they’re
kind of like dead ends as far as your video editing
skills are concerned. There’s not a logical
next step to upgrade if you’ve kind of maxed out
Final Cut Pro or Sony Vegas. But if you go the Adobe route,
when you max out elements, then you’re ready to get
started with the next software without having like a
really steep learning curve or just being faced with an
entirely different program. But either way, if
you do eventually upgrade to the Adobe
Professional suite, the learning curve is
a little bit steeper than the lower-grade ones. And so I recommend using
the tutorials. They’ll really systematically
walk you through each of those. You can also get
some free training from Adobe TV, which
is really good. But I have found that the, although it will cost you $25 to go
through all the courses you can in one month, I’ve found
them to be a little bit more systematic and complete. And one last tip for
switching editing programs. For me, those transitions have
always been slow and painful. And I really just have to sit
down and force myself to say, you know what? I could make this video in five
minutes using my old program, but I need to learn
how to use this. And so if it takes me eight
hours, which it usually did the first couple
times, I am going to do it. But the learning curve
became totally worth it, and I eventually became
just as proficient at the higher-level programs
as I did at the lower ones. And now I’m using
professional grade stuff with hardly any issues at all. The next step for me
is now just to force myself to start
using After Effects for more and more stuff. So I’m doing that to make
my editing time a little bit longer. It feels a little
bit less efficient, but I am learning it. And I encourage you
guys do the same. The thing about
editing software is most people seem to fiercely
loyal to whatever program that they use and
discount all the others. So without getting into a
war down in the comments, I’d love to hear what
software you use, and if you would
recommend it or not. Different upgrade
levels that you see would be a natural flow
for someone to take. Leave all your thoughts
and comments down there and help each other
out would be awesome. And if this is your
first time here, I’d love to have you subscribe. Every week we just do some
YouTube Q&A with you guys to help you out with stuff
that you’re doing here. On Tuesdays, we take a
look at online video news and the changes that
are happening here to the platform on YouTube and
other online video industries and talk about the implications
it has for those of us are video creators. And on Wednesdays, I just
give you guys some tips, ideas, and suggestions to
really help your content grow because I really want to help
you guys the best that I can. I want you guys, who
have a message you’re trying to spread, to really
spread that effectively so that hopefully it changes
the lives of the people who hear what you have to say. Thank you for letting
me be a part of that. And I will see you
guys again next week. Bye.

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100 Responses

  1. ST Reactor says:

    Is windows movie maker good if you want to edit gameplay?

  2. Nicola. says:

    blender is really good

  3. Dj CashMoney 767 says:

    i use Wonder share but.. its a dead end for me now…… Windows movie maker sucks… and dos not have enough Features.. so i am stuck.. and i cant afford Vegas Pro and the others.

  4. Rey Beltran says:

    i use lightworks but when i insert the video into the editor the audio gets unsynced how do i fix this

  5. What's in the box? says:

    As someone who is new to making videos, I appreciate the the info. Subbed!

  6. zeg makker says:

    you know that most people hate windows movie maker, right?

  7. adam says:

    Avidemux for noobs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. ThatKidNathan says:

    I Got Lightworks one

  9. s wen says:

    any video editor software that can reduce background noises

  10. tim mellis says:

    IMovie isn't free anymore. I just went out and paid way too much for an apple computer so as to have iMovie and now they want money for iMovie. arrrg.

  11. YellowPeaches says:

    Il rather buy Camtasia if we taking bout huge money programs.. aint going for some cheapshit lightworks or filmora or whateva

  12. Juice Pops says:


  13. Eddie Smith says:

    As for me, I use Serif MoviePlus and have been for some time. At $29, when I got it, it was a steal.

  14. David S says:

    well hes correct i mean here the thing you get what you pay for so if you want anything in the editing world so if you want a free programs well you get the basics if you want something amazing such as after effects ect you going to have to pay and it is worth the money if your actualy going to use it

  15. David Lau says:

    Any programs that can make things glow?

  16. hobbyman847 says:

    GoPro studio

  17. Suganthan BC says:

    Blackmagic Resolve free edition has professional editing options.

  18. KOTF 666 says:

    HitFlim 3 Express

  19. etunimi11 says:

    But LightWorks does'nt import OBS video files?!

  20. Jerry says:

    iMovie costs $15.00

  21. Hadef Shajir says:

    is filmora a good sotware?

  22. VortexHDPlays says:

    Vegas Pro.. Its the BEST Editing System.. Theres a trial.. But a long trial 🙂 Also you can get the free version by watching vids on YouTube and do what they say to get the Free Version of Vegas Pro 😀

  23. VortexHDPlays says:

    Btw.. Windows Movie Maker wont upload for me :/

  24. Phantasmic says:

    Anyone know of a video editor to be able to add videos and images?

  25. John Schreckendgust says:

    I am using VSDC, seems pretty good. How ever I am new to this gig!

  26. NateTheMovieGuy says:

    I'll try lightworks out

  27. Mohammad Abutaha says:

    wondershare filmora its pritty basic and cool you can download the trail version but it lasts for ever so its pritty much free

  28. MooniGaming says:

    I use vegas hd movie studio. It's just like vegas pro but cheaper. I refuse to pay $500 for editing software. I'm looking at you sony vegas pro
    Unfortunately it does not work on mac.
    I do recommend it though.

  29. RolanGames says:

    The HitFilm Express
    Its free, and a good editing software. Its for Mac and Windows

  30. SenaSak Yim says:

    Thanks mate for ur recommendation

  31. Thayer Murphy says:

    If your on linux there are 2 options – kdenlive and openshot.
    Openshot is also being ported to both mac and windows, but there is no eta on it yet. my best guess is the first half of this year (2016) but it my come later.

  32. Carlos Ferreira says:

    Hit Film 3 Express.

  33. Abinadab Viruet says:

    i use camtasia

  34. Aft0n says:

    if you want a easy editing program and you want it to be free than windows live movie maker is perfect but if u want to spend some money for something with great editing than use camtasia

  35. SAM.O says:

    hey guys! please sub to me, I sub back! just leave a comment down below when you sub 🙂

  36. Eric Geng says:

    I record with obs open broadcaster software and movie maker but when i put a video its always corrupted.Can some one help?

  37. Silent King says:

    Guys this is a free PRO video editing program it is called HitFilm and this is the link to download it for free (used to be paid 150$ but now it is free) (you will need to post a statue either on facebook or google+ to get it)

  38. Ruby Crepemyrtle says:

    I found your channel today and decided to give you a chance. I watched apx 8 of your videos and at the end of each one felt like I really didn't learn anything. I kept given you a chance and thinking maybe it was me..nope.. next one same thing, and again and again. You say you are making a video on a certain topic but then you end up knowing crap about that topic. Not cool

  39. AdventureVlogger says:

    I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 13. Works well for me.

  40. TreasureHuntingSWPA says:

    Windows movie maker is complete garbage. Acceptable perhaps for a 12 year old looking to make a slideshow. It only recognizes a few types of video. Plus if you convert existing videos to filetypes that WMM DOES recognize, it still won't accept them because they're not indexed. My WMM program also states that it supports MP4, when in fact it does not.

  41. Daniel Cal Fadavi says:

    So basically you don't know and you're making a pointless fucking video

  42. InnovatedCliché says:

    So, I use HitFilm express 3 to edit my video atm. However, I have a problem with the quality of my gaming videos on my second channel. After I export the Mp4 the video quality goes WAY down. This only happens with gaming videos though. Can someone recommend some type of editing software (that's free) that is good for gaming?

  43. nightXcore25 says:

    camtasia is better its a recorder and video editor no virus money but you can use a 30 day trial

  44. Nilay G says:

    Hey!!! I use movie maker but I don't know if it has a option in which I can put a small face cam video at the edge, because when I use obs it doesn't record my sound, but my camera has a in built microphone which I use as a face cam like feature

  45. Twinkly Tanya says:

    Hmm… since so many people recommended Lightworks and your title is The best FREE editing software, I had hoped to hear a bit more about that program instead of the expensive ones…

  46. Vince Alce says:

    I recomend "Powerdirector" its totally free. Don't upgrade to pro because it needs payment.

  47. James Pennington says:

    Da Vinci Resolve, look it up, not the paid studio version. Very powerful.

  48. Straight Talk With Ernest says:

    For those who actually want to know the best editing software pirtate sony vegas pro 13

  49. Sleeping Elephant says:

    camtasia to sony vegas.

  50. Raul Romo says:

    question video creators….I got the sony movie maker 13.0 trial version but it makes a movie and I can upload that to youtube for my videos.  any recommendations???

  51. brittany Walkee says:

    i use movie edit pro 2016 plus i love it

  52. Take Small Steps says:

    A really good free software is Videopad editor. Not too complicated and it does the job.

  53. Achromatizing Dawn says:

    love how the comments are more helpful than the video smh

  54. FingersBlazin says:

    You can have free professional quality software, but you will have to use linux mint or ubuntu.

  55. chuckles de clown says:

    hitfilm 4 express

  56. Binit Ghimire says:

    I use iSkysoft Video Editor. And now I want a bit more professional software because I have mastered it.
    Please Reply!

  57. Jeremiah Watson says:

    The following editors are free GOOD Non-linear editors (NLE's). Some of these programs have PRO equivalents with more features. Some have been used by the film industry to make well known films. Like the guy said in this video, when switching to a new program, it's painful to learn it. You will have to be patient and learn to work proficiently in them. It's hard, but it's not impossible. Good Luck

    . Lightworks (Good editor and has color correcting) (Currently using) (Pulp Fiction)

    . DaVinci Resolve Lite (Good editor and has color grading) (Want to use) (X-Men: Days of future past)

    . Fusion 8 (Good for Compositing and VFX) (Want to use) (The Martian)

    . HitFilm 4 (Good for Video editing, Compositing and VFX) (Want to use)

    . Blender (Made for 2D and 3D animating but also has a good video editor in it) (Want to use, but I really suck at making 3D models) (Storyboarding: Spider-man)

    . VSDC (Reasonable starting place for using an NLE for the first time. Good for exporting to different video formats) (I was editing with it, but now use it for converting)

    If there are more editors people feel are really good, feel free to put them in the reply chain.

  58. blablablanousername2 says:

    feels like i just entered a parallel universe where joseph gordon levitt didn't become a famous actor, is therefore not as in-shape and now recommends video editing software on youtube. lets see what else this universe has to offer…

  59. Robert Mertens says:

    I used Windows Live Movie Maker for a pretty long while until it started acting up on me, producing a lot of very poor video quality. After that, I downloaded VSDC Free Video Editor, which has worked very well for me, does a bit more than Moveimaker can do, but is a little less user-friendly. This is a fairly technical video editing program, but it gives you a bit more latitude, short of paying for "the good stuff." Tim's programs have been helpful to me, so far. I have yet to purchase any software for editing, and the one trial version I tried out crashed on first run. I was willing to pay for it, but if it fails only moments after installation, why buy it. Version 4.0x of VSDC also crashed right out of the box, so I reverted to the 3.0x version and it's worked well. The only problem is that it crashes occasionally, and loses any edits you've done, so do a quick "Save Project" before you click "Preview."

  60. Leo Caseiro says:

    HitFilm Express is so far the best Free Editor for Windows and Mac. It's good for edit and also composite, you should check it out…completed free (Express)

  61. Tiopira Walker says:

    why does light works only do youtube videos at 720p?

  62. Hyperzz says:

    i thought you said free

  63. AHCooL401 says:

    microsoft expression encoder 4

  64. Spencer Oliphant says:

    Davinci Resolve or Lightworks. Both have great free versions.

  65. Melinda Porsnuk says:


  66. JITHIN RENJI says:

    Actually Hitfilm 4 express is the best free editing and compositing software!

  67. LW001 says:

    Umm… This video was absolutely f*cking useless… Can you make an A C T U A L video? This video is literal clickbait garbage…

    First Dislike I've given on YouTube for a while.

  68. BubbasGarageTv says:

    cyberlink power director for android we use it with our Nexus 9 for all our video productions.

  69. THE IRON SQUAD says:

    lightworks is awesome!

  70. JoeyJoelBand says:

    Dude, did you even look into it? I can think of at least five FREE programs that are very good. I'll only give you ONE… It was used to edit Academy Award, and Emmy Award winning films and programs. AND THE FREE VERSION IS AT A PRO LEVEL. Only the format is limited to 768. But features are pro.. Read on.

    Lightworks is EditShare's Academy and Emmy award-winning, professional Non-Linear Editing (NLE) software supporting resolutions up to 4K as well as video in SD and HD formats. In the last 25 years Lightworks has been used to edit some of the finest films in cinema history: The Wolf of Wall Street, LA Confidential, Pulp Fiction, Heat, Road to Perdition, Hugo, The King’s Speech and many more! We’re proud of its heritage and we want to share it with you. Discover the incredible features of this application and why Oscar nominated editors around the world use Lightwork Pro every day.

    How did you miss it?

  71. mOejOe33 says:

    The title is extremely misleading. The word "recommendations" should not be written any where in the title. There was absolutely no recommendations whatsoever. The 2 mention come standard with Macs and Windows. Sorry, not hating; and please do change the title.

  72. Trapdoor Majesty says:

    I clicked on this video because it's title was exactly what I was looking for .____________.
    But now reading through the comments… Hasn't Pressed Play Yet

  73. Stephen Guetterman says:

    hitfilm 4 express is free it's not a demo it's a free video editor that would normally cost 150 dollars I'm using 3 but soon going to 4

  74. FREE says:

    Hitfilm 4 express

  75. Doug Swanger says:

    Tim, I follow and appreciate a lot of the help you give, however you need to take this video down… Talk about a 'brand' killer. If I wasn't familiar with your work, I would be hesitant to to click on any of your other vids… Don't mean to be harsh, but this piece of work is not doing you any favors…

  76. Hazy Mind says:

    Da Vinci Resolve for the win !!

  77. Faithful Cooking says:

    VSDC it's free & very advanced! It's called VSDC free video editor. It can layer, & animate, & everything you need 🙂

  78. Hey I'm Ximena says:

    There are many ways to get Sony Vegas Pro and Adobe products for free all over YouTube.

  79. Mutasem says:

    Go PRO or go HOME!

  80. Tangerine Scene says:

    These aren't free

  81. Lil Juul - YouTube Rapper says:

    I suggest VSDC free editor for facecams and overlays

  82. Silver Paladin says:

    This video was not useful at all The point was to find an alternative to movie maker, and you listed movie maker as the only free video editor to use on windows.

  83. Ismael Cuadrado says:

    The situation in 2013 was terribly different from today (luck that piracy eased the penalties of many)

    Do you think the same with free alternatives? … HitFilm, davinci, Shotcut, Lightworks .. Even it is possible to edit video with free publishers in smartphons and with impeccable results and with the very small learning curve. I think it's a good time for those of us who start with the adventure of editing videos.

    Sorry to not be as clear as possible with the Google translator.

  84. 30G says:

    I started editing videos on windows movie maker, but then moved to sony vegas

  85. Luísa Ferreira says:

    – "The Best Free Video Editing Software Recommendations"
    – "i don't have any".

  86. Inverted Animations says:


  87. Inferno 1744 says:

    best 3 free professional video editors i know of are –
    3. DaVinci Resolve 12.5(might have upgraded)
    2.VSDC Video Editor (comes with a lot of special effects like chromakey, masking, etc.)
    1. Hitfilm Express 2017 (comes with a lot of special effects just like VSDC but without chromakey)
    All of these video editors are free so you can download them without any hassle.

  88. Muhammad Shabbir Hassan says:

    Assalaamu Alaikum

    Remove music ads and girls, not allowed in Islam

    Read Quran, ALLAH your creator is talking with you

    Follow Islam because there is no salvation without Islam

  89. Tooth be Told says:

    1. Subscribe to Tooth Be Told
    2. Enjoy watching some banterful videos
    3. Comment below when done!
    I'll subscribe back with 2 channels!

  90. Osmondo Ignite says:

    You remind me of that Lenny guy from shark tale movie

  91. Darwin Watterson says:

    A free editing software is VideoPad there are also so many video tutorials too on YouTube sorry im 5 years late

  92. VT6AMING/VAPING says:

    so ive watching you for awhile now only commented a few times no replies. lol but anyway ive been trying to get bandicams to work and it just wont open ive tried like everything compatibility mode in all form of windows lol and troubleshooted it as well and still nothing. i was hoping you might have an alternative answer. if so please let me know

  93. Max says:

    NCH Videopad

  94. eMaN says:


  95. ReallyLongName says:

    hitfilm is a good free software

  96. Blame The Lag says:

    filmora i seen it from the ad of this video really good close to premiere

  97. prasad wadekar says:

    U made this video to confuse people ..not to solve their problems.

  98. Derek Lafontaine says:

    shotcut pro

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