The British Bulldogs vs. The Dream Team – World Tag Team Championship Match: WrestleMania 2

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14 Responses

  1. Давид Озманян says:

    The legendary match!

  2. Lucas Iliut says:


  3. Jay Why says:

    what's with all the British Bulldogs videos today? are they going into the HOF?

  4. Donny Lane says:

    That's legend of British Bulldog!

  5. khaleb Pranks says:

    Ye Ye and christian 😒

  6. David Emanuel Rosini says:


  7. David Emanuel Rosini says:

    wow i love wwe

  8. francisco Choque says:

    wrestlemania 2

  9. Uthman Ghani says:

    Mannnnn. It's all day of British bulldog

  10. Justin Sharpe says:

    Dynamite kid next year then the year after put the bulldogs in so they be 2 time hall of famers like Bret Hart

  11. Waluigi Deserve His Own Game says:

    his theme will be forever one if the most iconics of all time

  12. Mike H. says:


  13. Jordan Dill says:

    Braun has a nice running powerslam but the best belongs to Bulldog

  14. Eric Monaco says:

    Now next year they have to Induct Owen PLEASE MARTHA LET THEM DO IT

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