The Ceramic Pet Fountain by Hammacher Schlemmer

This is the ceramic pet water fountain that resists harmful bacteria growth to help protect your pet’s health. Unlike plastic fountains, its glazed
non-porous surface won’t develop bacteria harboring cracks
that could lead to acne on a pet’s mouth and chin. The dishwasher safe fountain uses an
integrated pump that draws water from the basin to the top of the dome where it cascades
into the reservoir. The sound of the trickling water attracts
pets and entices them to drink more often helping prevent kidney disease and
urinary tract infection. A replaceable charcoal filter removes
impurities and odors, creating a clean fresh taste. The ceramic
pet fountain providing a healthy alternative to help
keep cats and dogs hydrated, and like every item offered by Hammacher Schlemmer, it comes with a lifetime guarantee of satisfaction. Hammacher Schlemmer offering the best,
the only, and the unexpected since 1848.

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