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Harry: You never take the respect that a cheetah has for you or the respect you have for a Cheetah for granted. They are an apex predator. So you’re always cautious. You’re always wary, you’re always respectful. Hi, I’m Harry, I’m 27. I’ve got Ebony, the five year old Cheetah here on my lap. I’m the assistant curator, at Cheetah Outreach. And I look after the health and welfare of the animals. Come here, come. Come here. The seven Cheetahs that we have on site have all been born and bred in captivity, and hand reared by people. So they’ve always known people, as their caretakers. They’re very, very comfortable with us. From the age of 14, I actually volunteered at the local cattery. So I’ve always, always been looking after animals my entire life. To be in an enclosure on your own once I was signed off as a handler, was very special, because it’s just you and the animal. And they really get to know you quite well. And to have a Cheetah come up and purr for you and bring you or put his head on your shoulders that is a very special connection to experience. I’ve been very lucky to, to rear a few cubs. We rear them very young for about three weeks of age on a bottle. And then we progress them up to weaning and on meat. And through that process they become very bonded with the people that’s raise them. This is Romeo, I’ve known him since he was seven or eight months old. Got a pretty good bond together. He’s a sweetheart 90% of the time but just like everybody, he does have his grumpy days. This is Rafiki he’s a five year old male. Good fellow. I’m quite lucky because Rafiki can be temperamental, but he really likes me. He greets me when I enter enclosures. Cheetah outreach is an environmental education and conservation program that focuses on educating the public and public advocacy for the plight of the Cheetah. As well as fundraising for conservation initiatives for the Cheetah in the wild. Worldwide, there’s only around 7000, Cheetahs left. And considering that they were close to 100,000, at the turn of last century, it’s a huge shame that their numbers are dwindling. It’s just really important to make sure that they’re comfortable. If they’re comfortable, they tend to respect you back, and we’ve had no issues whatsoever. So the typical day at Cheetah outreach is our morning starts where we tend to the animals, which includes feeding. And then later on the day, we actually open up the facility for the public to come through. We are here early this morning to prep for Cheetah run. The volunteers are filling in some holes, and we’re running a line around motorized pulley system for them to chase. And then we’ll bring some cheetahs through and hopefully they’ll chase those. Animals in captivity have a lot of spare time. And these guys feed every morning with pre butchered meat so they don’t have the opportunity to run. Which normally in the wild they’d be doing to predate or to run away from other predators. So it’s really important for their welfare to give them the opportunity to express natural innate behaviours. To see a cheetah run at full speed is very impressive. They are the fastest land mammal and they’re physically built to run fast. All of their physical adaptations are for speed. They’re not very good jumpers or climbers, but they’re very good at acceleration. And their top speed is 110 kilometres per hour, which is very, very quick. We’re just going to move
Romeo after his run back to the ambassador enclosures. We rotate the cheetahs every single day. . And then they get enrichment out of being in a new environments and smelling where cats have been the day before. Good boy. So that’s all the morning has been redone for the animals, so they’re all well kept. And now we’re going to move on to the rest of the day. So Romeo our ambassador Cheetah, is going to meet a function, family of five. The handling of animals and allowing interaction with people has come under some controversy, especially online. But the best thing I can say is to, come down to Cheetah outreach and check out a Cheetah and come and see how we do it. And see how the animals and you know for I guess coming in and being able to stroke a Cheetah and hearing that purr and feeling that purr is I think a very special experience. That I may be a little desensitized to. With any animal interaction, as a tourist, please research where you’re contributing to first and why these animals are in captivity. And if it’s a good ethical sound reason and I believe for cheetahs, that is the case, at least at Cheetah Outreach. With human habitats and human population exponentially increasing, all of these animals in the wild are losing their habitats. Cheetah’s, just one species that is under threat. I really feel that Cheetahs need the support they can get from multifaceted aspects of conservation. And this is one way where we can really make a difference.

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    Hi beastly love your cats 🐈

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    I know this is a foolish question I am a colored man a black man do you think the cheetah will angry if I touch it or will it be 1 to take my arm off just a question that I wanted to know I just want to know if the cheetah prefer white meat or dark meat

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    I love these big cats people mistake them of beyond aggressive

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    Cheetah are the other cats who go solitary, except for females who have cubs

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    Thanks for the video, and it's nice to see someone out with theses types of animal's and enjoys doing it. 😊

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    I want to say Thankyou for each and everyone who is working for the better life of animals.

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    Their speed is mind boggling

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    This might make me sound weak but seeing this video makes me wanna cry because this world doesn't really have many people who actually have hearts to love care etc for Animals all over this world. I have many wishes I wish could come true one of many I wish for Animals all over this world to be free from harm pain so much more and to be loved happy respected cause they truly are perfect for many reasons and deserve better.

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    I would love to have a bond like that with a cheetah(s)

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    Beautiful darlings!!!

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    Beautiful beautiful

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    This is AMAZING!

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    They're beautiful!

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    so this guy raises big cats but doesnt know what apex predator means?

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    Are cheetahs usually this calm around people?

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    So happy for you Harry, much love from Slovenia ❤

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    Are you trying to rehabilitate these cats? Cuz if you are, STOP PETTING THEM LIKE THEY ARE DOMESTIC!!! They are gonna wanna rely on humans for food and cuddling when they see tourists in thier new territory. And when people see that wild cats are 'friendly', they are assuming the worse and they soon get mauled. Wild cats aren't called WILD for no reason! Petting wild animals like these should be prohibited.

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    Will these cheetahs be returned to the wild?

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    I WISH I had a job like this
    My Love and support coming for the cheetah(s) right from Slovakia :p <3

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    Thank you so much for shining a light on the incredible work done by Cheetah Outreach and Harry, these animals need our support to ensure their future.

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    I've met Romeo! He was lovely and sweet! The place is beautiful and love what they are doing for the animals!

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    What a tard. Cheetah isn’t an apex predator. Lion or killer whale are apex predators

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    The chase line is an awesome addition to the habitat!! Now, if we could only figure out how to work that flux capacitor thing and strap on their back.. "Come on boy!!! You can do it!!! YES!!! 88 MILES PER HOUR!!! Woohoo!!!"

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    The way the Cheetah is sleeping on his lap shows the trust! Purrrrr

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    These Facts that shows you can talm any animal 💯

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    I wanna raise a cheetah one day but my parents would kick me out immediately if i said that i want a cheetah💀💀

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    Thanks a bunch for the video. 🙂

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    Omg marry me♡♡♡ I love people who care about animals

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    Cheetahs are apex predators, but amongst the big cats they're probably one of the most inquisitive animals out there. They don't usually look at humans as prey, which is why it is easier for them to let their guard down and trust us. At the same time, it makes them a lot more vulnerable. This is a group of people doing a splendid thing. Humans aren't particularly selfless most of the time so…I wish his team all the best

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    Thank you for protecting these beautiful animals,THANK YOU!

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