The Clues: Poodle | Season 1 Ep. 2 | THE MASKED SINGER

Let’s do it. Ever since I was
a little girl– [inaudible] –I loved to be on stage
and take on a character, which is why I chose The
Poodle, because, like me, they’re sassy, smart,
and best in show. San Francisco. Yeah, Bay area. I come from a musical
family, but I’m known for a different kind of talent. [inaudible] stand up! Stand up? Stand up comedy? Stand up comic. My whole career has
been about exercising my right to free speech. Oh, rainbow. Rainbow. Somebody from
the LGBT community. San Francisco. Yeah. But it’s time I return
to my musical roots to show the world a side of
me it’s never seen before. To forgive me out, you’re
going to have to work! Let’s do it.

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100 Responses

  1. Shamsul Anuar says:

    Why does her talking voice sounds like britney spears. I dont know anymore

  2. The Masked Singer says:

    SHE'S A HEARTBREAKER! 💔Cast your guesses below!

  3. Cheryl Meeder says:

    Jillian Michael's!

  4. hardluckart says:

    ugh, this is tough… at first i thought maybe Margaret Cho, as she's a stand-up comedian, big LGBT advocate, SF native, likes little dogs, does singing in her acts sometimes… but she doesn't come from a "musical family" as far as i know.

  5. Taryn H says:

    Ru Paul. Margaret Cho, comedian.

  6. Ashley P says:


  7. Bill Gettings says:

    Richard Simmons

  8. Kendra miller says:

    Raven saymone is my guess

  9. TDINoahFan says:

    Idk why I think it's Ellen Degenerates

  10. Tammie Truckstop says:

    It's clearly Margaret cho

  11. Nathan Forester says:

    She performed on the run-way so possibly Tyra Banks.

  12. Nawar Masood says:


  13. Sims4 Sarah says:

    Jennifer Coolidge ? Best in Show feels like a clue.

  14. Anthony Morgante says:

    Michelle Visage. She works with RuPaul and she is a singer

  15. Missy Tia says:

    That puddle has to be Trish Patas

  16. Blah Face says:


  17. Lis K says:

    415 Stand Up. That is a Christian hymn.

  18. SavianJonesArt says:

    It’s Rupaul! “Best in show” a drag queen! “You better work” remember his song “cover girl, put some face in your walk!” With “work” in the bg!

  19. Brittx says:

    I can see how people think it’s Raven but I don’t think it’s her. I feel like it’s someone else but I can’t get my finger on it.

  20. Sarah W says:

    The clues that seem to fault everyone’s guesses are:

    Fitness. “Exercising” my right to freedom of speech with the weights

    The musical family.

    Born in San Francisco.

    All the current guesses hit maybe one or two of these, but I’m yet to see a single guess cover all three.

  21. Leigh Vanhoose says:

    Its Jane Fonda people!🤦‍♀️

  22. colton thacker says:

    I honestly it’s Michele visage

  23. Gavin Vigneault says:


  24. Cris vang says:

    Margaret cho

  25. Liliana Clark says:

    I get a drag queen vibe

  26. FaZe Boost says:


  27. Kamila's collections says:


  28. JaOfficial.1 says:

    It’s Ellen,the “stand up “ the shows”

  29. Elaine Dazey says:

    Jillian Michaels!!

  30. Jack C says:

    Sarah Silverman??

  31. MangO NandO says:

    I think it might be Trisha (Trish like fish :DD)

  32. Nimrit Kaur says:

    I think is rupaul

  33. HCaulfield115 says:

    Yeardley Smith. She’s been in bunch of sit coms and does the Lisa Simpson voice, easy one.

  34. Heather Dorris says:

    I think it is Raven Symone

  35. Baku_Hoe 420 says:

    This is definitely Raven Simone

  36. Jessica Johnson says:

    Raven Simone

  37. Curry Sauce 63 says:

    Jane Lynch?🤷🏾‍♂️

  38. Marcus Brown says:

    A drag queen

  39. Nicole Zhu says:

    Traci Ellis Ross for sureee

  40. AMONAVIS! says:

    Okay its 100% Margaret Cho. No doubt about this one.

  41. annie ann says:

    the poodle is Michelle Visage

  42. Sarah Breedon says:

    Kathy griffith

  43. Kelly L says:

    Drew Barrymore… she comes from a celebrity family, is bisexual, and is very into fitness.

  44. Bryan Pedersen says:

    Margret Cho

  45. Vivi says:

    Am I crazy for saying James Charles at first 🤣

  46. John ny says:

    La Toya… Family, Fitness, and she's frends with Rupaul so that extra Worrk is cherry on top of the clue.

  47. Davey GQ says:

    Musical family, different kind of talent, maybe Ashley Judd?

  48. Judy Greenwood says:

    I want to say it's Ellen DeGeneres


    Amy Osbourne

  50. Onyx lila says:

    That's totally Margret Cho

  51. KngReignay says:

    sarah silverman

  52. Mary Miller says:

    I think it is Adore delano.

  53. aa says:


  54. naomi zara says:

    michelle visage bc she said worrkkk and that’s like a drag thing n shit i guess

  55. George Frey says:

    It has to be Margaret Cho!

  56. P. Shaw says:

    Maya Rudolph

  57. debbi austen says:

    I never noticed this before, but her face looks like origami

  58. James Norris says:

    This is Ashley Judd.

  59. George Simmons says:

    I think it's Nicole Richie

  60. BehindTheThrone says:

    The only contestant I find boring. Okay so… On stage as a kid, from the Bay Area, exercises, musical roots and LGBT. So now we're down to 4M ppl to choose from? Goto Raven-Symone GIRL PUT YOUR RECORDS ON here on YouTube. Its the same singing voice and btw, this Poodle person is thick, not skinny.

  61. XxJustin PlayzxX says:

    Jillian Michaels!!

  62. William Joon says:

    Maya Rudolph is a comedians and her mother was a singer and her dad is a composer. Godmother an R&B singer. And I think she plays a queer character in Forever?

  63. Cece says:

    All the clues point to Margaret Cho except musical family. The "better work" statement is quoting Rupaul and she also said, " I'm here for your honor." She was a judge on Rupaul's drag race. she also picked up a phone and Margaret Cho was a phone sex operator when she was 15. I'm going to say Margaret Cho, but I just can't figure out the musical family unless she just means they like to sing personally.

  64. Misty Gamble says:

    I have the strangest feeling that the poodle is RuPaul. I wish they would have put the height in episode 2.
    The finale of season 10 drag race was in San Francisco California. She did the song supermodel / work and always says weerk! if you look up the supermodel remix there's a beginning part where she refers to herself as a little girl growing up. She clearly has a background in singing and fighting for gay rights. On Jimmy Kimmel when discussing recording RuPaul's drag show in another Netflix show she clearly said I will do any show I'm asked to do! Because I like to work

  65. Jennifer Novak says:

    Kelly Osbourne

  66. ransua17 says:

    Ashley Judd

  67. Hannah Taustine says:

    Maya Rudolph!

  68. FierceONeill says:

    Sounds like Lisa Simpson!!

  69. FierceONeill says:

    Are we sure it’s a woman?? I was thinking Chaz Bono…he was born a girl, LGBT, famous musical parents but chose a different career, just lost weight, from California….

  70. Brent Fernstrom says:

    It's Margerot Cho for sure

  71. B RB says:

    Margaret cho?

  72. Nina Williams says:

    Jane Lynch all the way

  73. The Rainbow Squad says:

    Hmmm not sure

  74. Candice Maine says:

    christine baranski

  75. Tina tankersley says:

    That's Kathy G.

  76. eli hauser says:

    omg this sounds so much like margaret cho

  77. superH9234 says:

    Margaret Cho was a phone sex operator; I really think it's her

  78. Amanda Watkins says:

    Our musical roots. Hands down Michelle visage she's also lost some weight so, she's been working out. And in some of her episodes of whatcha packin she refers to some of the Dragqueens as poodle.

  79. katybug0690 says:

    Traci Ellis Ross!!!

  80. Marsha Julessa says:

    She sounds like Karen from Will & Grace lol.

  81. Paula Oyedele says:

    The poodle coat looks like it has a white basketball print in the design of white with black lines.

  82. Sha Mc says:

    I know that voice, just don't know her name

  83. Chris Day says:

    It's clearly Margaret Cho

  84. Just Yes says:

    Margaret Cho! 🐩

  85. Meutia Bakri says:

    You have to work ?? Ru Paul

  86. TheWiseGuyKMan says:

    I think it is Aisha Tyler. She is from San Francisco, she is a LGBT rights advocate, the musical family and return to musical roots clues could reference the Dartmouth Rockapellas group for which she co-founded, the telephone clue could be a reference to the tv show The Talk for which she has co-hosted, the stand up clue could reference she is a comedian, the take on a character clue could be she improvises characters, the Heartbreaker song could reference her husband she divorced in 2017, and a possible clue or coincidence is the dog as she did voice work for the video game Watch Dogs. I can't put 2×2 together for the word "Work".

  87. jaded4lyfe says:

    Michelle Forbes from True Blood. That's my guess.

  88. jay craig says:

    Michelle visage?

  89. Chad says:

    It is very clearly Margaret Cho. I can hear her voice even with the pitch changed.

  90. Cece says:

    I can't add up all the clues like with Maya Rudolph and Margaret Cho but those glasses on the dog on the wall look distinctively like Ali Wong's.

  91. Jynx says:

    Kelly Osbourne? Reminds me of Changes

  92. Banana Bread Lane says:

    Ru Paul , I can’t deny it

  93. Tasha Rokks says:

    Jillian Michaels

  94. Tim Blankenship says:

    Suzanne Somers.

  95. Bobby Malone says:

    People guessing RuPul make me laugh. RuPaul is 6 foot 4, so if wearing heels would be closer to 7 feet tall. With heels the poodle cannot be more than 6 foot tall.

  96. khiam massey says:

    Stand up comedy. Margaret cho for sure. I hers 4 5 1 STAN UP!!!!

  97. Lps Flame says:

    So its a different people every episode?

  98. Kenan HD says:

    Am I the only one who thought she was rupaul? i’m stupid

  99. Mika Wade says:

    The work out and musical family was a little confusing.

  100. Jay Gumahin says:

    Margaret cho

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