The Clues: Poodle | Season 1 Ep. 4 | THE MASKED SINGER

Being on stage last
time was so cathartic. I love being anonymous. I mean, I could have been
someone you’ve known for years and you’d have no idea. JENNY MCCARTHY: You
know what, we can’t make heads or tails who it is. I’m excited to be
here another week, but I have to be
flawless to do this role of the poodle justice. Justice. OK, she’s a judge. Whenever I want to
practice new material, I turn to my best friends. Is she a comedian,
“new material”? So she’s like a dog comic. Amy Poehler? Why did the apple turn red? It saw the salad dressing. Actually, that’s pretty good. I’m gonna use that. So what’s the verdict? All right, there’s
two clues I just got. Verdict, justice. Tonight in my new persona,
I’ll be soaring to new heights despite it being
my biggest fear. So please, catch me if I fall.

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