The Complete Betta Fish Life Cycle in 3 Minutes

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50 Responses

  1. Tyray T-Rex says:

    I wanna do this but I wouldn’t know what to do with the baby fish when they grow up

  2. Calis SunShine says:

    This is horrible dont do this

  3. T4CTIC4L_ AC3 says:

    Yo but how was one of fry blue? Neither of the parents have blue in them

  4. indeyaw says:

    lens please

  5. Relaxing Music, Nature Sounds, and Landscapes says:

    Great video!

  6. ヤマトキラ says:


  7. Gustanto Syaputra says:

    Iphone 6 wallpaper

  8. The Happy Bunny says:

    Hello Novita Listyani, the comlete Betta Fish Life Cycle in 3 minutes so beautiful.

  9. andika rizki says:

    gari koe

  10. epul leo says:

    The song makes me so relax

  11. Jakam Ass says:

    Why I wasting 3 minutes of my life just to see fish having sex 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

  12. Manuel Abendano says:

    So did we just watch beta fish having sex?

  13. C9 Gaming YT says:

    So do you take the dad and mom out or take the dad out or take the mom out or leave them both in

  14. JessyDelduca1990 says:

    Amazing nature

  15. Big Brain Birb says:

    So frickingCUTE

  16. sai burga says:

    Bgm name plzz..

  17. Leovahn says:

    Omg I was like WHY IS HE EATING THEM

  18. Jack Breiwick says:

    ITS SO CUTE!!!!!!!

  19. আর্শাভীরের আম্মু says:

    Here I'm struggling for a baby… 😞😞😞

  20. Cambo-Betta Fish says:


  21. The Midnight Pack says:

    Why is this sexy? 😂😘

  22. Iacomi Valentin says:

    Beta …, este un pește superb ..👍

  23. Chisme With Israel says:

    Anybody randomly get recommended this ?

  24. Chisme With Israel says:

    YouTube WHAT THE HELL 😭😭😭

  25. 知りません says:

    I thought beta fish were aggressive and it never occurred to me that they mate haha… or that the babies grow up together.

  26. Luana Musimesi says:

    Meenamoré de los pecew 😍

  27. Sydney Wildflower says:

    *eats egg*

  28. ROEG-Assassin XD says:

    I love this music! 😃😃😃

  29. Sam Moneen says:

    So romantic and very cute

  30. Tanganyika07 says:

    I like this channel so much value !!! THANKS A LOT … I also try to create content just like this, please check out and support me : ) show some love for beginners 😀

  31. john smith says:

    remember fish aren't homosexual, learn from nature you sick human fucks

  32. Jay G. says:

    Wow the most beautiful thing I’ve witness 🥺

  33. Anlita Lyjan says:

    My two Betta's are fighting together what should I do.? Plz answer me

  34. Swastika Nurcahya says:

    What is the title music background used in this video?

  35. Nick The Pond King says:

    Nice camera work! Great video

  36. Ruel Smith says:

    Ah yes fish porn

  37. Sat urn says:

    My betta is turning 5 months old

  38. Serhat Kılıçarslan says:


  39. Flame Gangg says:

    The white fish was dope dope

  40. Jack Wargamer says:

    Was he squeezing the eggs out of her?

  41. PALOMA Dolorico Francoeur says:

    You made some really good camera shots and quality. What camera did you use?

  42. KATHY says:

    My betta fish is pregnant

  43. ElectricPeaPlayz says:

    We just got some baby bettas three or less weeks ago and they’re pretty big already!

  44. Vijaya Lakshmi says:

    about. small Beata. fish

  45. Nicholas Carruth says:

    Love the music!!

  46. Michael G says:

    Wow. This video was so beautifully done – and the Bettas are stunning. Vibrant color beauty. Thank you. 👏🏿 👏🏿 👏🏿 👏🏿

  47. Tuấn Đỗ đăng says:

    What about the children?

  48. Hayden Brucker says:

    betta life story > Up

  49. GOAT FARMING says:

    Subscribe our channel. For seeing goats

  50. SantaMonicaHelp Assistant says:

    Still a better love story than Twilight

  51. Fyruza Rahim says:

    Nice shooting

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