The Dark Truth About Labradoodles

Hey guys whats happening I’m your host Jarred
Bronstein and this is probably one of my favorite topics in the world. Dogs. Unfortunately it’s not the most positive
dog story but I’m still trying to make the best of it. Before we jump in though make sure you guys
are subscribed to our channel, click the little bell to be notified of when we post our videos,
and stick around for the entire video to see if your comment got featured. So labradoodles. They’re cute af. God why do I say these things on camera. Either way, people consider them designer
dogs, they’re known to be hypo allergenic meaning they don’t shed or not often anyway,
and seem to be great dogs. But it seems everything we know about them
is a total lie. Really, they have a lot of hereditary problems,
or they’re absolutely insane. Of course, there’s the possibility of both. The original creator of this cross breed,
Wally Conron said the creation was his biggest life regret, and he doesn’t understand why
people are still breeding them. In fact, he considers the cross bread his
version of Frankenstein. Jeez. When speaking with ABC, Conron said “I opened
a Pandora’s box. I released a Frankenstein. People are just breeding for the money. Unscrupulous breeders are crossing poodles
with inappropriate dogs simply so they can say they were the first to do it.” So what was the reasoning for Wally’s creation
in the first place? Well, there’s actually a very good reason
behind it. He was a dog breeder and in the 80’s, received
a letter in the mail from a blind woman living in Hawaii, who’s husband was allergic to
long haired dogs. She needed a guide dog that wouldn’t drive
her husbands allergies insane, so Wally did his research into trying to find the perfect
crossbreed. After 3 years of work, in 1989, it came to
him. “A dog with the working ability of the Labrador
and the coat of the poodle” So he brought over Brandy, a female Labrador,
to his boss’ house, to meet Harley, a big white fluffy poodle. The two dogs split a bottle of wine, listened
to some Marvin Gaye and the next thing we knew, viola, 3 Labradoodle puppies were birthed. The blind woman’s husband was not allergic
to one of the dogs, named Sultan. After hearing the good news, Conron stated
that the labradoodles are non allergenic dogs. He explained “I realized what I’d done
within a matter of days and I went to our big boss at the time and I said to him ‘look
I’ve created a monster, we need to do something about it to control it. We need to put a patent on the name to stop
people getting on the bandwagon.” The biggest concern for Conron, was that the
parents of the litter needed to be healthy, in order to produce the healthiest pups. He claims when he see other labradoodles,
he thinks to himself “‘Has it got hip dysplasia? Has it got elbow problems? Has it got any other problems I can see. I find that the majority are either crazy
or have a hereditary problem. But I do see some damn nice labradoodles that
are steady just like I bred, but they are few and far between.” While working at Guide Dogs Victoria, Conron
bred 31 labradoodles, with majority becoming guide dogs. However, the creation as sparked people to
try breeding poodles with every breed imaginable, and Cornon feels he’s solely responsible. “About two year ago I had a phone call from
a chap saying to me ‘I want you to know I’ve bred the first roodle,’ a rottweiller
crossed with a standard poodle. And I thought to myself ‘this is what I’ve
created.” But it’s also known that pure bred dogs
seem to have tons of problems as well. I mean, I had a golden retriever for 14 years
of my life, and it had awful hip dysplasia. When the same breed has offspring, it’s
a form of mutant in a sense. A good example in humans, more specifically
those that come from an Ashkenazi jewish background, is the Bracca gene. Won’t get too into it, but pretty much,
if two people with the Bracca gene have children, they’re likely to have the gene in their
dna as well, and it gives you a much higher risk of developing cancer. Now as always I want to know your thoughts
on labradoodles. Do you like them? I love all dogs, but at the same time, this
origin story changes a lot. What once started as a breed for a purpose
has now become a breed that is literally just made because its cute. Crazy stuff. For now lets reply to comments from the video
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over his laptop when its in sleep mode Adam Aziz said Person: What a good day to
be alive!!! Inform Overload: well you see… Aysen said
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83 Responses

  1. Ze Avocado says:

    Why are you killing my favourite dog type

  2. Original Asherella says:

    Jarred, are you hiding a bad hair day under that hat?

  3. Pierson Phan says:

    Almost all dogs are cute af, so are you Jarred (;

  4. TITAS SHOW says:

    when something happens.

    InformOverload: The Dark Truth About (Something)

  5. Miku Hatsune says:

    Who cares blame the human

  6. Original Asherella says:

    When there are so many dog in shelters that need a home, why spend hundreds or thousands on a designer dog?

  7. vanilla_ iceT says:

    umm, no

  8. Yanira Beltran says:

    io must like this comment cuz I'm a loyal potato.

  9. Cajun-Brat says:

    The truth about Labradoodles is that they are cute AF, that's what I said as soon as my notification came through.Their eyes tho😍
    Almost as beautiful as Jarred.

  10. Bertus van Heerden says:

    … That's why I prefer cats…

  11. THE AlienHunter says:

    "Let me know in the comments if you think I'm in good shape."
    Thirsty much bro?

  12. TheLittleGamer_Toys says:

    You did not just go there

  13. Dragon Lord Dracodenblaze says:

    At least they won't bite your ankles like Chihuahuas

    Lil demon spawns

  14. Ary Haywood says:

    Sorry, would have been here sooner but I was too deep in the Steve Wilkos Show. 😶

  15. Xx pastel x ocean xX says:

    Oh my god! They are just a breed of dog 😒

  16. Ruin soler says:


  17. Ruin soler says:

    Here before 600 views

  18. hello nice to meet u says:

    I had one

  19. Michele Squier-Wells says:

    Jarred I had a chocolab and she was awesome. Her name was Coco. She always kept my feet warm. I miss her.

  20. TheDolphinYT says:

    since no one saw it last time: Fun Fact: The last letter added to the english alphabet was letter J.

  21. Ruin soler says:

    You stink like to undo

  22. spicy noodles says:

    Air: exists

    Io: ThE dArK tRuTh AbOuT aIr

  23. hello nice to meet u says:

    I had a labrabdoodle who had terrible back problems

  24. justjanai says:

    You're adorable😂😂 just like a lil pup! Haha I think im drunk. Wait no, im definitely drunk. Ur still cute tho :). So are dogs! Imma put the alcohol back now, i feel myself losing it a little and i have work tomorrow. Happy pup-loving everyone! Treat em well. Wow can i get props for typing so well despite not being able to walk straight😀 YAY ME!

  25. BLEACH says:

    why does everything that exists have a dark truth ?

  26. Anime Withered Toy Freddy 1987 says:

    The Truth is that they are made from Pure Bread Noodles

  27. SuperPie 14 says:

    Nah I prefer Catz 🐱

  28. mushroom boy says:

    Can we acknowledge the fact that pugs have skull that looks like a tuna can

  29. Subliminally Obsolete says:

    This is just sad.

  30. L vamp says:

    That really sad, Husky is my favorite

  31. Taylor Ackerman says:

    Meh I’m out of here 😒 I’m gonna play with my dog snow

  32. Everette Bradfute says:

    TLDR; Get a shelter pup

  33. MsSunstoned says:

    Just don't breed dogs! Any kind. We kill millions every year because their numbers out-number kind humans to take care of them.

  34. Monsta Gotti says:

    F U Mr. Muscle guy

  35. baby Jesus says:

    They’re adorable

  36. Phantom Claw says:

    That's cool how they started out with something positive but some people are
    sometimes willing to put an animals health on the line. Such as, not making
    sure the dogs are in good health before breading them.

  37. Here's Chica says:

    They are super cute but sadly, some people may not have the best interest of the dogs when breading them.

  38. Erza Scarlet92 says:

    The dark truth about IO. They are potatoes

  39. HereWeGo Again says:

    I told you guys

  40. Kukui says:

    The dark truth about Joe

    Joe Mama

  41. Stefan Spohn says:

    I love ALL 🐕

  42. Amanda Wolf Child says:

    All pure dog breeds started out with a purpose and are now monstrosities that we as humans are responsible for, they suffer for the short spans of their lives and we are at fault.

  43. NUGGETT 2.0 says:


  44. Polar27 says:

    What the hell is a poodle

  45. Bruh says:

    I love how jarred gets a little nervous when on camera

  46. lps lover says:

    I have a labradoodle or a saintburdoodle and she is a great dog

  47. Jennifer K Luckett says:

    Jarred do have any pets, what kind of dog 🐶 would you get?

  48. Cassius Ray says:

    Hey jarred I am scared of a you are cia agent

  49. Mario Caez says:

    My sister used to have a Peekapoo dog. He was real smart.

  50. Eloise Sanderson says:

    I read this a week ago 😥😥😥😥

  51. GG Allin says:

    I'm going to shit down your throat Jarred

  52. MovieCUTZ says:

    Why was your voice weird at the beginning??

  53. Futeristic gaming house says:

    But there so cute

  54. n o n o k o says:

    It truly depends on the temperament of the parents and health. So, really, it can be pretty dependent.

  55. a Tree says:

    So all dogs and ducks should BURN

  56. batmanfanforever08 says:

    You, want a healthy dog… get a mutt. Mutts are the healthiest. A rescue dog from a shelter will be your friend for the rest of its life. Shelter dogs are awesome. I love dogs.

  57. ThelittleNugget says:

    Ight imma head out to cry .-.

  58. Joel Angel says:

    my favorites are pitbulls

  59. Darcfoxx 101 says:

    I mean I have two laberdoodles and they’re both healthy

  60. Margaret Ramirez says:

    Your Cute But kinda cheesey/CRINGY kinda

  61. Extraterrestrial Content says:

  62. Hey its me Amber says:

    I Mean Labradoodles are cute and everything, I'm going to be Veterinarian Technician which means I have to know a lot about cross-breeding and just animals in general, Labradors have a lot of joint problems and so do poodles. Poodles were originally showing dogs which makes them naturally more tense and/or excited, depends on the animal. Personally, I hate cross-breeding just because it can cause many deformities, they may be cute and all, but with the brain of a Labrador and Poodle they will tend to not know/respond as they would usually in the original breed. Labradors depend on the training, can either be smart or not so smart. But poodles, on the other hand, can either be, once again depends on the training, very shy or very active. Overall, don't get this mix!! It's cute but you don't know how the dogs attitude will change from being a puppy to a dog.

  63. Stephanie Lake says:

    Love cute

  64. CrazySarah 98 says:

    If i had a labradoodle, I wouldn't ever breed it with any dog. If they suffer, i don't want their pups to suffer too

  65. Katherine says:

    Does anyone else wonder how Charlotte is so amazing

  66. Mis Mykie says:

    Don’t you dare come for the dogs like this.

  67. Lynette Krick says:

    They are still bred for service dog work. All dogs can be like the labradoodle. Dogs are individuals and need proper training. All breeding should consider health issues. We want are furry friends to be healthy. Love ya Jarred. Yes you look good. Boxing is awesome

  68. Devin Wiggles says:

    I say quote, end quote…. all the time

  69. Backruborbust says:

    Own a pet sitting co, have taken care of a labradoodle, London, for several years. Honestly she is like my fave client. Beautiful, happy, good girl. She is middle aged for a pup and is very healthy. I hope she stays that way for a long time.

  70. Dαrκ ηess says:

    Next vid The dark truth about humans

  71. HereComesMenna ! says:

    Any one else has a labradoodle?

  72. ME en ik says:

    I love labradoodles. So many dogs aren't well bred, so making sure the dog and dog's parents are healthy is always something you should do. That goes for goldens, poodles, labradoodles, basically every breed out there. I have a golden retriever, the first thing i did was get his elbows, hips and knees X-rayed and checked to make sure he was as healthy as possible, he is. He is 1 year in training now and truly is a born service dog. But if my next service dog is gonna be team trained (i train him with professional guidance) like this one, I'll get a labradoodle or poodle.

  73. whitnee katz says:

    Labradoodles are stoopid crazy dogs

  74. Chantal van Zelm says:


  75. davy erni says:

    make a cool video about how dogs don't even exist and call them gmo wolves from now on 😉 gmo experiments suck .

  76. Willa says:

    I have to poodles there names are Dave and jimmy!

  77. Erin says:

    Your in great shape, and I love all dogs.

  78. 【pink pearl】 says:

    u have a new best sub

  79. Grace by Faith says:

    Even when I play this video at .75 speed, you talk too fast. No more coffee for you!

  80. Private Citizen-Guy says:

    There’s a real dark truth about all people that own and/or worship animals .

  81. Tomin Kurisunkal says:

    I want a labradoodle, what do I do?

  82. Shame says:

    I own a labradoodle, and yeah.. She may be a little bit crazy, she has an obsession with tennis balls unlike other dogs. My dog however came from a very good breeder that only accepts dogs that meet very high standards. Other than her obsession with balls though, my dog is perfectly healthy and honestly the best family pet we've ever had! She's extremely cute after all, and when you gaze into her eyes they look almost human. We love her with every single atom in our body, everybody who meets her does! And for Frankie that feeling is likewise, since she loves basically every single person she meets, especially if they throw her a ball ^^

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