The Dogs and the Bee Stings – When to Go to the Vet?

Hi baby. Today, we’re going to talk about bee stings and your dog. Dangerous. Are bee stings dangerous for dogs? They are. They can certainly be very dangerous. Now sometimes they’ll get bee stings that are just a little bee sting like we would get and it’s a little swelling and you’d never know about it Other times they will get a bee sting and it will make their whole head swell up Oh, that is a fat face. As you can imagine that could be a problem for some dogs because air goes in through the “face part” and that being swollen certainly makes it harder to get air in which is a necessity for life. Science. So, when you get a bee sting or an insect bite almost of any kind you’ll get some swelling there and the swelling is due usually to chemicals that are released by the sting but also your body’s reaction to that as well. So as the body is reacting it can make this sort of cascade of chemical reactions that keeps making the swelling go worse and worse and worse and that’s what happens with some animals it’s just small and the body just sort of goes like, “oh, okay we’re taking care of this no big deal.” Others it just keeps going and going and going like a chain reaction. Like when Luke shot into the Death Star. Nerd. We’re going to give him some steroids and we’re going to give him some antihistamines. And we’re going to measure his face. Sorry kid. Alright, bud. Lets see how much better you are. That’s better If you just pull the Stinger out and they’re fine, you don’t need to go to the vet for that. If it’s a small swelling you don’t need to go to the vet for that but if, again, if you’re starting to see generalized swelling in other words not just where the sting is but out big and around that that’s when you need to go in and have it checked out. Thanks for watching I hope that answers all your questions about bee stings in your dog’s. Comment below if you have comments. Please subscribe. Tell all your friends about it. Thanks a lot

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7 Responses

  1. Dejah Braxton says:

    Yeah my dog tried to take a dump on an fire ant hill. His anus looked like Kylie Jenner's lips 😂😂

  2. Donna Davidson says:

    My brothers Lab was stung, swollen face, etc. Vet recommended Benadryl. Couple days he was fine. Never found the stinger so we didn't know where he was stung. Do you think it was the head since that's where the swelling was or is it just the head that is affected? Thanks!

  3. Leilani K says:

    Ah come on. Give them a benadryl they will be fine. The first time my dog was stung his head swelled. He could still breath . All the stings since then have had no effect on him. He eats honey bees like candy. Benadryl is awesome. 10mg per lb of weight.

  4. xXocea says:

    And having a bee-sting that's reacted in such a way definitely makes it harder on brachycephalic dogs, where they already have a hard time breathing due to their smooshed faces.

  5. Gemma Ric says:

    my dog accidently stood on a bee and was limping for about 2 minutes when i got home could not find the stinger although hates me touching his paws he kept licking it but after was walking fine should i still take him to the vet?????

  6. Annalise Sinclair says:

    My puppy just got stung and his face is blown up my vet said to give him anti histermiene

  7. rc519 says:

    poor doggos

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