The Fandom EP5: Identity (Furry Documentary)

[theme music playing] The thing about furry is, that it can be anything to anybody; there’s so many definitions for what it can be to somebody. And that just attracts such a wide breadth of people. To the point, where it feels it’s such an interesting, fascinating melting pod. I didn’t initially join though, there was like a period in my life when I discovered furries, I was like, “Okay, I like talking animal people, sure.” People get, like, bullied a lot for being a part of this community, and I grew up already like that. So I was like, “Oh, I don’t want to associate myself with another group that’ll get bullied, so mmm…” And then later on, I’m like, a lot of my friends were furries. So I’m like, “Fine, I’ll do it.” [laughs] I knew that there was something, like, different about me at a very young age, when I was like 12/13. I started to, like, realize my interest and…you know…not straight things, I guess. But I always kind of pushed it away. I come from a very small southern town. Me being bisexual, I was really scared to even mention it to my parents. My sister – god bless her – was bisexual. One time she brought a girl home, and it was this whole thing. I learned what not to talk about with my family. And when I was 15 years old, my mom told me directly to NOT be bisexual, after my sister came out as bisexual. Well, I’mma get married at the age of 19, and I’m gonna set my life up for the rest of it, stay in the military for 20 years, and yeah, I realized very quickly that that’s not what I wanted. There was so much of my life that I wanted to experience, but I couldn’t, because I trapped myself in at a very early age with a situation that I wasn’t comfortable with. Being in the fandom, the community is so positive with LGBT and all that kind of stuff, that helped me a lot because it gave me a place to be myself and do what I like to do. The furry fandom has really pushed me into a much more stable lifestyle than I ever expected, and it’s really changed me in both an emotional stability aspect, as well as, just being more open with my own self. That helped me build the confidence to tell my parents at age 22 that I’m gay. If something were to go wrong, I have my friends in the fandom to support me, and be there for me. It allowed me to not be scared anymore. It’s very interesting being a female creator in the fandom, because so much of the fandom is made up of gay men, frankly, LGBTQ individuals. Overall, it’s been great, but you do have some instances of misogyny. There’s more meetings for only male people, and when you’re getting in those meetings, sometimes they reject you. Sometimes you have to act a little bit more male-ish to be accepted in their male congregations. It sounds kind of bad and hard, but it’s true. Select few men go, “Ew, girls are gross. Yeah, I don’t want anything to do with them.” And I’ve actually had people at conventions, like, approach my table and go, “Oh, I didn’t know that you were a girl.” Like, I wanted to buy from you, but like…” I’m still making the same art that you like, and why does my gender matter? But overall, it’s very positive. And being a fursuit maker – female is very interesting, because like in Mexico, we even took a picture of only female fursuit makers, and it was only 1 male, [laughs] and it was like 10 females. Females are – we are invading the world. [laughs] Whaha! When you think of big companies, it’s always guys running them, but in the fandom, it’s a lot of females doing the running of everything, which is a really nice change of pace. This community’s definitely made me more comfortable with myself. Like, it’s because of this community that I understood, that I wasn’t you know, like, you know, straight for example. Actually, it’s really weird. This community also helped me realize I was gay, and also not entirely gay, it’s very strange. “Oh, like I’m not entirely straight,” and like I appreciated that, but then, like, at the same time, like years and years later, I’ve never actually been with a woman, and like, I didn’t really feel comfortable, like, trying to confirm if I was entirely gay or not. But this community feels so accepting that, like, I felt a lot more comfortable exploring that side. And so I’ve just realized over time that sexuality’s fluid or a spectrum, at least in my opinion. And, I know if I didn’t have this community, I don’t think I might have been able to figure that out, so I appreciate it for that. Of course, we have our schemas or ideas of what, like, it means to be male or female, masculine or feminine. When I first joined the fandom, and I started to discover my sexuality, it was the art, that I was getting, was a great avenue to explore that. I, like, made a character that I found represented me so well, and started doing art, which is, like, genderbent. “Oh, I did this fun thing, what do you think about this?” and then people are like, “Oh, yeah, that’s really cute.” “And it looks like you, still,” kind of thing. “And it’s still you,” or “it’s more like you,” or something like that. And then, to get art with friends and that kind of thing. You post the art, and then there’s a bunch of comments that are like, “Oh, this is hot. This is great.” And then you feel good about that, and you’re like, “Yeah, okay, like, the way I’ve been feeling for the longest time is okay. And it’s okay to feel like that.” And it feels good to be that person, and there’s these people that are there to back me up. And then it just allows you to explore more, and be more true to yourself in a lot of ways. So, I identify as non-binary, and go by they/them. It’s tightly linked to all aspects of who I am. My passion was always science and science intrinsically is just non-binary. [extracts from videos] There was this big queer and science movement that happened. It’s called 500 STEM, and they wanted people to share their stories, both them coming out and being okay in the scientific community, and I took that opportunity to write a little bio about me, and my adviser saw it. He sent me an email, and he was like, “I completely support you with this.” I shared the emails on my furry Twitter, and it blew up, like, there was so many people that saw it. Somehow, my department ended up finding it, retweeting it. “We’re happy to have students that are like this in our department.” It was phenomenal. And that kind of confidence, I wouldn’t have been able to do that without furry, and all that backing that I had, especially on the internet. You have this big community of people that are so supportive on a digital media, that you can access all the time. For some people, I’ve noticed when… (I’m probably not the first person you’ve seen to talk about this kind of thing.) Like a common trope in furry interviews is like, “Oh, I’m very anxious and shy, but the community, like, helps me come alive, when I wear this fursuit, for example. I don’t feel like fursuiting makes me less shy – I think it makes me more socially introverted, because I find it harder to communicate with a suit on. Whereas, with drag, that’s when I really come alive, because, like, I can feel like I’m somebody else. I can be like the sassy person. The funny thing about drag and me, is that I actually became a drag queen because of this community. [music playing] Because I had a friend named Quick, who wanted to do a music video for David Guetta’s ‘Where them girls at’ and I was like, “I want to be Nicki Minaj!” I’ve never done anything like that. But I just, like, wanted to embody them, like even growing up, I would like see anime, and I was like, “Oh, I love when they have their hair in bangs and stuff, and it’s all feminine. Like, I wish I could be like that.” Because, like, as a 9-year-old, you don’t realize you can’t do that. And so, I stuck with it, and kept building. Now I am this monster that I am today, with my name on my hats. I didn’t make this, but I like it. [giggles] Drag can mean a lot of things, but it more or less encompasses just gender expression. I think it’s just nice to explore that entire spectrum. There’s really no reason to just, like, restrict yourself, and this is really one too. But like, I personally enjoy getting to be both masculine and feminine, and just not putting myself in one box. [music playing] Hey everyone, it’s Ash, director of the segment that you just saw. We’re doing a Kickstarter right now for season 2 of The Fandom. If you’ve enjoyed the series thus far, please consider donating to it, or to our Patreon, so that we may make a bigger and better production for season 2. Season 2 will largely be focused on the early history of the fandom, as well as where we’re headed as a fandom today. Thank you so much for your support!

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  1. GamingFish LP says:

    Waiting 😀

  2. SHANE CRAFT says:

    Can’t wait to see this! I wonder if it’ll deal with the otherkin controversy

  3. Mustanglvr007 - says:

    Can't wait to see what this is about!!!! 😁
    Edit: Best episode in the series so far (probably will the the best imo even after Season 1 is finished)!!

  4. SHANE CRAFT says:


  5. Checkers the Wolf says:

    awooo furry pride

  6. Ethan Wunder says:

    well ash, idk how you do it but this is fricking amazing…

  7. Skye Wolf says:

    I know a lot of furries that are LGBT+. I would clearly support this because if that's who they wanna be, then they can do that because it's their choice and no one can change that about them.
    ~Akira Wolf

  8. mike blueberry! says:

    Nice video i realy like it😳

  9. Javier Gatuslao says:

    look at that! (at least right now) no dislikes!

  10. Juan felipe Infante valencia says:

    I want to hear the position of someone that isnt of the LGBTI community

  11. silver wolf k 9876 says:

    🐺💙 Awwoo!

  12. Cloudy Dragons says:

    Am I the only one who has kinda seen an equal representation of male and female members of the fandom? I see the statistics, but not really coming across it…
    I mean the only furries I’ve met irl from school and such so far have been female.

  13. HUSH Enigmatic says:

    I absolutely love your channel ❤️😊

  14. Richie Garcia says:

    This is the best series I have ever seen. This is the absolute best way to show people outside the furry fandom what we are without the negatives that plauged the fandom
    ~Fane The Cat

  15. Oh No Stoltzman says:

    Great video.

  16. Greyson says:

    Love this episode so much! Thank you Ash!

  17. Carter Truax says:

    I hate this.

    Not really.

    Very well made im just jealous.

    So i love it

  18. Copper PipeWrench says:

    This documentary just keeps getting better and better!! Being a new furry, also gay and watching this, is making me realise that this community is somewhere I can fit in, and just be the real me (but in a suit lol).

    Anthrocon in Pittsburgh is hopefully gonna be my first convention ever and I am super hyped, yet really nervous at the same time.

  19. WaitWaitFixate says:

    Thanks so much for letting me share my story! I appreciate it!

    (And if anyone wants to follow me on Twitter, I'm @ItsBrendaBanks!)

  20. lemwezzer63 says:

    Great job you guys. Ash absolutely amazing job of directing . I'm looking forward to seeing part 2.

  21. Flammy Fuzztail says:

    Minorities what about minorities

  22. Bryans Zoo says:

    This is gonna be awesome I can already tell!

    EDIT: 999 times better, I am in tears it was so good, thank you for this great series.

  23. Arlax Wolf says:

    It's a wonderful episode! I do have one irk that was sort of conjured by the female speakers.

    Ritz said the furry fandom is dominated by gay men (yes, this is true) and so you have some instances of misogyny (again, this is true). Rainbow Wolf also enforced these statements with her own comments along similar lines. But then Syber exclaimed females were the ones running the fandom (while I cannot say it's true or false, I'd like to believe it to be true), comparing it to men who're usually running big companies.

    The way it was presented at first glance made it appear to contradict each other. One of my first thoughts was "Ritz just explained customers were expecting a guy running her booth and how it bothered her, now Syber's telling us how its females running the fandom." I'm in no way swaying power to one side or the other. This is just the critique I wanted to raise up, pointing out this tidbit was a bit sloppy in the presentation. It feels like there's a need for a bridge to connect the two viewpoints.


    I don't think I've ever known a STRAIGHT furry or a furry that is not part of the LGBT community HMMMMMMM

  25. Kopa Bahati says:

    Hey Ash! This series is going really well! I wish I could be involved.

  26. Neon Kitten says:

    I actually experienced something like this. But it was a girl that mistook me as a lesbian when I tried to explain to her that I was bisexual. She got angry and disgusted at me…i didn't know what to do so I walked away

  27. TapWater 762 says:

    This really speaks for the fandom, I love this so much ❤️❤️ I support all LGBTQ+. Keep up the good work, Ash ✨💖

  28. Lorin Florence says:

    Thanks for sharing your stories you wonderful people❤️.

  29. Hurrcane The Fox says:

    Love this series! Can’t wait for more!

  30. Mangelickat says:

    I am straight, however I am apart of a Lavender family (its quite fascinating once you see the research. So I am not that typical person who isn't supportive,and I just absolutely love the amount of growth from how LGTBQ+ has been carried from when I first joined, its amazing along with this community.

  31. Milo The Lion says:

    This fandom is amazing.

    Thank you for taking the time to make a documentary type series that's so beautifully done. This is just so well done.

  32. Timbre Fur says:

    I have to say that this is my favorite episode so far. Listening to the experiences of all of these wonderful people just resonated with me on an emotional level; it's just so relatable to my personal experiences. And of course, amazing filming and editing as always. I can't wait to see what's next!

  33. Harmonics Rioter says:

    This is the best episode you've put out so far in my opinion. You all did an amazing work handling these somewhat delicate topics in a respectful and nuanced matter, letting everyone share their point of view, allowing the viewer to form their own conclusions. I wish you the best luck with whatever's coming up and I'm eagerly looking forward to the next episode. Keep up the amazing work!

  34. KYLE MORROW says:

    Can’t wait to see it on Netflix some day!!! Best of luck ASH!!!

  35. Sasuke Huskita says:

    4:41, 5:54 there’s Allikuja!

  36. Little Dragon Productions says:

    This has been a great series. From one filmmaker to another, I applaud your work. People don't understand the amount of effort that goes into making something like this, especially the people who give it a thumbs down. I'm very happy you've focused on the positive elements, instead of going into the world of negativity like so many doc's have before this. I hope you get your season two project funded and make something even better. I'm in the process of making a feature film about the fandom myself if you're interested to check out what we're doing:

  37. Austin Huntsinger says:

    This episode really hits me in the right places. I identify differently from others in the furry fandom because, I grew up with Disney animated movies and social anxiety. So I feel safe and at home with furries. And it helps with my anxiety.

  38. MadDog says:

    these are so good!

  39. Rednex The Fox says:

    Even I never support LGBT and stand up against that community, I still like Furry Fandom more because it is very unique and you can be anything what you want!

    I still need to avoid LGBT and not to join them or I will get a problem.

  40. Jac's Corner says:

    I haven't seen this type of video before, keep up the good work Ash

  41. Blue Ravenfire says:

    another great episode to talk about this topic. keep up the great work! 🙂

  42. Elchinodiabolero says:

    Really hoping for an episode on the NSFW part of the fandom

  43. N36U1A The Protogen says:

    I was not at all surprised with the fact that around 75% of the furry fandom identifies as bi, gay, pan or any other non-straight sexuality. Just because of how accepting the entire fandom is, acting as people who are in the same boat as others. And therefore accepting people as whoever they want to be

    Great job on the episode! Can’t wait for more!

  44. Joki Tundra says:

    Telling your parents that you are a furry is hard, man I haven’t yet!

  45. Hitoshi Polar Bear says:

    Mark's Barks is bisexual!?? I never expected that, tbh 0_0 Anyways, good video :3

  46. Socky Noob says:

    Powerful message here.

  47. Logan Douglas says:

    I thought majira had a girlfriend named "echo"?

  48. Sarah Rose Lightner says:

    Omg I'm in tears lol this was so amazing, so beautiful, so emotional. I have full confidence that you will make your goals for this project. 💜🦊

  49. ThatDude67 69 says:

    I'm so glad to be in a very welcoming, loving, and accepting community. I love that any gender (male, female, trans, whatever else) are all welcome. What they mentioned that I dont like is that we have gender based groups and that we care about what gender makes our art. Seriously? I mean come on. I thought we were better than that. I dont think people should care what gender makes what because both genders make fabulous art and if I'm being honest, I think women make better art. Also why we have gender based groups honestly surprises me. We should have any gender be able to join groups and talk. Hell it's a better learning curve for everyone if we accept any gender and they all talk and have fun

  50. Solis Wolf says:

    Wow. Best Episode yet? Might be! I think this really keys on why people find this fandom as a Family and not just a group of like-minded individuals.
    The Fandom means just…. soo much more. We help each other discover ourselves and we celebrate our differences and uniqueness. We build each other up and with love and support and I couldn't be any happier with this Fandom.

    Another Wonderful Episode.

  51. informalroyal says:

    Really love this. I am a bisexual transman so this episode means a lot. Thanks for this.

  52. Just a Furry Boy says:

    Another episode ! Yay ! ( and happpy 4/20 )

  53. Leilia Spaniel says:

    I am really loving this series so far, it’s such a great look into the fandom! This episode was particularly beautiful and special, might be my favorite so far!

  54. [Тaz] 14K. says:

    Another Quality Video, excellent work 👍🏻

  55. Flimsy Fox says:

    This fandom really has a really diverse set of people, and I think this video perfectly captures that!

  56. Cody says:

    5:56 who's the suiter?

  57. Marvii Wuff says:

    Damn I love this series 💙💙

  58. Raindrop Fennec says:

    This is amazing! This documentary series is such a good way to show friends or family about the fandom in a very good light!

  59. havik says:

    i'm enjoying this series a lot! I appreciate the work and time you've put into this project. <3

  60. PawsitiveVibes says:

    I think this show is shaping up to be pretty amazing! ^^ thank you for making this! That being said… I hope to see other furries on here. Other than the same few people. Im super interested in hearing about them, but Id like to hear about others experiences! Not just "famous" furries! Just a thought ^^' I still love it.

  61. john Dingo-Fox says:

    Great video.

  62. john Dingo-Fox says:

    Wow that's messed up everyone should be treated equally.. 100%.

    Thank you for addressing this issue.

  63. Mabry Herring says:

    I’m attracted to kind and caring ppl

  64. Mabry Herring says:

    Ever time I watch this I realize that in my mind I’m saying, this ones female this ones male and I keep having to redirect myself and ask, does it matter or they can be who they want to be. And I notice how society has burned this label into our mind.

  65. Malta inu says:

    Oh hey look, it's majira

  66. Cancer Frog says:

    :3 this is great
    Edit: this is the best documentary I’ve ever Seen uwu

  67. Drew Shep says:

    In Australia the boy/girl thing isn't am issue as far as I can see. I say this as an asexual. But I've friends who are straight. Gay (lgbt) and relative who has transitioned.

  68. Dinky The Furry says:

    Pawsome video love it

  69. William Van Buskirk says:

    This is really amazing Ash! Keep up the amazing work 🙂

  70. Ripper Mad Bunny says:

    I was nodding and smiling through this video. Right after my first meet I saw how open and accepting everyone was, and helped me a lot to feel better about myself.

  71. The Optimist says:

    Well, most of furries I support are female :3

  72. Luna Bat says:

    Ash. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for these beautiful videos. showing everybody who we REALLY are! No, we are not mindless, sex addicted creeps. It is not a fetish. its a lifestyle. Thank you so much. I bet these videos have helped countless people, and helped spread the message, that this isn't just a phase, its a part of who we are (god i sound cheesy.) There are lives that have been saved by the fandom. and that is enough to keep me going. Lately, I have been forgetting who i am, i have been scared, terrified in fact, of opening up… I.. ok. I struggle with awful anxiety and ocd. if somebody mentions a scary story or something, i would freak out, i still kinda do, heh. well, This documentary has reminded me, there is still good in the world. There is not only fear, and sadness, as i thought it was before.. Thank you. thank you so much. as I'm writing this, my eyes are watering a bit. so, once again. Thank you.

  73. Wind silverpath says:

    4:10 honestly sounds so….insane to me . Why would someone not commission you..over your gender? Like honestly I can't even believe it

  74. Hailey Terminal says:

    Yeah, it is really hard to be accepted as a furry, let alone a FEMALE. LIKE HHHHH

  75. Victor Anne says:

    I think the whole “male will exclude you” is purely due to the over whelming sexual aspect of the fandom which is perfectly fine, a lot of gay men are in the fandom and even females no matter if you’re straight, gay or bi you’re gonna naturally create these groups based on sex, gender, sexuality etc. I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

    Obviously there are assholes but those people are so incredibly rare to bump into or people just ignore. If anything I’ve found females in the fandom to be much more hostile and both sexes being just overly sensitive so of course we create groups in the fandom.

    So far I enjoy that the whole furry thing isn’t used as a political thing and also there’s little to no political drive in this documentary so far. Of course there’s things I don’t agree with based on science like non binary but hey, they are who they are and if they aren’t pushing it on me the least I can do within the fandom is respect that. I’m happy this fandom can just allow people to be who they wanna be to help themselves build confidence in the real world by ‘practicing’ in a way.

    I really like the dude who does drag, she brought up a good point where fursuits don’t always bring out people, most people just like looking at them. I also like the way he said he can be both masculine and feminine, rather than claiming there’s more than 2 genders and spoke about gender expression 🙂

  76. Rood Hyena says:

    This is a beautiful episode. I am not part of the LGBTQ community myself but they have my full support and it makes me so happy to know that they have this community to turn to when they face so much hardship from society and family. You are beautiful inside and out.

  77. TekitWolfPlayz says:

    Awww UwU <3

  78. QuietSong LupenDrago says:

    I didnt realize there was a sex related issue o.o" but I'm glad that it was sorted out

  79. Fin-tastic! says:


  80. Sokul krasnyachukov says:

    1965 the silly animals group is complex and diverse subcultre with it's own driving force.

    2019: were taking over the world without any bullets, just propaganda!

    2025: Furries in powerful political positions.

    2050: National OwO day

  81. Ocean says:

    That was an awesome video

  82. Hokage Obama says:

    This was in my recommended…
    Gave some insight on the community but I'm still on the ropes about it
    Still like the art and creativity though 👌🏾

  83. jose edmundo ramirez rojas says:

    Subtitulos en español plis

  84. Redline the fox says:

    I really love the furry fandom. It gave me self confidence, hope, friends and more known people than I could ever thought about.
    And now since 4 years in the furry fandom, I can say it was worth. Every minute, every second was worth.

  85. Genevieve Saunders says:

    I'm always still so taken aback by how amazing this is <3

  86. Ingrid Annette Canul Perez says:


  87. Ingrid Annette Canul Perez says:

    yo soy de mexico

  88. Køsatsu - Lumos says:

    I love this serie so far, the idea of creating a serie to help people to understand the fandom is so good ! I remember, when I told my friends I was a furry, one of them didn't understood at all what it was and took it very bad (now it's way better), and I would have loved to have videos like that x') I also wanted to thank you for putting subtitles, I'm french and there are some things I don't understand when they talk and I'm glad the subtitles are here !
    Also I'm a trans male but I'm not out to my parents and friends yet so I must be (very) discreet, I don't have surgery, I have long hairs that I hide in a hat… but the fandom (which includes my cousin) is the only place where I'm out and it's so supportive omg x3 I mean, I went to my first furcon last year and I had only some weird looks and people calling me "she" even after telling them I was trans, but it's way more better than what I will have to face when I'll come out – I mean, only some people had a problem with it, while in "real life" everybody seems to have a problem with trans people :
    Well, I love the fandom (besides its downsides), one of the most acceptive of all – it's the only fandom that I call "my fandom" (with sometimes the "Otaku" fandom) x')

  89. Smoothy :P says:

    Im glad i looked for present mic and this was an advertisment

  90. Smoothy :P says:

    4:17 Yay! A mexican furry just like me :D!

    It is me or in Mexico people REALLY hates furrys?

  91. SplinterFox says:

    This one really warmed my Heart. I am so proud of this team for contributing to our fandom. I hope this is an on going series, and I hope we have many seasons! SplinterFox will be backing this project, and we hope later down the road we can be apart of it to!

  92. Brotado Chiip says:

    I don’t care what your gender identity is or what your sexual orientation is I only see you as human

  93. Kiba Snowpaw says:

    I was a furry since I was 12 years old, i didn't know what furry was at that ages but I was really into antimorphic like Digimon "I really like Renamon at the time", Pokemon and Disney. i used Kazaa (P2P Client) at the time to Download Art and Video's and my favorite anime was Silver Fang I have watched it over 200 times I even owned it on VHS at one point. this is all back in the 90s-00s. I am not sure when I first found out I was a furry but I guess It was about when I was 15 years old. I am now 32 years old furry so I have been a furry for 20 years if you count since I was 12 but only 17 years since I know what a furry was.

  94. Victoria Alexander says:

    This documentary was a very unique one this should be put on Netflix

  95. Fluffy Bamboo Draws says:

    If there is someone that I could at least tell who their name was by listening to their voice it would have to be Majira 😂.

  96. Warrior_ Wolf says:

    Guess I gotta be a guy now

  97. Landrey Brown says:

    Loved this episode. As an asexual/aromantic person, it can be hard because sometimes you don't quite fit on either side. Some straight people call us "broken" or believe we don't exist, while some in the LGBT community don't think aces/aros should be a part of it. But so far, the furry fandom has been extremely accepting and I feel very loved here 🙂

  98. J Nuy says:

    I really enjoy the series! OwO 💙💜💚💛❤️

  99. mcsm is my fandom :V oof says:

    Im dont have a sexuality and im kinda one

  100. Kassy Green says:

    This video has a special place in my heart.❤️

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