The Fastest Poodle — Born To Run ( An Amazing Cute Fast Dog Skate Mushing )

The Fastest Poodle And The Wolf Rock Band Born To Run .. and skate Go! Born To Run Born To Run Run! Run Fast Run Faster In the fast lane .. On the bullet train Like a jet plane .. Too much speed to tame Born To Run I rescued you — You rescued me You were locked in a cage I set you free Born To Run Born To Run Born To Run Born To Run Run Faster Faster .. Faster .. Faster Born To Run The Fastest Poodle — Born To Run Born To Run Born To Run – An original song about The Fastest Poodle – Written and performed by The Wolf Rock Band Born To Run

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15 Responses

  1. misterdavez says:

    Born To Run — An original song about The Fastest Poodle — Performed and composed by The Wolf Rock Band — Please check out this and other songs and get the album from our website:
    The Fastest Poodle website:
    Popular Pages About Tofu The Fastest Poodle:

  2. Endurance Kennels LLC says:

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Janice Cerda says:

    I think that I have the brother to this pup. They look identical. I have to retrieve my skates to see if he runs this fast.

  4. Pete Lopez says:

    Very cool poodle.

  5. PrimasJewell says:

    Lol I wish I knew how to skate my poodle would LOVE this! I'm usually chasing after him on our walks telling him to slow down haha

  6. Lobo Koppel says:

    Nice video check out a mastiff

  7. Peachy Peach says:

    Great, loved watching.and great. Answers . Well done. 5 ***.

  8. Daniel Alexander says:

    Got chased by one of those damned buggers on my rollerblades today, pretty quick, almost got ran over when he jumped in front of me at first :p

  9. N Hon says:

    This video is a kick! I'm a big fan of running dogs full speed. It's great for their health as long as you know when to quit and pay attention to the heat. Tofu looks totally spoiled!

  10. Mari Larsen says:

    A 9-years old rescue for me, the sweetest Cocker Spaniel pooch ever that I named Sammy, as in Sammy Davis Jr., has been my personal trainer since April. He barks to make me RUN on our walks! I will try to do our daily routine with some skates I haven't worn in ever…..thank you for the fitting inspiration. Cute video especially the doggy jail photo! Yey!

  11. Highly Sensitive Person Podcast says:

    I found this when looking for videos about poodle tricks. Your dog looks exactly like mine! This song is so funny and cute!!

  12. Ben Brilliant says:

    Nice channel keep sharing more content

  13. Karen Mitchell says:

    Should always use a harness, NEVER a collar!

  14. misterdavez says:

    The Fastest Poodle – Tofu – visit her website at:

  15. Zack Hayes says:

    What a little cuddly ninja of pure agility

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