The Handle: Sod Poodles Stadium Stats

This is one of the most modern, high tech ballparks
in the country. It is. I mean, by far, I think it’s one of the top ones
in the country. We have a 142 televisions
in the ballpark. There are 108 beer
taps in the ballpark. The architects, Populous,
and our builders, Western-Hunt, did
an amazing job, along with our
partners at the city, to create a social environment. The patios on the suite. That’s not done in
any other ballpark. There’s a couple
ballparks that have one or two patios,
but most of them are that tiered structure where you have ten
seats out on a balcony and, you know, only
about five guys my size can actually fit out there. We have great hospitality
areas down on the field where you are
literally in the field. The other homes, Ken,
about a week ago, I saw a player going
into the patio area, so literally, he could
grab a bite, a hot dog, and catch the ball
at the same time. You’re that close to the field. So you have coterie suites
up in the concourse. You have four of those. You have six dugout suites
right behind home plate. The dugout suites are
unique in the fact that the entire area behind
home plate is for our fans. Again, there’s a couple
ballparks that have a couple dugout suites,
but no one in the country has dugout to dugout
suite accessibility. And when I say that you’re
down there close to the field, you’re 30 feet from
the net to home plate. And again, you can hear the
ball whistle through the air, you can see the speed of it,
you can see the break of it. The science of the
baseball field, you know, of all the construction that
has gone on, all the rebar, all the concrete, all the
technology side of things, one of the more intricate
things in a ballpark is that field because
that’s the player’s office. You know, the clubhouse is
their home away from home. They have a clubhouse
manager who’s basically their mom and their dad,
who takes care of them when they’re here, but when
they come out of that tunnel, they’re going to work. They need it to be perfect. They need it to be working. The height of the
grass, you know. We try to keep the grass
at 5/8’s of an inch, different growing periods
and weather affect all that. You know, you have to keep
the moisture in the infield. That’s not done very easily, depending on the
heat of the day, and the wind that’s out there. So, when I say things
are constantly changing, they’re literally constantly
changing by the hour. To everything from the
pitcher’s mound, the slope, it has to be perfect. Major league baseball
has facility standards that we have to meet on
that, so the bases have to be this far apart, exactly. The mound has to
be sloped exactly. And that was done,
really to make, hold everybody accountable,
to make sure that when these guys are
going from city to city, they’re playing on the
same basic structure. (slow bass strums)

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