The Hard Way – Pyscho Poodle, and how to travel with your dogs! Episode 2

So today’s episode is about dogs at the moment we’re debating whether to buy
a car or whether to fly over . I’m looking at apartments or flats. I found it a little
difficult because of the price and that we’ve got dogs and a lot of rental places don’t
like dogs they don’t take dogs so it’s a little bit difficult. At the moment we’re trying to
find somewhere, I’m trying to find a job online it’s a bit hard at the moment but yeah i’m
trying to find a job online trying to find an apartment online. I’ve set up a meeting
with an agent in Malta they’re all a little bit worried about our price line.
I mentioned that I wanted to get it to 750 between 500 and 750, and they are all a little
bit skeptical as to whether that is possible so we’ll see if that’s the case or not. Ok, so just explaining a little bit about
what you need to get your dogs from Brazil to Britain, or to Europe in general. So I’ll
do that now. So firstly you need, the first thing you need
for taking your dogs from Brazil, basically to Europe, is you need a chip, ok, so once
you’ve chipped your dog then the next day then you can do a rabies vaccine. And then
you need to wait a month, ok then after the month then you can take a blood test, there’s
only one place in Sao Paulo if I can remember the name of the clinic I’ll link that down,
but there’s only one approved lab that can do your blood tests, it takes a while to come
back but you can’t travel for three months anyway after you’ve had the blood test so
you’re looking at a month, and then three months, after that basically your dogs OK
to travel. What you need then to do is shortly before they actually do travel, I think it’s
like 48 hours maximum (before the CVI certificate and not traveling), is you need to get a,
you need to take your dog to the vet, you need to get a certificate saying they’re OK
to travel and then you need a document from the Brazilian government (CVI). I think a
lot of it is done in airports, a lot of these documents are done in airports anyway. But
yeah. OK, so traveling within Europe what you need
to take your dog is a pet passport, but that isn’t….but that isn’t the same for every
country OK, and it depends on where your dog has been over the last six months. so for
example, if you’re traveling from France to Malta, or coming into Britain there are additional
restrictions, OK. So going from Britain to Malta as an example, you need to fill out
a form, you need to fill out a form, and you need to have a vet I believe wait for you
so they can examine the dog on arrival. OK, so it is a little more complicated depending
on the country you go. There is a list of countries which are more difficult. So another
thing is that it takes into account the last six months of the dogs life so if the dog
has been in a country outside of European Union it may need to meet additional criteria,
so, in our case we have to do like blood tests and things to go into the UK, things that
we didn’t have to do to go to France directly, but we still need the documents because the
dog has spent some of the last 6 months in Brazil. So there are some additional things, the crates
can’t actually be approved by the body (IATA) that is supposed to do the approving and a
lot of the crates say that they are approved but the actual website for the body that is
supposed to govern all of that, they say they don’t actually approve anyone (any specific
crate). So, it’s a little bit difficult, what I would do is I would go to the specific airline,
and check out that, there were a couple of differences we did buy one originally that
had plastic latches but it didn’t have screws underneath, and that was one of the stipulations
on Air France, is that it have the metal screws underneath, so we had to change it, take it
back, just it’s not worth risking it, you know, you get to the airport with a box and
it’s not good enough, it can be a little difficult and you might have to run around getting a
different box or you might not be able to catch a plane or whatever. So yeah, I would
really make sure you’ve got everything like that clear. Aside from all that, there are other things
you need to worry about with your dog, you know, aside from the actual documents you
need. Obviously flying is a bit of a stressful time so what we’ve done, I’ll drop in a bit
of a video here, we’ve bought the box a few months ago the crate which we are going to
have the dogs travel in and so they are getting used to that now so, Zara likes it, but Tino
as you can see from the video is still not convinced by the whole box thing. But it’s
good for them to get used to it, before they actually go in it, so they see it as a safe
place. People say that you should put food in it and everything like that, so these are
all things that you can do to try and make it a bit easier for your dogs.Some people
say that you can do other things like give them medicine, and things like that to calm
them down, but I’m not sure how legal that is.

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