The Holy Spirit | God’s Empowering Presence In You

bitch I’m forgiving I’m so give them Jesus tonight you made
a way to bring us closer our joy are we feeling we continue to
sing the hymns today you pulled me from he said you call me you call me you you our king is here church baking away for
us to approach the Father to obtain mercy and grace to help in time of need
which call out to him today would you call out to him but your heart
come out in worship say to him come on lose your bones you look clear my change you then No okay the warrior chains our church go where
they are which once were around you – fine – you have now fallen
off because our Lord stood in the face of death
he stood in the face of hopelessness and he claimed his rightful position as Lord
of the universe and he is our Lord and we get to worship Him today
because grace has covered in Jesus name you’re so good thank you for being our
Lord your goodness so much more than what we
can even conceive and we just honor you as we see and as their worship here we
love you and Jesus name everybody said to love
Jesus don’t you so good thank you guys so much for
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series Holy Spirit if you guys been enjoying this series man it’s been so
good for me I’m so excited for today you may have noticed that we cut the worship
set a little bit short today that was purposeful because we have something
super awesome that we’re gonna do as a family at the end of service so we’re
really excited for that but first let’s pray let’s get to Jesus
Jesus we honor you we love you thank you for being our Lord thank you for making
a way for us to receive mercy and grace to help in time of need
thank you for being us ar-ar-ar so forth thank you for being our source come god
we give to you the glad hearts because the same message that has changed us is
spreading and we’re so grateful to be a part of it we love you we thank you for
receiving his gifts in Jesus name everybody said well good morning Church on the Move!
Great to see everybody this weekend hey if we haven’t met yet or maybe you’re
new here or new for the first time in a long time my name is Whit. I’m the pastor
here great to have you here this weekend let me also welcome everybody joining us
online and we have churches at Dr. Eddie Warrior and Dick Conner Correctional
Center can we put our hands together and welcome them as they join us this
weekend got it Glad to have you guys we are in part 4 of a series that we’ve
been doing on the Holy Spirit and we believe that the Holy Spirit is the
power of God for the mission of God. we’re in a season as a church of living
on mission that means we believe God has a mission for us God has a plan for us
that’s more than just attending church it’s about affecting our city and our
neighborhood and our family and our businesses and everywhere we go and so
we believe that we’re on that mission and we have a theme verse for the year
it’s John 20:21 it says this jesus said as the father has sent me I am sending
you we believe that we’re sent like wherever you find yourself at school and
college at work in a home wherever you are you’re sent there by God with a
purpose and a plan and a mission that God has for you but you’re not sent
alone look at the next verse Jesus breathed on them and he said receive the
Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit of God is the empowering presence of God for the
mission of God and we believe that as a church we’ve been sent on mission and so
that’s what we want to talk about this weekend and you should have gone
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you need will get you that because you’re gonna need this as we kind of
walked through today where we’re gonna go and talk about part four the Holy
Spirit in you two weeks ago we talked about how the Holy Spirit’s work is to
you last week we talked about how the Holy Spirit his work is also through you
sort of an outward facing expression of the Holy Spirit’s work this week we’re
talking about the Holy Spirit in you that the Holy Spirit doesn’t just want
to work with you but he he wants to reside in you maybe the
meta-narrative of Scripture or maybe you could say like the big theme of
Scripture is that God wants to dwell with his people if you read the Bible
Genesis to Revelation that’s one of the themes that you’re gonna see is that God
wants to live with his people we see that in Genesis in the Garden of Eden
God wanting to dwell with Adam and Eve sin happens in Genesis 3 we see the fall
and so man and God are separated but that still doesn’t keep God from wanting
to dwell with his people we see this with Moses when God speaks to Moses and
he says I want to dwell with the people of Israel and so he has Moses construct
this tents called the tabernacle and it was elaborate tent that basically was
meant to house the presence of God and the center of a tent was a place where
the where the Ark of the Covenant if you’ve seen Indiana Jones you know a
little bit about that right the Ark of the Covenant is there but also the
presence of God was said to dwell there later though we see the tabernacle
becomes permanent whenever they construct the temple that’s what the
temple was it was essentially just a permanent version of the tabernacle and
the tabernacle was so that God again could dwell amongst his people he wanted
to live with his people in the center of the temple was a place called the Holy
of Holies maybe you heard of that before and not just anybody could go into the
Holy of Holies only the high priest and only on certain days of the year could
the high priests go into the Holy of Holies and it wasn’t just something that
you would casually do there were all these purification rituals and rites
that the high priests would have to go through to make sure he was properly
purified before he went into the Holy of Holies and if he wasn’t purified before
he went into the Holy of Holies he would drop dead that’s why they they would
wear the high priests would wear bells on the tassels of their garment so that
they would know like if they stopped moving or something happened in the Holy
of Holies they could pull him out with a rope so that the other priests wouldn’t
have to go in there at risk of their own lives as well so nobody could just go
into the presence of God and yet we see God wants to dwell with and among his
people but it was more than just God wanting to live in the midst of his
people we start to get hints and versus like in Ezekiel 36 there’s a
place where God speaks to the prophet Ezekiel and he says that I want to live
with and in my people he says I’m gonna put a new spirit in them and then later
he says I’m actually going to put my spirit in my people and so there starts
to be this new understanding that God doesn’t just want to dwell with his
people he wants to reside in his people Jesus would come along a little bit
later and flesh this out the idea out a whole lot more and that’s kind of where
we’re gonna begin today in Acts chapter 1 where Jesus is speaking to his
followers and he’s talking about the Holy Spirit living or residing in them
look at this Acts chapter 1 verse 4 it says this on one occasion while Jesus
was eating with his disciples he gave them this command he said do not leave
Jerusalem now this is kind of code for him saying hey don’t start the mission
of God yet don’t start ministry yet don’t start
reaching people and preaching to people yet just hang tight hang at Jerusalem he
says wait for the gift my father has promised which you have heard me speak
about and then he says this for John baptized with water but in a few days
you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit this is this idea of God’s very
presence living in you he says it’s going to be so in you that it’s like
you’re baptized you’re submerge you’re immersed in the presence of God God
doesn’t just want to be with you he doesn’t just want to walk with you and
journey beside you he actually wants to reside in you later the Apostle Paul
would describe this and talk about this in in his letters to the Corinthians
when he says don’t you know that your very body is a temple of the Holy Spirit
in other words God’s presence his holy presence isn’t just with you but it’s in
you we saw what Jesus was talking to his disciples about or we would see it in
the very next chapter on the day of Pentecost look at what happens in Acts
chapter 2 it says when the day of Pentecost came they these are Jesus
disciples we’re all together in one place and suddenly a sound like the
blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and Phil
the whole house where they were sitting and it says they saw what seemed to be
tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them and they were
all filled with the Holy Spirit look at this and they began to speak in other
tongues so these two things seem to be connected they’re filled with the Holy
Spirit and they began to speak in other tongues or other languages as the spirit
the Holy Spirit enabled them so here we see what jesus promised he said hey you
hang in Jerusalem the gift of the Holy Spirit is gonna come you’re going to be
baptized in the Holy Spirit and something is going to happen well what
happens well we see their baptized were there immersed in the Holy Spirit and
they begin to speak in other languages other tongues it says that they had
never learned before here we see right from the very
beginning that as the Holy Spirit comes to reside in you and that’s what we’re
talking about in this series that the Holy Spirit of God is the power of God
for the mission of God when the Holy Spirit empowers you or indwells you when
you are baptized in the Holy Spirit some people use that phrase you might have
heard that before when you’re baptized in the Holy Spirit
what accompanies that what we see here is that what accompanies that is this
gift of speaking in other languages now we’re gonna drill down into this today
this idea of speaking in tongues praying in the Holy Spirit there are different
ways that people refer to this it all kind of means the same thing but we’re
talking about speaking in a spirit empowered Spirit enabled language it’s a
gift given by God for believers and we’re gonna look at why it was given but
before I do that I just want to address something any time we start talking
about speaking in tongues right or praying in the Holy Spirit I don’t know
if you’re like me but some people kind of back off from that a little bit
because there’s been a lot of weird stuff done in the name of the Holy
Spirit when you start talking about speaking in tongues maybe for you images
like this image start to come to mind right and this is what happened when I
googled if you google speaking in tongues this is one of the first images
that pops up and I think rightfully so right when we start talking about this
people are like that weird it’s a weird practice it goes
along with snake handling and other strange things barking like dogs or
clucking like chickens are running around an auditorium because the Holy
Spirit came on me and weird stuff happens right it’s televangelist kind of
things and if you’re anything like me you kind of push back from that you go
I’m not sure I’m interested in that I don’t know if I can believe that but I
want to just challenge us to think for just a second because keep this in mind
the same people who wrote to you about Jesus the same guys who are responsible
for the Gospels of Jesus life you know Matthew Mark Luke John those guys the
same people who wrote much of the New Testament the Apostle Paul who wrote you
know much like two-thirds of the New Testament so you know letters like
Romans and 1st and 2nd Corinthians and Galatians Ephesians Colossians all of
these the same people who wrote the New Testament and wrote about Jesus in this
resurrection and crucifixion and you know they wrote about Grace and all the
things that we talk about on a regular basis those same guys are the same
people who wrote about this gift of speaking in tongues so if we’re gonna
take what they had to say about the resurrection seriously we have to take
what they wrote about this gift seriously we can’t divorce the two we
can’t separate the two because they come from the same source so what we’re gonna
do today is we’re gonna explore the scripture and we’re gonna look
specifically at this gift of speaking in tongues what is it why was it given and
who is it for alright so that’s what we’re gonna talk about today so I want
to talk first of all about two reasons why this gift was given and these two
points aren’t in your notes but there’s some blank space at the bottom of the
page you can write this down the first reason is this it was given as a sign
for people who are far from Christ or people who had yet to receive Christ
right this is the first reason it was given as a sign we see this in Acts
chapter 2 what we just read about how the Holy Spirit falls and the disciples
were empowered to speak languages that they had never learned before in this
case they were speaking earthly languages languages that other people
knew so look at Acts chapter 2 verses 9 through 12 it says that part the
and Medes and Elamites visitors from Mesopotamia Judea and Cappadocia Pontus
and Asia Phrygia and Pamphylia Egypt and the parts of Libya belonging to Cyrene
immigrants from Rome both Jews and proselytes even Cretans and Arabs look
at this these people when they hear the disciples speaking in tongues are
speaking in other languages that they had never learned what do they say they
say look they’re speaking our languages describing God’s mighty works so in this
case the disciples were empowered to speak earthly languages that they had
never learned before and it was given by God as a sign you could say it was like
a giant spotlight shining on these apostles these disciples to where other
people would take notice and say what’s going on over here and it certainly had
that effect people started noticing something was happening but I want you
to look further at their reaction look at the next verse they couldn’t for the
life of them figure out what was going on
so it got their attention but it didn’t result in the growth of the church or
people coming to Christ it was just given as a sign so they couldn’t figure
out what’s going on and they kept saying aren’t all these people Galileans how
come we’re hearing them talk in our various mother tongues and so into this
sort of chaos or confusion or maybe people just wondering what’s going on
over here steps Peter we see this in verse 14
that’s when Peter stood up and backed by the other eleven he spoke out with bold
urgency and what you can read in Acts chapter 2 is Peter preaching a sermon he
preaches the gospel and it says that thousands and thousands of people come
into the church that day so this gift was given first as a sign for people who
had yet to follow Christ interestingly by the way just side point remember
whenever we were doing the missio day series for those of you that were here
and we studied through the Tower of Babel do you remember this will
Pentecost what happens here is kind of like a reverse Tower of Babel where in
Babel God confused people’s language and they all scattered here God gives people
the capacity to speak new languages and the church is formed
and built it’s pretty cool a reverse tower Babel but it was given as a sign
for people who were far from Christ so that they could be brought into the
kingdom into the family of God but that’s not the only way or reason why
this gift was given there are other there’s another reason why this gift was
given and the second reason is this it was given as a strength for believers
first reason it’s a sign for people who are far from Christ but the second
reason is that it was given as a strength for believers and this is kind
of the reason that I want to focus the rest of our time on today because some
people will say yes I read through you know the New Testament and we do see
this gift of speaking in tongues but it was given on Pentecost it was given
because you know God empowered people to speak languages they never heard so that
the gospel could be spread yes that’s true but that’s not the only way that
this gift was given because we see through the rest of the New Testament
other ways that people like the Apostle Paul write about and talk about the gift
of praying in the spirit we’re speaking in speaking in tongues in a way that
they’re not just speaking to people who had never heard the gospel before and
speaking supernaturally empowered in languages they had never learned but
rather they’re communicating with God praying to God and so I want to talk
about three reasons or three benefits that this strength provides to believers
right here’s the first one the first one is this is that praying in the spirit
praying in the Holy Spirit praying in other tongues however you want to put it
it perfects our prayers that’s one of the reasons that this was given is that
it perfects our prayers look at Romans chapter 8 verses 26 this is Paul writing
he says this likewise the spirit helps us in our weakness for we do not know
what to pray for as we ought in other words sometimes we don’t know how we
should pray sometimes we don’t even know what to pray for he says but the Spirit
Himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words give or find yourself
in a place where you want to pray for somebody but you don’t know exactly what
to pray for I’ve been there a hundred times
there’s somebody that I know is troubled somebody that I know is going through
something maybe we just haven’t had opportunity to talk about it
maybe I don’t exactly know what’s going on maybe I don’t even get to talk to
them maybe you’re a parent and you have a son or daughter who you’re kind of
estranged from you know they’re going through a difficult time but they’re not
opening up to you and you don’t really know exactly what’s going on but you
want to pray for them but you can’t really figure out exactly how you should
pray because you don’t know exactly what’s going on in their life Paul says
this happens all the time and there are often moments where we find ourselves
needing to pray but we don’t exactly know how we should pray it’s nothing we
don’t know how to pray we don’t know how we should pray and so he says in those
moments and in those times God gives us the ability to pray in the spirit we
have a personal private prayer language that’s given to us by God so that we can
pray God’s perfect will in a particular situation when we don’t know what God’s
will is it’s a gift given to us by God so that we can pray in a supernatural
way but there are other times where we want to pray and we don’t even know what
to pray for I’ll give you a case in point a couple of months ago I can’t
forget this it was a Monday and I remember just feeling anxious all day
and I couldn’t figure out why just kind of feeling like like there was a weight
on me and and I didn’t know what was going on I just felt uneasy the entire
day and in fact as the day wore on it got worse and worse and worse and I
started wondering what is happening I’m racking my brain trying to figure out is
there a conversation I need to have is something happening what is why am I
feeling this way I could not figure out why I was feeling this finally it just
got to the point where I said okay I’m gonna have to pray about this so I left
my house I started walking through my neighborhood just praying quietly in the
spirit I’m not walking through my neighborhood out loud praying in tongues
so that my neighbors are freaking out going what’s going on with the weird guy
muttering strange words outside my house that’s not what I did I’m just walking
quietly nobody would even know what was happening but I’m just walking quietly
through my neighborhood praying in the spirit why because I have
no idea what I should pray for so I pray like this for a while
I eventually make my way back to my house I had no idea no way of knowing
that the very next day a dear friend and a huge part of church on the move Andrew
stone he was going to pass away the next day and it was gonna have a huge impact
on so many people around here teams friends would be massively impacted and
I believe God was having me pray in advance for what was going to be affect
our church in a significant way that’s what the gift of the Holy Spirit is the
gift of the Holy Spirit the ability to pray in the spirit was given so that we
could pray for things when we don’t know what to pray for or how to pray this is
a gift that was given second reason why I think the Holy Spirit or the gift of
praying in the Holy Spirit is a strength for believers is that it brings intimacy
with God intimacy with God look at first Corinthians chapter 14 verse 2 this is
Paul and he says this if you praise him in the private language of tongues now I
want you to notice that this is different than what happened on
Pentecost notice how he frames it the private language of tongues
he says God understands you but no one else does for you are sharing intimacy’s
just between you and him I’ve been thinking about this lately just kind of
been meditating on this thought that we can’t even talk about God our words
about God are inadequate to describe who he really is I don’t know if you’ve ever
thought about that before but our finite language and even our finite
understanding and our finite minds are not capable of grasping or describing
the infinite they give you an example we might talk about God as a father we
might say God is like a father but God as a father is unlike any father any of
us have ever known so the way we might describe God his father we might say
he’s like a father but he’s not completely
like our understanding of what it is to be a father
that’s because God’s father leanness is not like our father leanness or any
father leanness we’ve ever known and I don’t care how good or godly your dad is
there’s still an aspect of God’s character in his way of fathering that’s
different than your understanding of God and his father so we might describe him
like a father but he’s not like a father in the way that we think of we might say
that God is like the light of the Sun he’s bright and he’s he’s he’s light in
that way but God is not light like the Sun is light that would be doing a
disservice to God to say God is exactly like the Sun he’s not exactly like the
Sun God made the Sun so his light goes beyond the light of the Sun any way that
you could talk about God always comes up short and so when we converse with God
and when we talk to him our language is incomplete it comes up short we’re not
able to talk to him fully in the way that’s deserving of who he is but God
gave us a language empowered by the Holy Spirit where we could communicate with
God that bypasses our mind and our language and it goes directly to the
heart we can communicate with God’s Spirit to spirit heart to heart soul to
soul there are times when I find myself praying in the spirit where I’m
connecting with God in a way that I can’t even verbalize in English it goes
beyond just what’s coming up what I can think of in my mind McStays into the
language of emotion and feeling and I’m connecting to God heart to heart soul to
soul spirit to spirit there are longings in that way that we connect to each
other see our language comes up short when we
want to talk to God but God and His grace and mercy has given us a language
in which we can communicate with him and Paul says in this way we share intimacy
with God I think that’s amazing so God gives us this language as a way
of having intimacy with him third way that the gift of speaking in tongues or
praying and the Holy Spirit is a strength for believers of this is that
it builds up the one who prays look again at 1st Corinthians chapter 14
verse 4 and the amplified version Paul writes and he says this one who
speaks in a tongue look at this edifies himself why do we need to be built up
because life has a way of knocking us down
does it not and even if life is going pretty good I don’t know about you but I
still find that I feel inadequate sometimes I feel like I’m not enough
sometimes sometimes my confidence wanes sometimes I don’t feel like I’m up to
the task that God has put in front of me or just
that life has put in front of me but God in His grace has given us a prayer
language that we can pray and Paul says when we pray in this way we build
ourselves up it rebuilds our confidence it rebuilds our our our sense of purpose
we feel like we’re ready to face the day I got a great text from a friend just in
the last couple of weeks his name is David and he sent me a text just
speaking about this series and his excitement for this series because he
had had an encounter with the Holy Spirit years ago here at church on the
move and he talked about this idea of being edified being built up I want to
share this with you he said this having grown up in a different kind of church I
didn’t know much about the Holy Spirit years ago your father enlightened me and
my life has never been the same he said my normal morning routine is to read
scripture and then to reread it in different translations after that I pray
in the Holy Spirit and ask him to help me understand what I’ve just read in the
word and then look at this he says afterwards it has been my practice to
pray in the spirit look at this until I feel I’m ready to face the day the Holy
Spirit is definitely active and very powerful in my life and I’m grateful
this is somebody who was raised in a different kind of a church a church that
maybe didn’t embrace this gift and he came to church on the move and we taught
about this and they received the gift of the Holy Spirit he started speaking in
his prayer language and he said this gift has transformed my life it’s
transformed my walk with God he says and I you
this as a way to kind of build myself up to face the day see people are into all
kinds of things today about trying to figure out how they can sort of face
life and reality there’s apps for breathing properly
there’s mindfulness exercises a lot of people do yoga that’s all good but I
pray in the Holy Spirit that’s what I do to build myself up it’s given as a gift
so that we can build ourselves up Paul says in our most holy faith so that we
can face what it is that life puts in front of us now I want to talk about two
misconceptions when we talk about praying in the Holy Spirit two
misconceptions and these are in your notes write these down the first one is
this is that sometimes we believe that the Holy Spirit takes me over here
people talk about praying and tongues or the Holy Spirit hit me and we maybe
sometimes we couch it like that this is something done involuntarily right that
I prayed and the Holy Spirit came on me and something strange happened I took
off running I couldn’t help but where I fell down I couldn’t help it or God got
ahold of me and I started barking like a dog or clucking like a chicken or
flopping on the ground like a perch on a dock like it you know like weird stuff
is happening right and and we think that the Holy Spirit is behind these things
that he makes these things happen nothing could be further from the truth
God doesn’t make you do anything the Holy Spirit and the gift of the Holy
Spirit works like all the other gifts that God gives there’s God’s part and
there’s your part it’s a two-way street think about every other command that God
gives jesus said that if you follow me you ought to be baptized but how many of
you have been baptized know that God didn’t pick you up and dunk you in the
tank himself it was God’s will he wanted it to happen but you had to go back into
the baptism room you had to put on the shorts in the shirt and get in the tank
yourself with a pastor and they were the ones that put you under and brought you
back up baptism didn’t happen supernaturally and yet God was working
in that he says he’s a– said if you’re gonna follow me you need to confess me
as lord and many of you prayed that prayer and said i’m gonna confess jesus
as lord and make the Lord in my life but how many of you
know in that moment God didn’t get ahold of your tongue and make you pray that
prayer you had to choose to do it yourself
everything that God gives every gift that God gives from communion to baptism
to receiving Christ it all works this way the Holy Spirit is
the same he’s not gonna make you do anything when you pray and you ask God
to receive the Holy Spirit it requires your participation God’s not gonna do it
for you it’s something that he empowers but not something that he takes you over
to do God is not in the business of making people do things the only time I
can find in scripture where God’s going to make people do things is in a day
coming in the future what it says every knee will bow and every tongue will
confess that Jesus is Lord to the glory of God the Father
but until that day you and I have been blessed with a free will you get to
choose so God’s not gonna make you do anything the Holy Spirit isn’t gonna
force himself on you he’s gonna work in partnership with you second
misconception is this is that speaking in tongues makes me a first-class
Christian now sometimes people get into this when where they think oh I have
been given this gift that makes me better than other Christians who have
not received this gift and I’ve seen that over and over and over again where
people in certain kinds of churches think we’re like the real Christians we
call ourselves Full Gospel as if the other Christians out there are only a
partial gospel we’re the full gospel we have the real thing they’re just kind of
dabbling in the shallow end of the pool listen we don’t think that way about
other believers and if you’re here today and maybe you’re you’re you’re
interested in this but you’re not quite sure what you think about this I can
assure you that me or nobody else at church on the move
we don’t look down our noses at you and think you’re less than we don’t believe
that the Holy Spirit makes me better than you the Holy Spirit makes me better
than me that’s why he was given so we’re not here to look down our noses at other
people we’re here to open ourselves up and say this is a gift that God gives
and it’s available to you amen amen all right how can I receive this
how does this happen in my life well I’m glad you asked
last fill-in-the-blank is this how do you receive it ask and you will receive
it’s as easy as that look at Luke chapter 11 verses 11 and 12
this is Jesus he said this what father among you if his son asks for a fish
will instead give him a serpent or if he asks for an egg will give him a scorpion
if you then who are evil know how to give good gifts to your children how
much more will the Heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to whom to those who ask
him there’s a gift available to you it’s a gift that I can tell you from personal
experience will change your life some of you’ve been following Christ for a while
but you feel like you’re at a wall you feel like there’s more and I’m here to
tell you that there is the God has given us His Holy Spirit as a way of
communicating with him that will bring a freshness and a vibrancy to your walk
with Christ that you may not have thought possible there is more and I
want to give you a chance to receive it today
I couldn’t as your pastor in good conscience get up here and talk all
about the Holy Spirit and then not give you an opportunity to receive the Holy
Spirit so here in a few moments I’m gonna give you a chance to do that we’re
gonna invite prayer partners to come down the front not yet be here in a
minute I will I’m gonna ask them to come down here and we’re gonna give you a
chance to pray and here’s the confidence that I want you to have we’re gonna take
Jesus at his word he said if you ask you will receive you don’t have to worry
that maybe you’re not ready for it you don’t have to worry that he might hold
it back because he’s looking down on you or he knows your past or he knows what
you did last night you don’t have to worry he said if you
ask you will receive so we’re gonna ask Jesus today to give us the gift of the
Holy Spirit and we’re gonna do it in faith believing that if we ask him he
will give us the Holy Spirit and we’re gonna do it in a way that isn’t gonna
embarrass anybody listen I’m the last person that wants to make things weird
or awkward because I’m an introvert and then know how it feels to get up in
front of a bunch of people and have the spotlight shine on you and feel all
awkward like everybody’s looking at you just this week we had a parade at our
school Lincoln and Heather sign me up to walk our dog or French Bulldog in the
parade it was my personal hell I hated every second of it
people lining the streets and I’m out there with a bunch of other people but
they’re all cheering and waving and I’m walking like I got my head down I’m
doing the walk of shame I got through that as quickly as I could I hated every
minute of it that day so trust me when I tell you we’re not here to embarrass
anybody I don’t want to make this weird this isn’t gonna be like a televangelist
kind of moment nothing strange is gonna happen we’re not knocking people over we
got church on the movers praying for church on the movers these aren’t
professional ministers down here these are just people like you friends of mine
who have received the Holy Spirit in their life and they’re passionate about
praying with other people to receive them and I got to tell you and the other
two services it has been amazing what God has done we’ve had such a beautiful
sweet time of ministry and family so this is gonna be a really great way
we’re gonna end this service today but there’s a second call I have for those
of you who have been filled with the Holy Spirit somebody know exactly what
I’m talking about you’re like wait I got my prayer
language I’ve been filled with the spirit I remember that I remember when I
received that that’s great but I want you to look at Ephesians chapter 5 verse
18 and look at what the Apostle Paul says
he says don’t get drunk with wine for that is debauchery but be filled with
the spirit and what’s he talking about is he making some statement about
drinking no it’s not so much about drinking here’s what he’s saying he’s
saying hey you know how some people use alcohol to fill an internal void see you
know how people like when they’re feeling down or they’re feeling anxious
they turn to the bottle to kind of give themselves a little liquid strength
liquid confidence you might have heard that before
he said yeah you’re not to do that christ-followers that’s not what we do
we don’t look to alcohol as a source of strength or comfort or a way of coping
with life he says we don’t do that we’re filled with the spirit and you know what
he says here he actually uses a continuous action verb he’s literally
saying be being filled with the holy spirit in other words he’s saying I’m
continuously over and over again being filled with God’s Spirit he would later
write to Timothy and say Timothy as a young man as a young pastor don’t forget
Timothy to fan into flame the gift of God that’s inside of you in other words
like this is a continual process for you and so what we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna pray for two kinds of people today we’re gonna pray for people who have
never received their prayer language and you want to today’s your day I want to
give you that chance but I want to pray for others of you that you have received
your prayer language but you’ll want to be filled with the spirit in a fresh new
way because you’re about the mission of God as we’ve been talking about the
mission of God was is something that God wants for all of us but the Holy Spirit
is given so that the mission can happen and so you’re here and you say when I am
about that mission I want that mission and I want God to do something new and
me through the power of the Holy Spirit that enables me and propels me forward
on that mission that’s why the Holy Spirit was given was for the mission of
God two quick things I’ll share with you
first of all this when the Holy Spirit was given 2000 years ago on the day of
Pentecost the church exploded the mission of God happened as I said before
it’s a reverse of what happened at Babel so the Holy Spirit is given and the
church explodes and we see that all through Acts people pray and fossils go
out they pray for people and the church explodes the Holy Spirit is given we’ve
seen this over and over and over again it’s really amazing but here’s what’s
interesting for 2,000 years church history is relatively silent on the
issue of the Holy Spirit not too many people write about him
talk about being filled with the Holy Spirit talk about speaking in tongues
not for 2,000 years do you hear a whole lot about it but about a hundred and
twenty years ago in Los Angeles California there were a group of
believers gathered together at a place called Azusa Street and they were
seeking God because they believed that there was more for them that God wanted
to do more in their lives than what they had currently seen them do you know what
happened the same thing that happened on Pentecost the Holy Spirit came and they
were filled with the spirit and you know what happened after that same thing
happened at Pentecost the church exploded gained millions upon millions
of people have come into the kingdom of God as a result of the Pentecostal
charismatic movement that began about a hundred and twenty years ago look at
what Simon pons me a theologian wrote about this he said this he said what is
undeniable is that the Pentecostal movement has known a vibrancy an energy
and an attractiveness which has produced look at this a record of Missionary
Church growth unparalleled in two millennia 2,000 years nothing has
happened like this he said this they clearly speaking of charismatic s’ of
which we are those he said they clearly have found or refound something I love
this or someone that was apparently lacking previously
gang millions upon millions upon millions of people the church has not
seen a revival in the last hundred and twenty years or in the last two thousand
years like it has in the last 120 years as a result of what happened on Azusa
Street it’s incredible and if we as a church are gonna see God work in our
city I think it’s only gonna happen when a group of Christ followers say we want
more we want more Holy Spirit we want God to work in and through us for the
mission of God not so that we can have a crazy revival happening inside the doors
of this church but so that Tulsa can be transformed so that God’s will can be
done on earth in Tulsa as it is in heaven can I get an amen so I’m gonna
invite right now our prayer partners to come they’re gonna line up front here
these are regular people like you and me these are people who have had an
encounter with the Holy Spirit and their fellow church on the movers and their
family and they would love to pray with you talk with you answer questions that
you might have so here’s what we’re gonna do I’m gonna invite our worship
team to come we’re gonna worship here people just pull the lights down just a
minute I don’t want this to be embarrassing to anybody so we’re just
gonna kind of dark in the room and here in just a second I’m gonna invite you to
come you’ve never received your prayer language or you are a believer and you
just want the Holy Spirit to minister to you in a fresh way for the mission of
God you’re serious about God’s mission and you want to connect you just want to
agree in prayer with a brother or sister in Christ to say God use me this year in
a new kind of way I wanted a fresh filling of your Holy Spirit I want to be
being filled with your Holy Spirit if you want to come with your husband your
wife you want to grab a church on the mover next to you and bring them down we
can pray in groups and ones and twos it does not matter I’m just gonna ask you
never receive your prayer language or your want a fresh filling of the Holy
Spirit would you just come on down right now just go ahead out of your seat go
ahead and come on down that’s you right here right now come on down come on down isn’t this beautiful so good so good this is the church this
is what a church is it’s not a a spectacle that we come see a place that
we attend is a family I love seeing brothers and sisters praying with one
another hugging one another caring for one another that’s what a church is and
I have loved watching this and being a part of this today I’m gonna invite you
to stand we’re not gonna dismiss just yet we’re gonna sing that song again I
just think we got to sing it again and just worship for a few minutes if you
still want to come that’s fine maybe you’ve been nervously kind of waiting
wrestling come on down it’s not too late we want to pray with you but we’re just
gonna sing that song and worship just a couple more times through and then I’ll
come back and close this out Jordan would you lead us you father thank you thank you that you not
only redeemed us and pulled us out of a pit but that you have put your spirit of
us Lord we feel your presence here this morning thank you for what’s happening
in our church family and the lives of mothers and fathers sons daughters
brothers sisters it’s a beautiful beautiful thing Lord we just thank you
that what has happened here today would only be the beginning in Jesus name
in Jesus name I want to say this maybe you’re here today and you prayed to
receive a prayer language but it didn’t happen for you I don’t want you to walk
out of here with your head hung low feeling like maybe somehow God has
withheld something I want you to walk out of here in a spirit of faith knowing
that if you asked he will be faithful to give and I can tell you story after
story of church on the Movers all over the place I could tell you their stories
of people said yeah that happened to me I came to receive a prayer language and
it didn’t happen for me right away but after maybe a day maybe a month maybe
weeks later something happened and it came and I’m telling you I heard a story
just in the after the first service of somebody saying that was my story just
days later I got a call from somebody had prayed with and they said I got my
prayer language and they were so excited so don’t give up if it didn’t happen for
you today and don’t doubt that God has held something back from you or that he
wouldn’t give it to you he did so if you prayed and asked believe you have
received it because it had you have it’s yours so we’re gonna walk out of here in
confidence it’s not too late if you want a prayer you come on down maybe you’re
here today and you’re not right with Christ and you want to pray with
somebody about putting Jesus at the very center of your life we
that meeting the real Jesus we would be happy to pray with you so we’re gonna
dismiss here in just a second I’m just gonna ask us to do it quietly so as not
to disturb anybody that’s still praying but has this been a good weekend have
you enjoyed just felt the presence of God hasn’t been amazing so good may the
Lord bless and keep you the Lord make his face to shine upon you church on the
move and be gracious to you this week the Lord lift up his countenance upon
you and give you peace god bless you we’ll see you next week you

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