The Illegal Big Cats of Instagram

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100 Responses

  1. bla ba says:

    they live above the law because there is no law in kuwait

  2. HD skillz productions says:

    i like this girls spirit

  3. SKunKz Winz says:

    At 23:04 see how the lioness has her ears back and low and you can barely see her pupils that lioness totally senses that Charlet is prey right now. I've worked with big cats for almost 6 years now and you cannot have any fear but you must always respect the animal for what they are and never get complacent. Also these Kuwaiti guys are total douchebags and should be jailed for a multitude of crimes with these animals. Ridiculous that money solves all your problems.

  4. LJ Hansmyer says:

    Shitty for the animals… However, as out of place and depressed as they made be, it's a way easier life than living out in the wild.

  5. Bad Vibes4Ever says:

    You literally almost died

  6. Rolanzi Rozavian says:

    So what makes it ilegal excatly ? Worry for the animal suffering ? These are rich people, I'm sure they have their own expert to maintain the animal in health and out of stress. The animal is well fed, can do some sport hunt….ride in exotic cars, meet beautiful girls, got a room service…. who knows maybe they are happier with these guys than being in the wild life :))

  7. Aquatic beast says:

    I had to say something. In Islam buying and selling dogs and felines (including lions, cats, tigers ext..) is prohibited. But taking care of felines is not. Thus you should not buy or sell them.

  8. Sollumer says:

    what how does she understand what he is saying and how does he understand what she is saying.

  9. YENIX says:

    How hard can it be to at least try to rehabilitate a big cat in captivity step 1 get a reasonably large enclosure step 2 get some rabbits or prey animals step 3 release prey into enclosure step 4 put predators into enclosure ??

  10. kickstandchris says:

    So glad she was able to play huggy bear with Mrs. Sniffle Whiskers just before she was tragically put to death for killing a dime a dozen Filipina.

  11. guy sumpthin says:


  12. stoianovici denis says:

    Me and the boys going hunting

  13. beingbailey x says:

    This is so fucking foul

  14. Dave Bayliss says:

    Why the fuck would anybody follow a pathetic little cock like swakle . Swakle you are a penis

  15. Dave Bayliss says:

    This silly little girl is so lucky she didn’t get eaten

  16. S.N. Lee says:

    That's so cool , my cat won't ride in the car unless he is in his cat pack …….cheetahs don't fit in cat packs, anyway why does vice along with meddling liberals feel they need to " set things straight" in other cultures ? Saudi Arabia allows things we used to allow before people like this decided they should control everyone's life, in Saudi Arabia women couldn't drive til last year but they are pissed because a rich guy takes really good care of wild animals?

  17. S.N. Lee says:

    "Defenseless prey" idiots !! A cheetah can run up to 75.5 mph but only for around 2 minutes a normal rabbit in Arabia can run 40 mph for much longer than that and it can fit almost anywhere and cheetahs catch rabbits about 40% of the time so more than half the time rabbits get away , a gazelle which is natural prey for cheetahs can run 65mph for 5 minutes so a cheetah has to hide and stalk a gazelle and get a head start after 2 minutes the cheetahs brain heats up to 105 degrees and they have to stop or they can die the gazelle has a cavity from the nose to the brain pan which allows them to run longer because this cavity allows their brain to stay cool if it starts running before the cheetah the cheetah can't catch up ,long story short every animal has defenses against it's natural predator rabbits can't bite or scratch very good but it doesn't need to it's ears allow it to hear predators long before they are close enough to cause problems in many cases and their legs allow them to evade most predators but what lefty animal control freaks can't accept is that we exist today as well as animals is because of the food chain poor little deer and bunnies have been eaten

  18. RK JE says:

    Not gonna lie……I'd kinda like a cheetah. I'm love animals and mine are my best friends, and are treated as family. I don't have the ego of these "men" ,so a lion would be out of the question. A lion ,even being playful, I still a walking weapon that can't be fully controlled or reasoned with, so it very egotistical to think it's under control.

  19. xnxx A 0001 says:

    Nice video

  20. bad dwarf says:

    dolphin in a sink

  21. david broussard says:

    Robocop could not secure your safety around a cat that could snap your skinny neck by accident just being friendly, they were never intended to mix with humans…


    you see pets in cage and stupids fells sab but you did not see any human which are in prisons

  23. Allan Hegyes says:

    @ 9:20 this guy is justifying using wild animals to cruelly harass and kill defenseless rabbits using 4 wheel drive vehicles, drones etc. just so he can impress instagram as preserving his identity. Dude your noble ancestors are laughing and crying at the same time.

  24. Ambi Cahira says:

    Many years ago my school went to a zoo backstage to learn about what it's like to work with wild animals and one of my strongest memories was when a adult male lion met my eyes and I felt how he could see and read my soul and it really felt like now he knew me better than I know myself. It was just a split second but the chills I got made my body want to freeze up and it really felt like he knew all my weaknesses. Lions are not domestic even if they were born and raised in captivity. Heck even housecats still after thousands of years as pets still have a very intact preydrive that gets triggered as soon as something acts as prey. This whole video was so uncomfortable.

  25. Felicia Faulkner says:

    I wasn’t expecting the zoo worker to look and sound like she’s from NJ lol

  26. ٰ ٰ says:

    & he killed his own lion

  27. ssWolf Beard says:

    Dumb broad .. U really put your life on the line by listening to him??.. Oh yea great idea.. Lets just lay on the ground with a lion

  28. Jassim Jaleel says:

    Appetite for likes and comments on social media (esp. instagram) with superficial beauty, happiness and glamour in fultile search of inner peace.

  29. Chrysologus DMello says:

    Humans to the Lions

  30. stack chicken says:

    This is disguisting

  31. Mr. Be. says:

    It's so wrong to own a lion, when westerners kill them for fun. Stick to owning dogs then!!!

  32. Katrina Yelle says:

    These people are fucking disgusting . ya ya ya ya ya pray to Allah because a creator is cruel and unkind . When you overflow my local farmers market in the country you may walk with your head held high with arrogance and entitlement to something you know is false, but your my infidel and you are the rabbit to me.

  33. Lenny Baez says:

    Golly gee, I wonder who that jabroni at the end is 😉😂😜!

  34. Kyuurix says:

    That was one heavy ending…

  35. Fuzzy Butkus says:

    We can only hope Swacyl is eaten by Jackyls

  36. says:

    Lets confiscate them, set up the roman empire and feed them to lions, giving the true aryans thier gold and goods

  37. Devendra Patel says:

    And in night there was gang bang with 6 Arabs and one white

  38. Hanz Woodruff says:

    why do countries like this still exist

  39. Mikey Silber says:

    Boys will be boys? Vice, grow the fuc$ up.

  40. A3NzIi says:

    It’s good that they make the cheetah hunt to train it

  41. Shy Kaiman says:

    Hope they create a new environment for those cats in their country…would be nice to see it, like the hipos in colombia.
    They have enough money to create a heaven for big cats too.

  42. Benjamin Michael von Lichtenwald says:

    10:06 Sexist

  43. Siggi Cloudwalker says:

    Disgusting report and the female reporter is super amused and loves this. Fat thumbs down. Shes the first to fall for all this bullshit. Shes exactly the person to cuddle and see something nice in this

  44. Betty Brown says:

    Disgusting arabs. Shameful

  45. ⵟⴰⵏⵉⵔⵉ says:

    So tell me how is having wild animals as pets halal?

  46. shapes says:

    6:15 im a need that song right about now

  47. Josh M says:

    She kinda cute no cap

  48. chris gima says:

    Why would u want to steal wild animals away from there mother thats wrong

  49. Evil pimp says:

    Omg i hate these animal right activists

  50. Harini Narendra says:

    forget other crimes, stealing from there families and suffocating these animals in cages is a form of status??? these people need s to be educated on other creatures happiness:(

  51. AdvancedVac - says:

    Bruh why tf did that dog sound like that though?

  52. Naomi yesitsme says:

    HE FUCKING KILLED THEM , ARE YOU FRIGEN SERIOUS , I love them and couldn't live without them, . Sure you do , that's why you killed and burnt them!!!!!

  53. stan giles says:

    no people or animals were injured apart from hare

  54. bomatt says:

    This is sad

  55. Jack Mehoff says:

    Not the correct life for those animals. They belong back where they came from.

  56. majd qaryouti says:

    كيف كويتي يترحم على صدام حسين؟

  57. Edward Said says:

    I bet he did her ! Lmao

  58. DertyMontana says:

    Does anyone know what's the contact info I need a tiger asap

  59. William Schaff says:

    Has anyone else noticed that this goofus reporter is wearing an animal print collar jacket when she goes to the Kuwaiti zoo to discuss the treatment of these animals?

  60. Chet youbetya says:

    They treat there animals better then the women

  61. JoshnKrystal Mitschke says:

    That lion was gonna bite her

  62. Val Naim says:

    Bitch wants to save animals but wear fur….

  63. John May says:

    So I tried to train my beagles with a store bought rabbit and the problem is its not wild. The chase lasted 10 seconds and it was one of the stupidest things I ever have tried.

  64. chumpy says:

    2015 Vice: Boys will be boys

    2019 Vice: Ooga Booga 52 genders

  65. UnderCover LookOut says:


  66. The Norm Macdonald Show says:


  67. shane lauer says:

    A fng dolphin in a swimming pool when it requires an ocean.

  68. mediacenter man says:

    23:38 It was at this point that she knew she should have streamed the Lion King

  69. Muhammad Syakur Ahmad says:


  70. SwissMarksman says:

    This lady has the personality of a fucking mook.

  71. Angel Lady says:

    Owning an exotic cat is a sign of wealth and power in that country. That cheetah is well trained and domesticated but I honestly think they should be left in the wild. When you're rich you can do ANYTHING. Saudi's are fun and have good sense of humor

  72. Angel Lady says:

    It hurt my heart when he told her the tiger cub takes up too much of his time, WHAT? He's just a cub he should still be with his mother and its wrong to have the cub there in a house with no mother anyway. By going on tv with this he brought attention to himself

  73. lake dent says:

    Does anyone know the beat at the start?

  74. mamuburaa says:

    Retarded interviewer and reprehensible interviewee.

  75. Rocket Frog says:

    Yeah Yeah safe safe safe safe

  76. Benjamin Howard says:

    big truck + big pet= small penis

  77. Dave Christan says:

    bloody wogs, they have no compassion n no brains just money !

  78. Dave Christan says:

    THE MEN LOOK ALL THE SAME LOL i cant tell one from the other eh !

  79. hels M says:

    I hope the cat eats him 🙂

  80. prolific grower says:

    Where's the bukkake video of this white lady

  81. DroyLabs says:

    so the guy who cant immagine to live without his lion, killed that lion to cover is mess?

  82. jacob marr says:

    The thumbnail looks like Joey salads

  83. Doc Rides says:

    The guy at 11:35 must have not heard of American bullies or French Bulldogs. I have 100k worth of dogs at my home

  84. Cbt925 says:

    Fuck Alah . Fuck your country .

  85. Ilija Pavlov says:

    How you can show how they kill that rabbit with bloody knife? Stupid killers and you VICE are part of it! Shame on you

  86. Axel Fernandez says:

    Where the annoying ass peta supporters at?

  87. Mitrica Irina says:

    troubled animal hoarders wearing dresses, that take their prey with them,already caught , blindfolded, and call it hunting. horrible . a caricature of human nature

  88. ethan3w says:

    She is really hot

  89. Marshall Smith™ says:

    Where is Q8?

  90. Thunderjaw's Mrs says:

    This country is so damm cruel. The dyes used on the chicks could harm them and the man tapping the blue and gold macaw,s beak to the bird that is a punishment no wonder it went for him. And treating them as a commodity. Noooo so wrong on so many levels Animals are a PART of the family not a commodity just for making money. They should be banned from keeping ANY animal let alone a wild animal.

  91. NoSpeak Games says:

    "SAMIR yore breaking the car"!

  92. Graham Cromie says:

    Is this a video on animals rights (esp cheetahs?) and the journo is wearing a jacket with leopard print collar? You must be joking…?

  93. Deshant Devkota says:

    some of reasons to love democracy , at least people can keep check on each other !

  94. mehtab bandesha says:

    Miss reporter, you were 2 inches from death. Please learn to say "NO". Will you not eat chicken if some one puts it on your plate, you were the chicken with the lion on top. "Come sit here.. dont worry" he said, and you agreed.

  95. mehtab bandesha says:

    Arab men: Brain = zero, ego = -10, Dressing sense = – 100, Religious tolerance = – 1000,000. Everything's below zero other than the temperature.

  96. Harley Mathieu says:

    Media sucks no one is portrayed as Tarzan

  97. Oscar Szpin says:

    Three Words – Rich Man Games

  98. Tricia Smith says:

    Man these ass holes piss me off.
    How can they keep such beautiful living breathing beings with emotions and complex family structures as a pet! They aren’t meant to be put in a cage and left in the sand. Then to see he’s builds a swimming pool and wants to put a dolphin in it! That’s HORRIFIC!!!

  99. Dirk Soto says:

    This bitch got too comfy

  100. A A says:

    If you think these rich men can’t get whatever they want your seriously deluded

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