The Jail Dogs of Gwinnett County | American Dog With Victoria Stilwell

For many dogs, coming to a shelter like this
is the end of the road. Because of the huge pet overpopulation problem here in the United
States, there are just not enough homes to accommodate all of the animals that come here.
However, some dogs are gonna be lucky, because they’re gonna get a second chance. I’m Victoria
Stilwell: Join me as I travel the U.S. and discover stories of dogs and humans impacting
each others lives for the better. This is American Dog. I’m here outside of Atlanta
at Gwinnett County Jail. You might think a jail is the very last place you’d find a whole
load of dogs. But here at Gwinnett County Jail, they have an amazing Jail Dogs Program
called Operation Second Chance. The Jail Dogs Program has just celebrated its second anniversary.
It is a program that is a partnership between the Sheriff’s department and Gwinnett and
Society of Humane Friends of Georgia, which is a private nonprofit rescue group. We started
with a couple of dogs and it didn’t take long to get up to 15 and then build up from there.
It was just great from the beginning. We get our dogs from animal control, which, if they
stay there, more than likely they run out of time and unfortunately will be euthanized,
because they only handle so many dogs. So we keep the dogs until they get adopted. Once
they get adopted, we go right back to animal control and save another life. All the funds
that were expended for the program were taken out of the inmate funds, which are profits
made from the commissaries. So it didn’t cost any money for the taxpayers. We started the
program in February of 2010, and we’ve saved 96 dogs to date, with a 113 being saved. And
currently, 17 in the unit. Being a woman and going into a jail, and I’m thinking: Oh my
gosh, what are these guys gonna be like? And then I came into the program and met some
of the inmates, and I was like, wow, this is great, these guys are really into this
program, really eager to learn, and they’re very, very respectful. Anybody that loves
a dog knows that, you know, there’s nothing like it. The inmates learn that and they communicate
with the Deputies in a completely different manner. We have a waiting list of inmates
that wanna be in this housing unit. So that in itself promotes better behavior with the
inmates. These great, wonderful dogs are not being euthanized. They’re actually having
a second chance to be alive and to do something and to go to a home. And also for the inmates,
because you see a spark –that glimmer– that you normally don’t see. Maybe a chance of
hope that when they get out here that they’re gonna go do something better with their life.
My name is William Hartman. I have a burglary charge and two felony possessions and a theft
by taking. The way we get in this program is typically when we’re in General Population
they have applications for different work pods and stuff like that. We volunteer. We
fill out an application. You know, we’re sittin’ here, waiting for court dates, waiting to
go down the road, and we have the opportunity to do something positive. My name is Will
Smith. I’m in Gwinnett Detention Center on a violation of probation. Before I came here,
I mean, like I said, I was working 24-7. Not seeing none of my family, I mean, the only
thing I was surviving on was those 5-hour energy drinks. I’m Roger Duncan. I’ve been
in the program for about 7 months. How did you come here to prison? Unfortunately, possession
of cocaine. I don’t know if this is wrong of me to say, but my way of handling things
was alway fighting, arguing, hitting. I’ve come here– I don’t have that. I wanna get
out. I don’t want nothing to happen to nobody –or especially the animals– after being
through this. Show me the kind of stuff that you’ve been working with. Alright. Brauny,
sit. Stay. Touch. Sit. High five. Good, boy. Wanna treat? Good, boy. That’s making the
dog absolutely adoptable, isn’t it? Right. It’s getting the dog to the point where a
family comes along and: Oh my gosh, the dog can do so many things! Right. Through these
little tricks and these little training methods, they can gain this bond with the dog. Yeah.
Like the feeling of having the dog follow you without a leash. Do it. Go on, then. Brauny,
come on. How many people would like to be able to do what he’s just done with his dog?
Getting a dog to heal right next to you off the leash is very hard, especially when there’s
so many distractions around. But that’s testament to the amount of time that these guys give
these dogs. Goodness, me. Hi. Hello. You’re so awesome. Look at you. Hi. That walk. It’s
just gonna get him adopted too. Animals can definitely bring people out and change how
we feel. We watch it everyday. I mean, you’ve got guys in here whose whole life they’ve
acted tough. They’ve had to show face. They didn’t want someone takin’ from them. And
a dog will get adopted, and 5 or 6 of us will in our rooms crying. Being that you in jail,
I mean, you don’t wanna cry around inmates. But, I mean, you actually in your cell and
think about the good times, reminisce all your accomplishments with them and lookin’
at pictures. I mean, it actually, you actually tear up, you know. Not that I’m scared or
anything, but that’s the sensitive side of me. It’s upsetting. The last one, I had tears
in my eyes. And this one here, I know he’s not gonna be here long. Very cute. Somebody’s
gonna take this dog quick. Once we get to show people what we do when they come look
at the dogs and all that, and they’re really, I mean, the glow on their face, like, wow,
that’s amazing ya’ll did that. But these guys do a wonderful job in here. Wayne, tell me
a little bit about Queenie. Okay, her name is Queenie, and I’m the primary on her. She’s
like a Lab mix. Yeah. With a Pit. And she’s very athletic. She does the agility. She does
frisbee training. And she’s very strong and obedient also. How long have you worked with
for? 8 months now. 8 months? Since the end of last year. So you must have a strong bond
with her. Yes, I do. How’s she changed you? I deal with patience more. Because, you know,
when you’re trying to teach them something, you don’t get on the first, second or third
time. You gotta be persistent with it. So patience was the most important thing that
she taught me. I hear you do some pretty spectacular stuff with Queenie. Yes, she does the agility
training. Okay, can we see that? Yes, ma’am. Can I see that? Alright, take her away. That
was awesome! That was fantastic! We have a star agility dog here. What’s so great about
this is you’re really making her more adoptable. That’s fabulous. Thank you, Wayne. That was
awesome. Got some slobber. Oh, don’t worry, don’t worry about it. It’s great. It’s great
to see, thank you. A lot of these things, the things these dogs need is love, so we’re
here to give these dogs something they need. They’re givin’ it back to us in return. And
a lot of us have never had love. A lot of us have, you know, have come from broken homes.
Or, you know, shattered situations. And, you know, we’re broken. As broken as they are.
And it’s like, we get into a situation like this where there’s this mutual love going
on, and it’s not something a lot of us have felt before. And it’s, you know, it could
be something that triggers us to realize the lives we were livin’, realize the harm we
were doing to people for absolutely no reason. Good, boy. So, already I see he brings a smile
to your face. Oh, yeah. Your eyes light up. How are you gonna feel when he goes? I just
thinkin’ about it now, it’s kinda, kinda gettin’ me there, but… Because I know it’s gonna
be one day soon, so… Tell me a little bit about Petey. I’d say he’s 5 months old. He
was left at a bus stop. I mean, very skittish, he was. But he warms up really good. I mean…
Lou, he’s lost 9 baby teeth, so he’s gettin’ his big boy teeth growin’ in, I guess you
would say. He was shakin’ to death. Very, very scared. Very skittish. He didn’t even
wanna come to me. I had to do it forcefully. Grab him and do as the trainer told me to
do. Take him to the room, sit on the floor and let him come to me. And, like I say, within
the hour, he came to me and started warmin’ up. And from then on, that night, before that
night came, we were playing. He was all over the bed. I mean, but he was really skittish
of everybody else. Dogs being abused or being left somewhere, they don’t warm up that easy.
And he felt it through me. He knew that, I mean, he could tell that the first hour that
I was gonna be there for him. I wasn’t leavin’ him, and he wasn’t leavin’ me. So, I guess
that was something he sensed, and I sensed. I mean, if it wasn’t all there, I mean, he
wouldn’t of sensed it. I wouldn’t sense it. I mean, just something natural inside you.
You’ll know when things are the way they’re supposed to be. My responsibilities, I know
certain things I have to do, certain training methods I have to do, certain times I have
to train. It’s not just, I’ll put some water down at certain times of day. It’s more to
it than that. I want the dog to be very smart, which he is already. So there’s more goin’
on. More on my plate. More on my schedule than would normally be. I feel like I’ve done
something amazing I’ve never done, I mean, just to know that I’ve done something successful
like that and got the dog from where it came from, a bus stop, left at a bus stop in a
crate, to learning all this stuff. I mean, it just… it makes me feel really, really
good, like I’ve done something. You wanna think you’ve done something that nobody else’s
done, but they have. I mean, it just makes you feel good. Yeah, I’m a better person for
the program. I mean, out of all the jails in the United States, I mean, this had to
be, you know what I’m sayin? This should be something in every State. Every county jail.
Every prison. So Operation Second Chance, I vote for it to be in every jail. These are
the kinds of things that change the world in a positive way. If they can take people
like us, the dregs of society, if you will, and instill this in us, then surely, you can
instill it in everyone. From what we know is that he was initially seen and turned into
the, I guess, the animal shelter. He was found tied up by a wire to a bumper of a truck.
He entered the program about 6 months before we met him and brought him home to us. He
had never been in a yard before, just like he’d never been in a house. We fenced in the
whole backyard for him. And we have a little pond back there, so he has his own little
drinking bowl, I guess you could say. I tell many people that we adopted Playboy, but he’s
actually kind of adopted us. I think the Jail Dog Program is a great way to rehabilitate
both the persons in jail and the dogs. This program allows the dogs to have that opportunity
to survive and to be taken into homes. And at the same time, the prisoners have the opportunity
to have that heartfelt connection with a creature. I just can’t imagine how that doesn’t soften
any soul. He would probably would not be alive, if wasn’t for that program saving him. I know
I’ll do it again. And I think that’s the best recommendation anybody could do. I’m very
grateful for the Jail Dog Program and everything that they’ve done for us and the joy that
they’ve brought to this house because of him and their program. We have promoted the program
with other Sheriff’s in the State and asked magistrates from several. So hopefully it
will expand, because it will save more dogs. There’s plenty of room to save dogs in the
State of Georgia. The success of the Jail Dogs Program here at Gwinnett County Jail,
sets an example for other jails around the country. If more prisons did this, more animals
lives would be saved. More people would be helped. I’m Victoria Stilwell for American

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    Seriously? Making the dogs into weapons? No not in gwinnett county. Inmates aren't retarded we're not sitting in jail trying to find more ways to stay in longer. We're trying to get out you fool. The dog pod is a good way to occupy your time.

  2. Lisa Jean says:

    Looks like a Jack Russel Terrier mix.

  3. JeansJeans says:

    this program, I truly believe, does more to rehab those in jail than a few rounds of forced group therapy… It is amazing. I have felt the love and have been truly lifted up from low points in my own life by the strength and love afforded to me by my canine friends!

  4. MaryE MCLea says:

    great job

  5. sofia says:

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    This not only help the dogs for a second shot at life, but also the inmates to become a better person; more calm, and more loving.

  9. Todd Richardson says:

    This such a wonderful program, really. They say, a person who likes dog is a good person. I think, in this program, this will show that these people being housed inside the prison also have a good side.

  10. Tigerdeer says:

    What a wonderful idea!

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    Great program!

  21. xlongyujax says:

    Wow 7:27 I've always wanted to teach my dog how to do that! I was smiling watching this whole video. <3

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    Second chances for the dogs, and for the trainers, I wish my country had something like this!

  23. Paula Allen says:

    I was watching a news show with a warden talking saying he had a prisoner that was a problem with guards and other inmates.  Talked to him about traing dogs for disabled people.  Told him the rules.  No behaviour infractions etc.  Your with the dog 24/7.  I never had a problem with the inmate after that.  He helps other inmates that are in the program with there dogs.

  24. oscar carrasquillo says:

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    Too bad a Pit Bull or pit mix recently messed it up for one prison program by mauling people there.

  32. Rawr_Kitten says:

    i think this should be in every jail it helps people dogs and the world

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    Animal programs with prisoners makes hero's out of the prisoners!

  38. Genoveffa Conti says:

    You understand this one single principle about dogs, it can not only change your personal relationship with your own dog, but it’ll help you understand how to MORE effectively control and train them.

  39. Conner Boyd says:

    The feels are for reals.

    Every prison needs to have a program with animals like this. Being around dogs and experiencing unconditional love changes people, and it would do so much good for the people in prison. It helps them grow as people, and it gives these dogs who would either be living on the streets or in a kill facility a home.

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  44. Luis G. Blodgett says:

    It has given me a whole new set of ways to treat and teach my dog  some basic stuff that for sure will make our cohabitation a little happier for all. I learned a lot like how to know the personality of my dog, as the positive and negative reinforcement work and how they affect directly in its development of personality.

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  58. Agnes Przelucki says:

    Do these prisoners really love these dogs or only MUST LOVE IN PRISON, because of the program? How do these prisoners treat these dogs at home? Dogs are the most tortured animals in the world. People who tortured dogs (or other animals) or mistreated them – can never again have more dogs, for the rest of their lives and this must be regulated by laws, ruled by a court verdict and upheld in every country around the world. Such people cannot work in any animal shelters. BAN DOG BREEDING. The Dog can not be a thing for a program for prisoners, because the dog feels the same as a human, and for many people the Dog is like the best member of the family, but not used sexually. Sexually using dogs must be forbidden. DOGS MUST BE ONLY WITH THOSE WHO CAN PROVIDE THEM WITH THE BEST CARE AND REAL LOVE. This is a bad caretaker, who must love in prison – and a good cheater. Heshe, for sure, will be abusing them, yelling at them, not allowing them to eat and drink, when they’re hungry or thirsty. These dogs have only basic dog food which is not liked by dogs and is not healthy for them, these dogs do not know any other food because nobody gives them anything else. Dogs should eat boiled fish, boiled chicken breast, boiled turkey breast (they can other meat parts, but these are the best for them). Boiled beef is also good. An addition of well boiled and soft groats (white buckwheat, pearl barley) or rice (boiled in a large amount of water to get the bad stuff out) is necessary as well. Soft pasta, too. Add to that live oil or vegetable oil and some grinded vegetables like carrot, parsley, celery. But never garlic, onion, peppers or any other hot or spicy stuff. Some chopped green dill. Dogs have a special diet and they can’t eat many foods. Dogs must have access all the time to good bio-food (without artificial preservatives and not irradiated) for them that does not spoil. But the most important is a fresh, homemade meal, at least once a day – the same for puppies that require more meals and adult dogs. Several bowls of clean water that is changed a few times per day is critical for them. Don’t forget about a litter box at home that they must be taught to use and must be available at all times. Taking out the dog for a walk in a very safe place, so that it may get fresh air and movement is crucial for good health and well being. Dogs were and are loved, since hundreds of thousands of years. It’s terrible that there are many bad owners, many people abuse dogs, torture and butcher them. Dogs are also being used for food – which is opposed by many people around the world. Many extraordinary people had dogs and many do now. The dog has been man’s best friend, though other animals served that role as well. Dogs were worshiped as gods in parts of Europe (the cruelty of other cultures and wars, including religion unfortunately, have destroyed the great love and humane feeling towards dogs, as well as the religions that worshipped them; humanity has begun to mistreat dogs, abuse them, butcher them, train them, hate them, use them for other purposes, kill them and use them for meat). They are loved by many like human children, puppies or adult – but remembering their specific needs to which they have a right and which deserve respect. Dogs must eat in a calm atmosphere, like we need it. Does this owner eat one or several meals per day, being yelled at and forbidden to eat until allowed, being interrupted during consumption?

    Does this owner eat one or several meals per day of the same type, like these dogs? Everyone needs a balanced diet for health and taste, because no one can withstand the same type of food all the time, which not only makes one puke, but also causes ailments. But the dog must eat what the gives, out of hunger. Love dogs because they deserve it and take are of them very well. owner eat one or several meals per day of the same type, like these dogs? Everyone needs a balanced diet for health and taste, because no one can withstand the same type of food all the time, which not only makes one puke, but also causes ailments. But the dog must eat what the gives, out of hunger. Love dogs because they deserve it and take care of them very well. A dog must be frequently taken out for a good walk, to a park, every day and be able to run enough in a safe place for his health (for the muscles, for the heart, for the joints, and to get enough fresh air). BAN DOG BREEDING.

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  67. Mariel Kraus says:

    We need this program at every prison as well as SERVICE DOG TRAINING so that there won't be a shortage of service dogs for those who need one. I have several patients who either need one or will need one, yet don't have the money to purchase a trained service dog and the waitlist for a donated service dog is long. Please support Prison Pet Partnerships in your area and contact your local prison and advocate for them to start one. Also, volunteer to help these programs, including becoming a foster family for transitioning service and paroled dogs.

  68. Joshua with Heaven's Best Carpet CleaningLLC says:

    This program needs to be in every prison in the world.!

  69. Michael Anderson says:

    I would rather my tax money used to help these loving animals survive than to waste it on violent thugs in prison who should be euthanized! Also Gwinnett is not a very dog friendly county. I would bet if my dog protected me during an assault, my dog would be killed. Owners take protection matters into OWN HANDS! Protect yourself as well as your dog!

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  73. Lisaa says:

    think its great but i would get so attached i would not want give up so thankyou to those who see the bigger picture and can train and love but can let them go even when dog is attached to them also i can tell some are really attached the ones who dog been with them for over few months so i hope more prisons will do this we need this in uk because to many dogs are put down because no room

  74. Trebor Ironwolfe says:

    All You Need Is Love –The Beatles (written by John Lennon and Paul Mccartney)
    "Love, love, love
    Love, love, love
    Love, love, love
    There's nothing you can do that can't be done
    Nothing you can sing that can't be sung
    Nothing you can say, but you can learn how to play the game
    It's easy
    Nothing you can make that can't be made
    No one you can save that can't be saved
    Nothing you can do, but you can learn how to be you in time
    It's easy
    All you need is love
    All you need is love
    All you need is love, love
    Love is all you need
    All you need is love
    All you need is love
    All you need is love, love
    Love is all you need
    There's nothing you can know that isn't known
    Nothing you can see that isn't shown
    There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be
    It's easy
    All you need is love
    All you need is love
    All you need is love, love
    Love is all you need
    All you need is love (all together now)
    All you need is love (everybody)
    All you need is love, love
    Love is all you need…. "

  75. Ann D'Esposito says:

    My last rescue dog, Starsky, came from a program called Mixed Up Mutts, based out of Indiana. It was a program that allowed prisoners to train rescue dogs. Best dog I ever adopted. Came home knowing basic obedience, had no fear of people regardless of what they looked like, what they wore, tone of voice, etc. Honestly, I can't speak highly enough about programs like this. Teaching dogs and humans new tricks and fostering confidence and love for all involved. 🐾

  76. Emina Tuzlic says:

    This is such an awesome program, both for the dogs and the inmates!

  77. sunnysideup says:

    This is a wonderful program! Both for the dogs, the inmates, and the future family that adopts the dog. It enriches the lives of the inmates. They have nothing to do in prison and some don’t have their family visit them. Plus, the dogs foster kindness, patience, and caring for someone else. And these dogs would otherwise be stuck in a cage waiting to be adopted. This should be in every prison!

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  79. Alecksa Playz says:


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    “Being a woman.” What?

  91. flyingvigil says:

    this sheriff compared to to that shitty one trumpet just pardoned… 🥰

  92. Inu Kazam says:

    I honestly think these programs should be implemented in jails across the whole world. So many people in jail aren't really bad people, just people who have suffered and turned to a life of crime because they had nothing else. By teaching these dogs to behave, they are also learning skills, patience, and discipline to gain control of their own lives. At the same time, spending days with creatures that love you unconditionally, who don't judge you, don't care about your past, want nothing from you but food and love, they regain their self-esteem and realize their lives are just as worthy as these dogs'. Also, the pride that comes from that sense of accomplishment when you suceed at something, like getting these pups to do tricks.

  93. Sam I Am says:

    Prisons across the nation need to have programs like this. I’d happily sponsor a program like this in my local prison

  94. Millie Bayes says:

    Petey REALLY liked that man's hand

  95. Stella B says:

    This made me tear up! What an amazing idea, not only giving the dogs a second chance at being adopted but also helping the inmates find some love and their way back to a good life. This should be made in more places, it would surely make a difference for many dogs and people!

  96. Kitty Kitty Meow Meow says:

    This should be in EVERY JAIL AND PRISON! Help the dogs get a second chance and the prisoners gain a sense of meaning and responsibility. This is awesome for both! Plus a family gets a new fur friend.

  97. JAS says:

    My hats off to the men, dogs, and the prison systems that have these programs!

    We have a similar program at one of the women's prisons in Ohio. They train dogs for Canine Companions for Independence. Wonderful programs.

    People can support these programs through Amazon Smile.

  98. TheFanguy123 says:

    This is so beautiful 🙁

  99. Baako Jernigan says:

    I wish they could somehow keep the dogs. They raise them, train them and spend most of their time taking care of them and then they have to let them go, it must be so painful.

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